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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

[NJ] Remembering Barbara

BARBARA ELKE GETZ VANAMAN had written a personal computer entry about her plans to leave Robert:

"I don't know all the future holds for me. And I'm scared of what will happen in the future."

5 years ago today Millville NJ Police Sgt. Robert Vanaman said he shot and killed his wife Barbara Vanaman, mother of 2, in self-defense. He got to stay in the house (crime scene) and was able to refuse to talk to police for months - while his chief said he could come back to work whenever he was ready. He was eventually arrested and convicted - sentenced to a total of 9 years. [Google Barbara]


  1. 9whole years! Wah! I guess it is better than him not being punished at all.

  2. It was painful to follow the trial, so aware that Barbara couldn't say a word.


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