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Thursday, May 5, 2011

[NY] Domestic disturbance at Southold Town Supervisor Russell's home. No specifics. No charges.

Shelter Island Reporter
By Tim Kelly
May 5, 2011
[Excerpts] After a domestic disturbance with police intervention at his Cutchogue home last Thursday, Southold Town Supervisor Scott Russell has temporarily turned over his responsibilities to Deputy Supervisor Phillip Beltz... A separate statement attributed in a release to the other five Town Board members said, “Supervisor Russell will be taking some time off to address personal and private matters.” Police were called to the Russell home Thursday morning, but no charges were filed, according to Captain Martin Flatley. Mr. Russell is married and has two children. The department has released no additional details on what occurred, which is routine in the case of domestic calls, the captain added.... Ruthanne Woodhull, Mr. Russell’s confidential secretary, said only that the supervisor “is home and taking care of himself”... As to what took place at the Russell home last week, the chairman [town GOP Chairman Denis Noncarrow] added, “There are all sorts of rumors out there. But people should not jump to conclusions. We have to give him time to regroup.”... [Full article here]
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  1. AnonymousMay 10, 2011

    Everyone knows the Supervisor has an anger- management problem. Everyone knows the Police have been called to his house many, many times last year. Why the cover-up? Is he above the law?

  2. If that's true that is very important info.

  3. AnonymousMay 19, 2011

    Above the law?
    It is hard to tell.

    What we know is that Supervisor Russell is on the police commission. And we know that the police commission is unorganized an ineffective. The current police commission has never done anything.

    Southold Town is ruled by officials not by laws.

    And the Republican Party sponsors the officials.

  4. Sorry. Couldn't post the comment because it could cause problems and possibly danger for someone referred to.

  5. Yeah, well the bit about the Southold Police not releasing details of domestic incidents? There's a HUGE caveat to that. Everyone in town know it. Sure, Supervisor Russell gets to hide what he did...but other folks don't have the same luxury. Quite the contrary, Southold Police have a reputation for violating people's civil liberties with no repercussions. Whether it's spreading the truth, spreading semi-truths, or spreading out and out lies, *some* Southold Police can be found chatting about supposedly private matters at the local delis, and amongst whomever they choose. Some of these officers ruin the reputation of the bunch. There are some who are no better than your typical teenage bully in school, tormenting people "just because they can", with neither the moral fortitude nor the discipline within their department to stop them. #truth


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