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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Some of the March, 2011 cases I filed but didn't blog on...

Some cases I just file, and don't blog - here's some of those from March 2011.

[VA] Norfolk police Lt. William Mackenzie killed his wife Patricia and himself inside their Great Bridge residence, and left their friends and neighbors stunned because they saw no warning signs. Actually I didn't do a blog about the MacKenzie's because I was too upset about derogatory things said about the Lt. online already - people talking without KNOWING. Some bloggers make motives up - just fill in the blanks about people they don't know based on other cases. Not everyone fits into patterns. I read deeply into this incident and, for the public, this murder-suicide is a mystery. Until and unless more information is released that's all that can be intelligently (and compassionately) said. It's sad and tragic. Blessings to their people. I have all the articles and videos if family wants them in the future. Date of deaths: March 21, 2011 More here.

[ME] Fairfield Deputy Police Chief Steven Trahan - The state Attorney General's Office has decided not to prosecute Trahan on a domestic assault charge because, they say, they do not believe a judge or jury would find him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. That stinks. (Since, he got a settlement and "resigned." There's news this month on him.) [Google him here]

[VA] Prince William County police officer Charles Edward Kincheloe has been charged with domestic assault and battery. His police powers have been suspended as part of an internal investigation. He was released on a $1,500 unsecured bond. [Google him here]

[OK] Muskogee Police Officer Perry Galvin, under investigation for allegedly hitting his wife will not be charged. “Based upon the circumstances of the case and the wishes of the complaining witness, no charges are being filed”... Galvin will remain on administrative leave until he goes before an internal board of discipline. March 2, 2011 [Google him here]

[OH] Lorain police officer Zachary Iannantuono is fired for abusing his authority in a dispute with a police dispatcher with whom he had been involved... This isn’t the first time that Iannantuono’s relationship with her has caused problems for the officer... Another officer had to remove a "defiant" Iannantuono from Nieves’ property in May 2009, and he was later placed on leave and removed from road patrol after concerns about [dangerous] comments he’d allegedly made in July 2009 came to light... March 8th, 2011. [Earlier post here] [Google him here]

[UK] Lancaster Farms Young Offenders Institute Prison Officer Robert Holden strangled his wife Nicola and then hanged himself at their family home in Torrisholme, Morecambe. Police said that the pair, of Low Lane, had been experiencing “marital difficulties.”

[NC] Boone Police Officer Jonathan Lee Cropper took his own life. [More here]

[CT] Ex Wilton Police Officer Andrew Barone from Trumbull, has been sentenced to nine months in prison for one count of first-degree reckless endangerment and four counts of fourth-degree computer crime. He was also given nine years of probation for the multiple Class A misdemeanor charges. He was originally charged with one count of sexual assault (of his girlfreind's 16 year old sister) in the second degree, three felony counts of computer crime in the third degree, one count of larceny in the sixth degree and eight breach of peace counts in the second degree. Previously blogged about here.

[NJ] Plainfield Police Officer, Lieutenant Ronald S. Lattimore took his own life. [More here]
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