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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

[MA] State Trooper Dunn answered the door bloody. His police officer girlfriend is recanting.

Michael Naughton
Published: July 20, 2011
Last modified: July 21, 2011
[Excerpts] A veteran state police trooper will face a departmental review today, one day after he was in court for a hearing on charges that he beat his Transit police officer girlfriend... Trooper Brian Dunn is on administrative leave pending today’s hearing. A Quincy District Court judge yesterday refused a request by prosecutors to hold Dunn without bail because they said he posed a danger to the woman and the community. Dunn’s lawyer said that he is the victim and that pictures of him after the incident show bite marks on his arm and that the cuts on his face were from his girlfriend... Inside the home police found eight guns and between 500 and 800 rounds of ammunition. [Full article here]

By Marie Szaniszlo
Thursday, July 21, 2011
[Excerpts] A state police trooper accused of trying to strangle his girlfriend and pointing a gun at her will face a departmental hearing today to determine his job status... he was charged with assault and battery, assault with a dangerous weapon and intimidation of a witness... Dunn has been released but placed on a GPS monitor... Monday, Quincy police received a hang-up 911 call from Dunn’s Andrews Road home, according to a police report. When an officer arrived, Dunn, 49, answered the front door “covered in blood, specifically his face, forehead, right ear and shirt area,” the report said. Upstairs, police found Dunn’s 28-year-old girlfriend crying... police searched the house and reported confiscating eight guns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition in a safe. [Full article here]

The Taunton Gazette
By Dennis Tatz
Jul 21, 2011
[Excerpts] ...Brian Dunn, 49, was placed on administrative leave following his arrest early Monday. State Police scheduled a hearing today to determine his status... Quincy District Court Judge Paul McCallum ordered Dunn released on personal recognizance. Dunn will remain behind bars at the county jail in Dedham until he can be fitted with a device to monitor his whereabouts... Prosecutor Khushbu Mehta argued during a dangerousness hearing that Dunn should remain in jail because he poses a threat to the alleged victim and has access to guns. The trooper’s attorney, Courtney Linnehan, said police arrested the wrong person... The alleged victim, a 28-year-old Transit Police officer, refused to testify at the hearing on the grounds that what she might say could be self-incriminating. Following the incident at Dunn’s home Monday, the woman declined further medical treatment or to seek a restraining order against Dunn... Dunn’s father, retired State Police Lt. Col. Robert Dunn, also of Quincy, testified he has never known his son to be abusive... [Quincy police Sgt. James McNeil] said when he knocked, Dunn came to the door with blood on his face and shirt. There was broken glass and ammunition on the floor, and Dunn said he and his girlfriend had argued, McNeil said. McNeil said he heard someone crying on the second floor and found Dunn’s girlfriend. He said she told him Dunn had thrown a cell phone at her, grabbed her by the neck and pointed a gun at her, which she was able to knock out of his hand during the struggle. Police confiscated several weapons... Dunn, who has been a state trooper for 26 years, is currently assigned to the barracks in South Boston. He is due back court Aug. 26. Dennis Tatz may be reached at dtatz@ledger.com. READ MORE about this issue. [Full article here]
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  1. Last summer in Toohig Park on Gallivan Blvd. in Dorchester Trooper Dunn physically assaulted 2 fifteen year old girls, grabbing them by their necks and slamming them up against the basketball court fence. He proceeded to berate them verbally, calling them assholes, losers and f-ing retards. He told them he was going to ruin their f-ing lives. Both girls were within blocks of their homes and well within their curfews. Internal affairs "investigated" and exonerated Dunn of any wrongdoing. It seems his violence against females has resurfaced in the incident with his girlfriend. His father is a retired Lt. Colonel with the State Police. They will no doubt attempt to make him the victim and her the aggressor and try to save his job. Both parents of the girls who were assaulted do not want to see that happen and will come forward. I can be reached at djdnmc@verizon.net and I am the father of one of the girls involved. We are disgusted by Dunn and the State Police response.

  2. New evidence in case against state trooper from Quincy
    Posted Nov 26, 2011
    [Excerpts] A state police trooper accused of assaulting his girlfriend in Quincy could be cleared of criminal charges by January, his attorney says... [Courtney] Linnehan said the new evidence will help prove Dunn’s innocence. She said she did not obtain the evidence until late Wednesday morning, so she requested an extension in order to further review the material. Linnehan is arguing that Dunn was the victim, and not the aggressor... State police have suspended Dunn without pay pending the result of his case.


  3. Case dropped against Quincy trooper accused of assaulting girlfriend
    Jan 27, 2012
    Prosecutors have dropped their case against a State Police trooper from Quincy accused of assaulting his girlfriend, who is also a police officer...

  4. Anyone interested in knowing the truth about this incident should google Jennifer Garvey, an MBTA police offer and the girlfriend/alleged victim in this case.

    Ms. Garvey has numerous criminal charges against her relating to violence. These include; domestic violence involving gun play, civil rights violations/police brutality, an arrest at country fest for assault and battery and she done a stint at McLean Hospital for PTSD related trauma.

    We can hope she finds the treatment she needs having served our country in the military; but there is no need to take down a decorated and dedicated police officers in the wake.

    Google and make up your own mind.

    1. AnonymousJune 01, 2016

      So because her father is not a retired Lt. Colonel for the MSP that can make things disappear or redirect blame, she all of a sudden is not a victim of this trooper that has numerous excessive force complaints and hides behind daddy every time? I bet daddy mows this guys yard and does his laundry for him too.

  5. Former Transit Police officer charged in assault
    Former MBTA officer Jennifer Amyot-Garvey allegedly attacked a woman she arrested at Dudley Square Station.
    The Boston Globe
    By John R. Ellement
    January 07, 2016
    A former MBTA Transit Police officer has been indicted on assault and civil rights violations charges for a 2014 incident in which she allegedly attacked a woman she was arresting at Dudley Square Station. Jennifer Amyot-Garvey is to be arraigned Wednesday in Suffolk Superior Court on charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, assault and battery, civil rights violations with injury, and two counts of filing a false report by a public employee... More: https://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2016/01/07/former-transit-police-officer-indicted-for-assaulting-woman-dudley-station/eSQ6tzpKAYinm8Prg2KcWL/story.html

  6. Transit Police officer ordered to get mental health care
    The Boston Globe
    January 22, 2015
    To prosecutors, MBTA Transit Police Officer Jennifer M. Garvey is a woman with a history of violent outbursts who brandished a firearm at her wife after she scratched their car Saturday night.


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