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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

[OH] Firefighter / ex-cop Bomske's standoff, domestic violence threat, and assault this year

Deerfield firefighter Nicholas Bomske's recent standoff at his girlfriend's parents home was preceded by assault charge in January and and dismissed domestic violence threat charges in July. He has been a military police officer, a tactical paramedic with the Warren County Sheriff's SWAT team and an officer with the University of Cincinnati police.

His attorney says this violent, beligerant, criminal public safety servant has a PTSD excuse. [Straight, no chaser or on the rocks?] The people of Deerfield need to set the standard of what is acceptable in their community.

September 5, 2011
[Excerpts] A Deerfield Township firefighter was arrested after a standoff on Saturday. Prosecutors said Nicholas Bomske broke into his girlfriend's parents' home... A SWAT unit was called in and residents were kept in their homes... Bomske's attorney said his client is a current firefighter and former military police officer who is undergoing treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder... Bomske was cited last year after he was accused of urinating on the floor of a bar and assaulting an employee. He was arrested and accused of threatening domestic violence in late July, but those charges were dismissed in August. Bomske was ordered held on $11,000 bond. [Full article here]


FIREFIGHTER ARRESTED AFTER INCIDENT IN BAR - Report: Nicholas Bomske Urinated In Bar, Assaulted Employee
January 7, 2011
[Excerpts] ...[Deerfield Township firefighter] Nicholas Bomske was cited on Dec. 19 for disorderly conduct in connection with an incident at the Red Rock Tavern in Maineville. Bomske urinated on the floor of the bar and assaulted a bartender, according to a report by the Warren County Sheriff's Office. The deputy who issued the citation, said Bomske was cooperative at first, but then began insulting the deputy, calling him "officer fat boy" and an expletive. The deputy said Bomske initially refused to sign the citation saying, "I am not a p----, just take me to jail," and, "I pi--ed on a sidewalk, what the f--- is the problem." The deputy's report said a friend of Bomske's convinced him to sign the citation and Bomske was allowed to leave without being arrested. Additional charges of assault and public indecency were later filed against Bomske. Bomske is a firefighter with the Deerfield Township Fire Department. He has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the case. WLWT confirmed that Bomske has also worked with the Warren County Sheriff's SWAT team as a tactical paramedic and with University of Cincinnati police as an auxiliary officer. [Full article here]
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