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Sunday, September 11, 2011

[OK] Assistant Police Chief accused of armed threat to kill family and self.

Amber Oklahoma Assistant Police Chief Brian Lee Kepler was arrested on a charge of feloniously pointing a firearm. Kepler is alleged to have pointed his gun at his wife while speaking of murder-suicide/familicide - and waving the weapon by their 2 year-old twins, asking his wife which one she wanted him to shoot first.
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  1. The kids and Ashley don't deserve to have their lives threatened. Their lives don't belong to you Brian and it does not make you more of a man to kill - and steal their futures away from them. You need to distance yourself from them until you get some help for depression or for whatever it is that is pressing you down. Don't hurt them. I know you have heart things to deal with but no one is perfett. Every day is a gift to us, and only God decides life and death.


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