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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

[FL] Will Plant City Officer Combs "resign" and be rehired - again? [Domestic Battery]

Plant City police Officer Matthew Combs was arrested for domestic violence battery, put on unpaid leave, then he was ALLOWED to resign within 2 days. That sure sounds like there was evidence that an assault occurred. An internal investigation had been "initiated" but that process would have shut down as soon as he resigned - so there will be no finished report of what happened. When he resigned it STOPS the internal investigation because he is no longer an employee. Without a completed report he can actually be hired back or by another department if he can intimidate the victim to not cooperate with the criminal charges or if the good ol' boy system spanks his hands by letting him do an alternate program that will erase the assault from his record.

There is a list of folks on Facebook begging the chief to not accept the resignation because Matthew is a good guy and because he's served the community. Neither of those things has anything to do with the crime of domestic violence. His supporters say he touched her forehead with a finger and that this is a he-said she-said. (I'm doubting both of those scenarios because of the immediate UNpaid leave.) His supporters don't realize how that resignation HELPS "Matt" not be accountable for his criminal actions or how it is actually a part of his becoming rehired at the same department or another one nearby. Too often there is a formula for making domestic charges roll off the back of officers so they can keep their weapon and stay in the profession:
"...Combs was originally hired as a Plant City police officer in September 2002. He resigned in January 2004 and was rehired June 2005..."
~ Source: Plant City police officer resigns in wake of arrest, The Tampa Tribune, By Dave Nicholson, June 16, 2014, Updated: June 18, 2014 at 11:29 am

The chief, city manager, judge, and district attorney are usually there for the officer - meaning NOT-there for the victim. The victim has not been mentioned in any of the articles other than she is his EX and it was Father's Day. We aren't told if she is hurt, afraid, hiding, recanting, safe, getting services, or fearless. IN THESE STORIES she's usually just the backdrop with only room for one "important" person, - the accused officer.

I hope she is okay.

None of these Facebook folks spoke up for the alleged victim or even wondered...

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  1. Sherri Poole JoynerJune 25, 2014


  2. Funny, 14 of the people on Facebook who wanted the department to keep the officer, where women. You read this blog, a blog dedicated to publicly punish any LEO (mainly male LEO's) accused (not convicted) of Domestic Abuse and yet you post a response from Facebook where the women are cheering for the male officer. Crazy. While reading your blog, I noticed one particular piece of information missing. When a LEO is exonerated of the charges, you don't print the positive outcome. Seems to me, if you're truly a fair, non-bias journalist, you would show the outcome of all the cases you post. Not just the ones you savor over. God Bless

    1. God bless you too. You will see at the beginning of the blog there is a request for updates. <3

      I'm scrolling down Google search results and the update isn't as easily accessible as I'm sure he'd like, so since you are concerned with keeping the information current you are a perfect candidate for providing the updated article or documents. Thank you.


    2. (If you give me the requested info and THEN I don't update, you may have a point.)

  3. I could not agree more anonymous. It seems truth has no merit here. I have submitted articles before proving officers innocence and it never seems to be published. Even comments I have made to supporting officers and alternative facts that do not support the allegations are left off. It truly does appear this is a one sided attack. I do not understand the public conviction of officers, especially when they can prove themselves innocent.


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