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Monday, June 30, 2014

[NY] Always positive, State Police Trooper Kerstin Williams death ruled suicide within a day

New York State Police Trooper Kerstin Williams

Gleaned from the news:

27-year-old New York State Trooper Kerstin Williams was found by boaters shot to death on the bank of Nassau Lake in the Town of Nassau, Rensselaer County last night with her division issued firearm near her body. State Police say they found no sign of foul play and no note, and according to NY State Police Captain Scott Coburn of Troop G, the autopsy conducted today confirmed the cause of Kerstin's death as a suicide. 
..."Trooper Williams always had a positive attitude and was eager to do a good job while on the road," Major Patrick Regan, the Troop F commander, said in a statement...
"My dear friend. I can't believe I am writing in your guest book. I replay every wonderful memory of you in my head. I cherish them greatly. I miss you and love you and will carry our friendship with me always. Be at peace." ~ Angela Blaney

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I don't know and wouldn't guess what actually happened because people do take their own lives, but Kerstin deserves a longer investigation than one day before ruling her cause of death. We all deserve that and it would seem at LEAST when it's one of their own they'd really want to say something more like 

it appears to be suicide 
but the investigation is ongoing. 

Rest in peace, 
and to the weary please reach out for help.
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  1. In Memory of
    1986 - 2014
    New Comer-Cannon Funeral Home - Albany, NY

    NASSAU-Kerstin Suzanne Williams, 27 of Nassau, NY died Sunday, June 29, 2014. Born on October 31, 1986, Kerstin was a life-long resident of Nassau. She graduated cum laude from Catholic High School (Lansingburg, NY) and went on to study at the College of St. Rose where she graduated in 2008 with a degree in Criminal Justice. Kerstin wanted to follow in the footsteps of her uncle Roger Williams, and pursue a career in law enforcement. She scored in the top of all candidates on the New York State Trooper Entrance Exam. Kerstin was accepted into the first class of recruits following a multi-year hiring freeze and was sworn in as a New York State Trooper in October 2012. She was assigned to Troop F in Liberty, NY. She received her uncle Roger Williams shield number.

    Kerstin was passionate and dedicated in everything she did. In addition to her work as a New York State Trooper, Kerstin enjoyed spending time with her family, especially her younger cousins, and her many close friends. Her dedication to family and friends was surpassed only by her love of her work as a trooper.

    Kerstin is survived by...

    1. Who the hell does a investigation in one day. Unless they know or suspect it to be one of their own and want to cover it up real fast. Anybody 9th grade education can see that. This is happening way to often throughout the U S and the USJD needs to step up their game and start doing something about this injustice!!!

    2. I am a longtime friend of Kerstin. This was sadly, indeed a suicide. Not all of the details that confirmed this were shared with the public.


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