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Thursday, March 3, 2011

[MA] Fired Officer Byrne is going to jail on 1st domestic charges - still facing 2nd charges

Dennis Byrne
Fired Sandwich Masachusetts Police Officer

Dennis Byrne, a fired Sandwich police officer, had his probation revoked Wednesday and will serve six months in jail for his 2009 assault on the former boyfriend of his wife... In the Feb. 21 incident, police allege Byrne hit the boyfriend repeatedly while the couple was in bed, then hit both victims with a lamp and slammed his wife's face into a wall...

Cape Cod Times
By George Brennan
March 02, 2011
[Excerpts] Former Sandwich police officer Dennis Byrne was today ordered jailed, and his probation in a 2009 assault case revoked, following an alleged Feb. 21 attack by Byrne on his wife and her boyfriend. The order by Barnstable District Court Judge Joan Lynch came after a 2 1/2-hour hearing today in connection with Byrne's alleged attack Feb. 21 on his wife and her boyfriend at their Hyannis home... Byrne hit the man several times in the head, causing a wound that required 37 stitches... The 2009 case was originally continued without a finding, meaning that if Byrne was arrested within a two-year period he could be given jail time, which the judge ordered today. Byrne was ordered to serve six months of the year jail sentence. In the Feb. 21 incident, police allege Byrne hit the boyfriend repeatedly while the couple was in bed, then hit both victims with a lamp and slammed his wife's face into a wall. He pleaded not guilty last week to armed burglary and assault, assault with a dangerous weapon (lamp), assault and battery, and vandalism... [Full article here]

Cape Cod Times
By George Brennan
March 03, 2011
BARNSTABLE — Dennis Byrne, a fired Sandwich police officer, had his probation revoked Wednesday and will serve six months in jail for his 2009 assault on the former boyfriend of his wife. The sentence followed a three-hour hearing Wednesday in Barnstable District Court that Judge Joan Lynch described as a "soap opera." Courtroom testimony was at times emotional... Before the hearing, Byrne, who has been held at Plymouth County Correctional Facility since his recent arrest, shuffled into the courtroom in shackles mouthing words to his wife. He repeated the gestures while she was on the witness stand, apparently out of view of Lynch. During testimony, Byrne's wife told the court she wasn't afraid of the ex-police officer, even though she asked for and was granted a restraining order on Tuesday. Christina Maxwell, a family friend, said Byrne had threatened to kill his wife during an incident a year ago. "He said the only way I'm leaving is if (she) is in a body bag," Maxwell said... Byrne's attorney, Jens Bahrawy, argued that the repeated infidelity, the loss of his job as a Sandwich police officer, and the foreclosure on the couple's home all played a role in her client's behavior. "Mr. Byrne describes it as having the rug of his life pulled out from under him," Bahrawy said... Had Byrne not been charged with another crime, the assault and battery charge in the 2009 case would have eventually been dismissed. Instead, he now has a criminal record and faces the charges related to the Feb. 21 incident. Along with the six months in jail, Lynch sentenced Byrne to two years of supervised probation during which he will have to wear a GPS tracking device. Byrne also was ordered to stay away from his wife and her boyfriend. [Full article here]
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  1. I am sure all of the secrets that so many others have paid the price for will be revealed in the trial. A soap opera? They can't write them this twisted!
    Myself, working a full time job, raising a family and being an actual contributor to society wonders where do they find the time?

  2. It's interesting how when a story like this unfolds in a small town, so many come out of the woodwork to share what they've observed over the years. This should make for a very interesting trial.

  3. I agree with both prior comments, where did he find the time, he wasn't working because he committed the same crime and was fired. He should have gotten help. Its sad that woman get battered and not to many people really care. I don't think any soap opera deserves the ex and her boyfriend to be home invaded and beaten. Noone deserves that

  4. To the person trying to villianize the victim(s) here on this blog in these comments - your comments won't get through.

  5. It is a horrible crime that was committed and my heart goes out to the victims, the children, and extended families of all involved. The defendant obviously has serious mental problems where he is unable to let go of his former wife. Who cares about the soap opera, people should be safe in their own home regardless of any skeletons in the closet of the victims. What was the intent of breaking into their home was it to bake cookies in the middle of the night. I think they are both lucky to have survived and trying to throw the victims under the bus doesn't help the children it makes their mother look unethical and who are we to judge. I think the defendant should confess and avoid an "interesting trial" to spare his children the agony of negative publicity.

  6. Grand jury indicts ex-Sandwich police officer
    By Cape Cod Times
    Saturday, April 2, 2011

    BARNSTABLE — A grand jury has indicted a disgraced Sandwich police officer for allegedly assaulting his wife and her boyfriend, according to court records.

    Dennis J. Byrne, 40, was indicted on charges of armed burglary, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, two counts of assault and battery, and vandalizing property.

    Byrne, who was fired from his Sandwich police officer job in 2009 after he allegedly beat another man linked romantically with his wife, was arrested by the Barnstable police Feb. 21 and accused of attacking his wife and a different boyfriend inside the man’s Hyannis home as the victims lay in bed. The alleged assaults occurred just after 3:30 a.m...

  7. Not surprised. I think it's best that now it will at least go to trial. Right?

  8. The part of an anonymous comment today that I can post:

    "Byrne was ordered to stay away from his wife for 2 yrs.... looks like the soap opera will play out again... they are back playing house together again after 6 mos. of him behind bars.. looks like all the people who wrote on here were all wrong! The wife has her husband back where she wants him!..."

  9. Wow, how does that happen? The newspapers reported that he was ordered to stay away and wear a GPS. How do they end up playing house again? The previous post must be a mistake. After what he is accused of, the court can't change the ruling from the Judge- can they?

  10. It is just a matter of time before the new boyfriend (#3) gets it from Mr. Byrne. What will it take to stop these crimes from happening again. I don't think they should live together if she has sexual relations with other men, it seems he cant handle moving on. I guess no GPS and he is also allowed to drink booze on probation (never heard of anyone allowed to drink on probation) What will happen to the kids when it happens next. Will the ex get beaten again? the soap opera continues

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    Cape Cod Online
    By Steve Doane
    April 10, 2012
    [Excerpts] A federal judge is considering whether to dismiss a civil rights lawsuit against former Sandwich police Officer Dennis Byrne and the town of Sandwich. Thomas Hogan of Sandwich filed suit in Barnstable Superior Court in March 2011 alleging that Byrne and the town violated his state and federal civil rights in connection with a June 17, 2009, assault. Byrne was off duty when he drove to Hogan's home to confront him about a romantic relationship he had with Byrne's wife, according to court documents. Byrne then assaulted Hogan, causing an injury that needed 37 stitches, according to Times archives... A hearing was held Monday on a defense motion to dismiss on the grounds that Hogan has no standing to sue the town... The allegations stem from the attack as well as several threats before the incident, according to court documents. Hogan also asserts that the town is responsible because he met with then-Police Chief Michael Miller and other town officials to address his concerns and they failed to prevent the assault, according to court documents... In October 2010, Byrne admitted sufficient facts to the assault and the case was continued without a finding on the conditions that Byrne stay away from the victim, enter counseling and take anger management classes. In February 2011, Byrne was arrested for breaking into a Hyannis home and attacking his ex-wife and her new boyfriend. Byrne was indicted on charges of armed burglary and assault, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, assault and battery and vandalizing property. He pleaded guilty to reduced charges in July 2011 and was placed on probation, according to court records. [Full article here]


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