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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

[NY] Schenectady Police Officer Peters' fiancee denies he assaulted her, despite bloody nose

...According to authorities, [Schenectady Police Officer Eric] Peters bloodied the woman's nose, then prevented her from leaving their home. Peters' fiancee attended the proceeding with her attorney, James Tyner... Tyner said the woman denies anything happened...

March 23, 2011 4:45 PM
[Excerpts] A Police officer with the Schenectady Police Department faces charges of Assault and Unlawful Imprisonment, both misdemeanors. Schenectady Police arrested officer Eric Peters on Wednesday. They say he was involved in a domestic incident on March 17th. According to the Police Department, Peters was on paid suspension at the time of his arrest, and as a result of the arrest, his suspension has become unpaid... [Full article here]

Albany Times Union
By Paul Nelson
Wednesday, March 23, 2011
[Excerpts] City police officer Eric Peters was arraigned in city court on Wednesday afternoon on misdemeanor charges of unlawful imprisonment and assault with attempt to cause physical injury. Peters, 36, a member of the department's Field Services Bureau, is accused of fighting with his fiancee... According to authorities, Peters bloodied the woman's nose, then prevented her from leaving their home. Peters' 43-year-old fiancee attended the proceeding with her attorney, James Tyner. Outside the courtroom, Tyner said the woman denies anything happened. "She tried to tell everybody it didn't happen and either no one believes her or thinks she is lying," he said... Assistant Schenectady County District Attorney Christina Tremante-Pelham asked for an order of protection, but Luibrand opposed the order, telling City Court Judge Matthew Sypniewski the alleged victim insists nothing happened. Peters was released and is due back in court on April 13... [Full article here]
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  1. The DA is going to look like a jerk when the whole story comes out. Just wait, it's not at all what it seems!

  2. HA. This is a great District Attorney. She knows her stuff. And has seen the abuse at the hands of these guys. No more. I hope she puts her foot so far up the law he can taste it.

    He did also get into it with her last November. And it is what it sometimes seems. Schenectady police reputation speaks for itself. Read the internet. And papers. His brother had to intervene last November to keep the peace.

    Was not the first time either. Just serious enough to call another cop brother for help to pacify.

    Maybe the DA should call the other Schenectady police officer brother to testify. But you have to tell the truth so it may not work. You have to tell the truth under oath. So there goes that.

    Either way where there is smoke there is fire. Amazing how they all get caught eventually. Domestic Violence is wrong. Stop abusing women.

    Stop covering for the abusing police. Women are not toys as these men see them. They only have remorse when they are caught.

    What happened to honor when one gets uniform, badge and gun? Or did that only exist in the past days of truth and justice?

    Wonder what his exwife would say. Or his kids. He cheated with this woman on his wife and now beats her like its her fault.

    1. And who are you exactly? That you know so much about this situation? About how the initial report was made by two drunk guys who didn't even see anything happen? And please explain how you know about how he and his ex split up. How dare you make assumptions about someone else's life. I bet you don't even know about the time he ran into a burning house to save a person that was still inside. But wait, THAT wasn't in the papers like this was. How about the fact that his girlfriend has witnesses from her work that explains how she got the minor injury to her nose or whatever. How about the fact that he's ALREADY BEEN PROVEN INNOCENT by the courts. Truth and justice still exist, but YOU are too blind to see it.

    2. Most cops get cleared. You don't know that?

    3. There are several cops who were into drugs and/or other illegal activities. They were brought to justice, and should have been. But for some reason when a cop is accused of something wrong, weather there is actual evidence or not, the media explodes. And the DA isn't even that concerned with Justice. The department offered to DROP ALL THE CHARGES if he resigned his position on the PD. They knew they had no evidence, and they knew they were wrong, and they knew they were going to look like jerks when the truth got out, so they tried to play it off as if they were letting him go on a deal. If he HAD been guilty, then rather than exacting their so called "Justice," they would have let a violent and abusive person go free. This is just like the stupid McDonalds scandal where some guy who was ALREADY A FELON was causing a disturbance at a fast food place and the manager called the cops to come take care of him. He refused to leave, then resisted arrest, and in the process of being taken to the ground, bumped his head on a table. Now, there was video footage of the incident that showed the officers did what was necessary. There were also countless civilian witnesses that testified the officers did what was necessary. The felon that was taken down DID NOT FILE A COMPLAINT. His girlfriend, that was NOT EVEN THERE, filed a complaint saying that the officers used excessive force. The investigation went on for OVER A YEAR, during which the officers involved were out of work. They were eventually proven innocent. That is how the DA works. They busted some bad cops, which was GREAT, but then they got a taste of the media and now every chance the department gets they try to screw over their own guys. Innocent people are having to go through LIFE CHANGING ORDEALS because the DA wants some more publicity. People would have more respect for them if they put an article in for every life that was saved, every felon that was caught, and every law that was upheld by the cops. But wait... People don't care about that anymore, do they? All they want to do is be entertained, and unless there are explosions and mafia drug busts, a cop doing his job just isn't that entertaining. A cop getting in trouble though... Oh Boy. And that is why things like this happen. How much money did the department spend taking this guy to the courts, and all the back pay they have to give him now, and what if he sues them for hostile work environment? There was no evidence, no witnesses for the prosecution, and there wasn't even a victim. And now the truth is out, and the department looks like a bunch of jerks. That is what they get for being so shallow. As far as the cops that ARE corrupt... it is a problem that needs to be solved. But when the DA should be focusing on actual criminals and bad cops, and they are trying to screw over guys like this that have CLEARLY done nothing wrong, it kind of DEFEATS THE PURPOSE.

    4. Where there is smoke there is fire. And how long did they take to weed out a bunch? Tooooo long!!! And how many more of them are still on the force? (case in point). A long history of abuses perpetrated by those thugs in small town usa. As for the running into a building, yea we read about it, blah blah blah. That the best you got? Pathetic. What about the string of abuses no one wants to come forward on? A family of lies. Thanks BlueWall for memorializing this for future victims... Keep up the good work.

  3. Lol, the diatribe and rambling rants of cops supporters. Amazing. Listen punk let me tell you how many know-they have reputations. In schenectady nobody goes after the cops for crimes they do (usually) because you WILL be harassed, you WILL lose your rights and your dignity. It is a mission for them.
    And yeah, sure, there absolutely are good cops but you know what? When they shuts their mouths and cover their abusive, drinking, drugging, raping, whoring, control obsessed buddies-then they TOO are just as culpable. So save the stupid statements and covering up the shit taking place in littlw old corrupt electric city.
    At least that female DA had the balls to try. The jury was a joke. Many ordinary citizens are sent up river but it takes Forever to catch these clowns. They have friends in low places and unless caught, even when caught, they get away with it.
    Perhaps for this family of cops it goes back to when the old man fixed a ticket for mobsters! And then was forced to resign!!

    Mobsters and dirty cops and dirty judges and dirty politicos are all in bed together in the shitbox town.

    Become a cop and become invincible. Small towns arw a hotbed for hothead want to be cowboys. Get over it. Hey is he married yet? Nope. Is he still fishing? Yup. Bet on it. All the way to the bank. It is blood related.

    Do your research and look at the abused, raped, burned and maimed women who are scared to come forward. Can't find them? Ask locally to the locals, once they trust you, hell!you will mee many victims who share their stories. And the fbi hardly did shit. They closed their cases when schenectady wiped the pigs blood clean from their faces for the show.

    For all the dirty cop lovers? You too are a victim, let us hope you wake up before it is too late or before they turn on you.

    Do your fucking reading on small town cops, especially in schenectady. Welcome home idiot.


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