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Saturday, March 26, 2011

[PA] I can't post on Ashley Police Chief David Cerski

I spent time gathering articles, editing them down to excerpts, formatting the text - but I couldn't post it. I'm not afraid, I'm intuitive - and always pay attention to my gut.

Be fair. Be just. Be human. Be smart.

Be careful.

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  1. Praying there is no follow-up news.

    Friday, March 25th, 10:14 am
    [Excerpts] Borough officials in Ashley have fired their police chief. Shortly after beginning their meeting Thursday night, Ashley Borough Council voted unanimously to fire the borough's police chief... While borough officials would not comment on why they fired Chief David Cerski, the termination comes a little more than a week after Cerski's ex-girlfriend filed a protection from abuse order against him... In the PFA filed by Cerski's ex-girlfriend ... she wrote, "David is violent, both physically and verbally" and that on several occasions Cerski "punched, kicked, slapped and ripped" her hair out. She claims he "threatened to ruin her life" and she said she "honestly does not feel safe in her own home/town"... [Full article here]

    The Citizens' Voice
    By Bob Kalinowski
    March 26, 2011
    [Excerpts] Embattled former Ashley police Chief Dave Cerski surrendered his gun, badge and keys to the borough on Friday afternoon, complying with orders given when council fired him Thursday night. His quarter-century as a borough cop officially over, Cerski left borough hall carrying boxes of personal belongings... Cerski's firing ends an often controversial tenure. He had been successfully sued twice in court since 1997. Plaintiffs in the cases claim a hot-tempered Cerski violated their rights. In December 1997, while a sergeant, Cerski was sued after being accused of being hostile to a county crisis intervention caseworker who was visiting a Cook Street home. The suit alleged racial profiling. Cerski was also sued in 2004 for allegedly mistreating an Ashley fire police official at the scene of a vehicle crash... [Full article here]

    Hot-tempered police chief has been sued in 1997 for hostility and alleged racial profiling. Another suit was settled for $70,000 in 2004 for the chief grabbing and wrenching the body of a female fire police official. Yet, in an article on March 24th, mayor Rick Oravic stated in his years of involvement with the police deptartment he "has not seen indications of dangerous tendencies from Cerski". Are you kidding me? Sorry, mayor. Instead of council memebers having "their own agenda", sounds like you had a police chief with a history of violence. [LINK]


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