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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

[DC] Police Lt. Shahid has been shot by her husband Police Officer Shahid.

District of Colombia Police Officer Elijah Shahid has shot his wife Patricia Shahid - a Lt. for the same department. She's alive, he's arrested, had his police powers removed, and has been put on administrative leave.
No indication if he's in or out of jail.
Officer Shahid is being charged with first degree assault, attempt to injure with a deadly weapon and two counts of second degree assault.

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  1. Metro D.C. Police Officer Elijah Shahid was accused of shooting his wife [Patricia], also an [MPDC] officer, in the leg in August 2006. That case was dropped after his wife declined to testify against him... Shahid, 35, who worked in the 7th Police District, was dismissed from the police force in February [2007].


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