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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

[NY] Saying goodbye to NYPD Griselda Espinal - Death by murder-sucide

New York Police Detective Griselda Espinal was buried last week. Her husband killed her earlier this month. The children were there. After he stabbed her he left the room, one of the boys said he's going to get moms gun, dad came back into the room, the kids ran out screaming, "He's killing her! He's got her gun!" - except one. Their eight year old daughter was laying across her bleeding mother begging for someone to help her and shouting "No! No! No!".
He flung their daughter off, shot Griselda in the head, went out into the yard. When he put the gun to his face, their 12 year old son yelled out, "Papi, no, no!"

The police had been there before, for a knife incident where Griselda was cut, but there was no action taken and no report.

Could things have gone differently if it had not been treated lightly?

I don't know.

Good-bye Griselda - and blessings to your family - a prayer that they are surrounded with love and one day find their way past even some of the trauma and deep sorrow.


"About 750 uniformed police officers gathered at St. Patrick's Cathedral Thursday to mourn Griselda Espinal, who was stabbed and shot to death last Friday by her husband, Francisco, 37, police said. The shooting took place in front of the couple's three children and their 65-year-old baby-sitter..." (Source: NEWSDAY, August 18, 2006)


  1. Local cops remember a tragedy
    Times Herald-Record, NY - Aug 11, 2007
    It might not seem like a year has gone by since a murder-suicide shocked a New Windsor neighborhood... when NYPD narcotics detective Griselda Espinal was gunned down by her estranged husband, Francisco... But the NYPD never forgets these things. On Thursday, several hundred of Espinal’s former colleagues marched from her old Manhattan narcotics bureau down Eighth Avenue to the Church of St. Charles Borromeo on 141st Street, where a memorial service was held. A reception followed...

  2. this is her daughter jacquelyn she did not do suicide !!!! she got shot

    1. Oh jackie what are you doing here writing comments The son of griselda Martin HIIIIIII EVERYONE

  3. Jacquelyn I am so sorry that you lost your parents this way. This blog post does say that your mom was murdered, not that she killed herself.

    From above:
    "...Her husband killed her..."

    Your mom is so beautiful, a professional woman, and I bet the BEST mom too. This is sad and so tragic to people who don't even know your mom.
    I will keep you in my prayers.

  4. Grizz and I worked together years ago in the 28th Pct. Acouple of days prior to her death, i took her to dunkin donuts for coffee and were talking and laughing about old times. Her last words to me were "Petro, you were so crazy,but tough and no one would fuck with you!"(she was laughing saying that)I told her "not me?" (laughing) She said let's get together soon and not to be strangers, I said ok,coffee next week, and told her to be safe, and she said the same, and ok. and we went back to work our seperate ways. Next weeks coffee never came. She was great!and real! Nothing phony about her!I went to her funeral and wake and just felt missing! R.I.P. my friend.

  5. Dam if only i was four so then i didn't have to remember this but damn i was six SO CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!!


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