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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Officer-Involved DV Document To All States!

Monumental Step Regarding
Officer-Involved Domestic Violence Policies

The powerful document below, a letter signed by top government representatives of Washington State, has been sent out INDIVIDUALLY to every United States Governor, every State Attorney General, and every State Insurance Commissioner in the nation. It is encouraging that all states join Washington State by implementing "strong and enforceable policy" regarding officer-involved domestic violence.

This Letter Is A Huge Step
In Fighting Domestic Violence.
Your Support Is Needed To Make It Work.

Please contact the officials for YOUR state to let them know your personal or agency's support for clear policy and procedure, and pass this document and request along to others who will also take action - helping it reach it's full potentially nation-sweeping effect. Let's get it done!

(Click to see full-sized scanned document)
(Recipient information has been removed from this document.)

Link to printable document:

To contact your State Governor

To contact your State Attorneys General

To contact your State Insurance Department Commissioners

IMPORTANT NOTE: A policy would also protect and add services for the many law enforcement officers who are victims of domestic violence, or engaged in mutual family problems.

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