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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

[MI] Gun-to-wife's-head Deputy Harvey got to make a DEAL?

Last week Antrim County Deputy Michael Harvey pled guilty to assault charges and a misdemeanor count of domestic violence after having pushed his wife to the ground, striking her in the face, pointing his weapon at her (head?), and threatening to kill her "while on duty." (?) The most recent news didn't mention what happened to the original reports that he also pointed a taser gun at his two year old son. He HAD been charged with two felony counts of assault, a felony firearm charge, and two counts of domestic violence. (Those 2 dv charges were against another woman, not his wife, who the news doesn't tell anything more about.)

What Harvey's said to have said to his wife:
"If I get the (expletive) papers in the mail,
I am going to (expletive)
kill you
and your mother,
and I'm going to kill these two boys
and then I am going to kill myself...
You need to stop the attorney,
stop the divorce,
stop everything."

What did police carry out of his house? - What too many frightened spouses know - an arsenal: 57 firearms, both loaded and unloaded. (Pause and just iMAGine that!)

The DEAL that he got to make with the court? DROPPING "one count of felonious assault; one felony firearm charge; and a second domestic violence charge."

Sweet, hunh?


  1. I give all kinds of credit to Trish, the spouse in this case. I t takes a tremendous amount of courage to go to the police in a case like this. Especially in a case where law enforcement is involved. She did the right thing, she protected herself and her children. A great act of courage. I am in law enforcement and I hate to see one of us "fall" but I'm glad to see that the spouse is ok and had the courage to come forward, now she can move on with her life without having to live in fear every single day of her life.

  2. AnonymousJuly 13, 2008

    That police officer, Harvey, took away and wouldn't return my 12 gauge one night, over something stupid, and he didn't even want to know what was wrong. I spoke scripture to him, but he wouldn't listen to God. He's in jail now and I have a new shotgun.


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