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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

[NY] Buffalo Officer Roman's bail doubled on his FOURTH arrest

It was in the news 3 days ago that Buffalo Police Officer Antonio Roman's bail was doubled after the prosecutor and judge agreed that he was a serious risk to public safety - with the prosecutor bringing up "PAST INSTANCES" of problems. He pled not guilty to 2nd degree menacing and unlawful imprisonment - both from the accusations that he was holding a gun to his girlfriend's head.


When he was arrested for beating his wife the charge was dropped.

When he pulled a shotgun on another officer (male? female?) he was cleared.

Another time he barricaded himself in a house with a girlfriend and no telling what happened to that case - but I can say

he's still a cop!

(Roman's Erie County Sheriff's Deputy brother killed his own estranged wife Norma in 1998.)


  1. I only wish we had of known about this before my daughter's attack. She is posted on your page & with hearings coming up this week I only pray this stops it from happening to someone else. According to authorities the morning of her attack, they knew he was violent & had done this countless times before and did nothing to stop it. he should have never been given a gun & badge.

  2. AnonymousMay 29, 2007

    At least he is no longer on the force.

  3. I lost my job as a Police officer for throwing a Afro-American guy against the wall in the cell block.
    By the way it was right after he just got done breaking his girlfriends Jaw and nose.
    I admit I was wrong, but I would do it to again to any man that beats a women or child.

  4. These are my uncles and all I can say is that they are serving they time they got there punishment there are plenty of people that do the sam or worst crimes that are still on the run this is like a solved case


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