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Sunday, October 22, 2006

[MO] I'm holding my breath as 2 year old Alyssa fights for her life - beaten by Officer Minet

Kansas City Police Officer Nicholas Minet beat up his girlfriend's daughter. Just a baby. Only two years old. Alyssa Eickmeir and those who love her are standing in the need of prayer. Friday Alyssa was in critical condition with brain injuries, a fractured skull, bruises on her forehead, on her back, on her neck, and an adult human bite mark on one of her legs. But the news tonight I'm reading says the doctors are not holding out a lot of hope because of brain swelling. For legal reasons her mother isn't being allowed to be by her side. I'm too sad for everyone to even be angry.
If we could just turn back time a little tiny bit.


  1. Condition of abused girl worsens
    Father says 2-year-old is near death. Authorities have accused a Kansas City police officer.
    The Kansas City Star
    Oct. 22, 2006

    The condition of an abused 2-year-old girl took a deadly turn for the worse Saturday — despite hopes that she had been improving a night earlier, her father said.

    “She is definitely going to die,” said her father, Chris Eickmeier. “There’s just no chance.”

    Alyssa Eickmeier was injured early Thursday in her Clay County residence and taken to Children’s Mercy Hospital. Authorities have accused Kansas City police officer Nicholas A. Minet, 28, of shaking her and throwing her down because she would not stop crying. He is charged with first-degree assault and abuse.

    The change in Alyssa’s condition was a terrible blow to her father and the rest of the family, Eickmeier said, because they had hoped she would recover.

    “Yesterday, before everyone left the hospital, she was showing eye movement. She was moving on her own,” he said. But by Saturday morning, that had all changed, he said. Tests showed that the other side of her brain had swollen, he said.

    Although doctors plan to perform another test this morning, it’s clear that Alyssa won’t make it, he said.

    She suffered brain injuries and a skull fracture Thursday, and doctors performed emergency surgery to relieve pressure in her brain, authorities said Friday. She also had older bruises on her forehead, back and neck that were healing and an adult bite mark on her left leg, court records said.

    According to the documents, Minet was babysitting the girl at her home in the 400 block of Northwest 71st Terrace, and he had become frustrated with her when she started to cry and shook her.

    “This was just a shocking thing. No one was ready for this,” Eickmeier said.

    He said that the girl’s mother and he were concerned that they would not be able to afford the cost of hospital bills and funeral arrangements, so his best friends Matt and Jessicia Myers were setting up a fund for his daughter.

    Late Saturday night, he said he was going over to their home to help set up a myspace.com page to help memorialize his daughter with photographs and tell people about the fund.

    “Any loving father in his right mind — it makes you insane it’s for real,” he said. “Three days of crying, three days of up and down emotions, how would you feel?”

    “I’m used to my daughter happy and all over the place,” he said.

    How to help

    To donate to the Alyssa Eickmeier Fund, contact Hillcrest Bank in Overland Park at (913) 492-7500.


  2. KSHB
    Family of beaten baby prepare to say goodbye
    October 22, 2006

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The Kansas City baby who has been fighting for life after being beaten Thursday will not survive, says a family spokesperson.

    The spokesperson tells NBC Action News that 2-year-old Alyssa Eickmeier has been declared brain dead.

    The parents Chris and Amy Eickmeier are discussing the possibility of organ donation with doctors at Children's Mercy Hospital.

    A fund has been set up in the baby's name to help with medical and funeral expenses. Anyone interested can donate through Hillcrest Bank.

    Alyssa Eickmeier Fund
    Hillcrest Bank
    11111 West 95th Street
    Overland Park, KS 66214

  3. I pray for baby Alyssa and her family. May God be with you during this greatest time of need and give you strength in the days ahead.

  4. Little Alyssa did help 4 other children with donated organs. Minet faced a judge Monday October 23 on the original assualt and abuse charges. The judge revoked bail. The charges will likely be amended now since her passing. Please keep this family in your prayers. This was an incredibly brutal act and not a one time thing. This was a pattern of behavior that escalated to homicide. Her older brother was present when it happened. This man deserves no leeway.

  5. Alyssa's killer has been charged with 2nd degree murder, by a grand jury, I pray he is shown the same compassion he showed to a little baby just 2 that only wanted her mommy.

  6. Thank you for letting me know. I did a new entry for her.

  7. AnonymousMay 26, 2008

    i have this family in my prayers daily i happen to know mr. minet and i truely believe with my whole heart that this was a horriable acident.i pray for both families involved.and pray that allisa is with her angels.


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