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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

[MO] Kansas City Officers Minet & Reed, one scared little boy & one dead baby girl

Well, here we are with no do-overs. Yesterday 2 year-old Alyssa Eickmeir's dad had to sit in the same courtroom with Officer Nicholas Minet - his ex-wife's boyfriend -who caused the death of his princess daughter.

From the news:

...Minet, 28, is accused of throwing her onto a mattress and shaking her, which injured her brain and fractured her skull. There also were bruises on her neck, back and forehead, and an adult bite mark on her left leg. "It took a lot for me not to get up out of that chair," the child's father, Chris Eickmeier, said minutes after the arraignment...

Do you swing or curl up and just cry?

Officer Minet was being arraigned on charges of first-degree assault and abuse of a child, with more charges expected now that Alyssa has lost her fight to live. The judge revoked his bond and he "resigned."


Why didn't the Kansas City Police Department have the balls to FIRE HIM? How do you OPT to resign when you have killed a tiny little girl?

If I didn't run into aNOTHer Kansas City PD RECENT child abuse case I'm sure I wouldn't feel as harshly as I do about the agency itself - but when KCPD's Officer MARK REED abused a 10-year old "relative" an August article said that although Reed was CONVICTED of the child abuse, he will REMAIN ON ACTIVE DUTY until sentencing.

Reed DENIED guilt, was FOUND guilty, and still stays?

Really? That's SYSTEMIC abuse of children. ALLOWING IT, from command ranks.

... A juvenile told an investigating officer that Reed had thrown him on a floor and rolled on him because he had not completed a task, the police report said. The 10-year-old then told the officer that Reed placed his hands on his throat and began to choke him. An adult guardian, who picked up the youth after school, reported to police that the child had swelling on his forehead, bruises(?) and swelling on his nose and small lacerations on his nose and upper lip...

Reed can't restrain himself with whom I will presume is his son - only ten - but he can have a gun and powers to arrest citizens? He can't even own up to it, admit he DID it - and KCPD keeps him? Was beating his son(?) his own private business? A personal issue?

...The event did not occur during Reed’s duties as a police officer...

WORD - it's not personal. It's a CRIME that demonstrates a loss of control over one's self and a predisposition to give-in to RAGE. Any reasonable non-law enforcement person will agree that is NOT who should be or remain a sworn officer.

But that's not all. Earlier this month - before Officer Minet fatally beat up 2 year old Alyssa, here is the resolution of his fellow officer's case:

A Kansas City police officer (Reed) convicted of misdemeanor child abuse was placed on one year’s probation Wednesday and given a suspended imposition of sentence... A suspended imposition of sentence means Reed’s conviction may be removed from his record if he successfully completes his probation term... Reed remains on normal duty...

What's that say? What was the message to the other officers? How above the law did their agency let them know they ARE?

And if Reed had been dealt with appropriately - jailed and fired - what would the message have been? Would Officer Minet have heard it?

I think he would. So though Officer Minet is responsible for killing Alyssa, my eyes are narrowed past him to his department for allowing this, empowering officers to do as they please, and erroneously thinking they are protecting their officers behind their inpenetrable blue wall. My eyes fall to the command officers, not to blame really, but to hold responsible - for one scared little boy and one dead little girl

It's no favor.
To anyone.

Get an officer-involved dv policy, make it detailed, and follow it. A cop's fall doesnt' make a department look bad, but how the department HANDLES it


From what I've seen the only thing that changes things in a department as brazen as Kansas City's - the only course of action that seems to have the POWER to have an impact - is to hit them with multi-million dollar lawsuits.

That's sad, but it seems to be way it goes.
The only language that appears to get through.

Prayers for all.


  1. I am not sure if the judge denied bond to punish Minet or to keep him alive. His next court date is Nov 7. Let's not forget 2 other facts in this case. 1) There is evidence of older and partly healed bruises on Alyssa; thus showing a ongoing (at least 2 weeks) pattern of abuse. 2) Alyssa's 6 year old brother was present at the time of the incident that fatally wounded her and asks when his sister is coming home. I too have reservations with the KCPD. I have an adolescent boy that has in recent months chosen to not control his own temper and be physically abusive. Size wise, it is difficult to impossible to difuse these instances peacefully and the occurances were escalating. Having tried counseling, therapy, shrinks, meds, and even asking the Juvinile Center for help prior to the point of him attacking me, I called the KCPD. They told me "This will always be your problem, we will never help you with this." They said this in front of him. In fact, there are no records of them even stopping at my home that day. I fully agree that the KCPD needs some severe changes made. To protect and serve who exactly?

  2. BTW, forgot to post earlier...The KCPD have started collecting money for Alyssa's funeral. Call it damage control or guilt...I am glad it will help the family but it can never change what happened.

  3. When you lose someone, grieve,
    when someone you love comes into so much UNDESERVED pain and loss,

    nobody can really say or do the "right" thing.

    I am really glad to hear that the pd is going to do that.

    It would be sad if they didn't. It's an opportunity to do all that's left for them to do directly for Alyssa.

    I see ANY law enforcement stepping forward right now as

    the right and most honorable thing to do.

    So many good cops get dressed every day and do their jobs, take their chances.

    They don't deserve to be seen in the light of the worst events among them.

    No one but Minet did this when it clears - and if the department does what it needs to do now - in terms of permanent changes - their efforts will be just a first step forward.

    I bet a lot of them need a hug too.

    Praying for ALL.


  4. Thank you for updating here.
    I really want to know how things are.

  5. You are right. It still does seem that those whom are responsible for enforcing our laws be held to a higher standard in following them. I am by no means a cop hater. I have a valued friend who is a police officer, in Kansas. I do see some disturbing issues with the KCPD specifically. I plan to continue to update here. My brother has been good friends with Alyssa's father for years. I grew up with Chris, I can remember when Chris and Amy were dating, I can remember when both children were born. I remember often watching Alyssa's big brother. This is by far the most devastating thing that a family can go through. As a parent, I can only imagine how it must feel and I hug my own kids a little closer at night in the face of this reminder of how short and precious life is. To my knowledge now the visitation for Alyssa will be Sunday evening and the funeral Monday morning.

  6. Are there 2 anonymous's here or one? I need to ask about the money being collected by Kansas City Police - are you sure? Does the family know? I got an inquiry about where that info came from... and I'm hoping that it's true.


  7. Other than one comment in the initial blog, I believe I am the only one whom has been posting. The info on the KCPD collection was aired on the newscasts, and yes the family does know. Here is a link to the myspace tribute for little Alyssa by Matt Myers. http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=121828018

    It should be kept current with information regarding the case. Also as I understand a charity has offered to pay for funeral costs. The medical bills however will still be offset by donations.

    Here is some info on the KCPD fund, I will try to locate and post more.

  8. Here is another link that mentions the fund as well http://www.kctv.com/Global/story.asp?s=5565674

  9. Officer Facing Child Abuse Charges Resigns
    Oct 24, 2006 01:10 PM PDT
    ...Alyssa's family was accepting donations for her medical expenses and funeral through Hillcrest Bank. A friend of Alyssa's mother told KCTV5 News that Kansas City, Missouri police set up a fund at the Kansas City Police Credit Union to help with expenses. It's the Alyssa Eickmeier Memorial Account.

  10. Once Again this is a sad but true fact. Dirty cops are more prevalent than those in the press. For every 10 publicized "incidents" there are hundreds which either go unnoticed or covered up by the departments involved. Protect and Serve my ass. Harass and Threaten is their true policy.

  11. Alyssa was my cousin and to see everyone turn this into some arguement is as direspectful and un called for. I believe Nick should be sent to life in prison and suffer. But now 3 months and 2 days later I have made peace with the fact that shes gone. It will never be the same with out her. If you want to change the government go ahead but leave my cousin out of it. And futher more there are some of the nicest people I have met on the force. It doesn't matter the Job it's the person

  12. I am related to Nick. He had never ever acted like this. This is hard on us too. Some people just dont understand. Nick has three children and neices,nephews and brothers and Sisters. He wasn't aggressive with. It is so hard for all involved. I miss my Brother in Law with all my heart and soul. I am a Christian and I prayer and read my bible Daily, for all involved.

  13. to all of those who have made a comment what is sad is that no one has mentioned the complete truth in this so let me set the record straight because i can do so with no guilt or lying i speak the truth i speak from true heartbreak there was no signs that nick was abusive towards alyssa or any other children for that matter nick wasn't this horrible monster that you have all made him out to be he took care of his family and yes he was a jerk when he wanted to be and cheated on his ex with me which i didn't know about till later and i am sorry for that and i wasn't the only one and i'm not sticking up for him i actually can't stand who he became in that split second decision that he made but i did love him and the police department didn't set up that fund a friend of alyssa's did yes he worked for the department but didn't do it out of guilt did it out of the goodness of his heart because he cared for the family alyssa did not have an adult bite mark on her lage it was a childs around the age of seven and it wasn't christians or theire moms because they had impressions done and they have been cleared there was no medical bills because alyssa had medicaid yes alyssa had bruises old and new but anyone that knew her new that she was 2 and she was clumsy i saw her fall down the stairs and recieve one of the bruises on her forehead myself with another friend to me all her bruises were never thought to be on purpose or abuse regardless what nick gets accident or not he has to live with the fact that he took her life away he made that choice for her if he is put away for life or not he can still see his kids grow up now you tell me how am i supposed feel to know that he still has that privilage but he took mine away i will never know what she was gonna become i don't even get to tell her how much i love her i failed as her mother i failed to protect her but how could i when noone not even her mother knew that she was ever in any danger and to the sister-in-law thank you for your prayers yes i am the mother of alyssa eickmeier and i am proud i got that chance nick took that from me but he won't take her memory this story needs to be told from the one person that really truly knows and that would be me i miss my daughter and i will not sit here and not say anything any more i am now able to as where before i was to upset to talk to anyone so let the truth be known any questions feel free to last and nick still hasn't been convicted for what he has done that is how the system serves and protects innocent until proven guilty even if you confess he has more legal rights right now than alyssa

  14. I am so sorry for what you have gone through and are still going through - and so sorry that Alyssa's life was stolen - and have always felt a sense of sorrow even for Nick - that no matter what - he can never ever turn back time or take that moment back - and forever he is and will be responsible.
    I keep hoping that Alyssa's death will really make people realize how fragile life is, how fragile children are, and how dangerous anger is -
    that somehow, someone will remember Alyssa when they are mad -and walk out of a room, away from the children in their care, and save lives.

    I am most sorry though, for your empty arms. May life bless you. Nothing and no one can replace Alyssa - but even saying what you've said out loud - being honest - helps others, whether they approve, disapprove, whatever -
    It makes them THINK,
    and helps them REMEMBER,
    and probably - almost certainly will lead some others to make some CHANGES.

    Because you said something.


  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. The previous post is malicious slander. it is completely false. The boy did have all of the marks previouly stated. This officer was also known to have, on a regular basis, beaten his step-son. When reported over and over to the kcpd, the blue wall went up. When his stepson finally tried to fight back, Officer Reed had him arrested. The police wouldn't even listen to the youth's side before arresting him.
    The previous poster is current wife (4th) of Officer Reed, who is involved in the custody suit also. She is trying to defend an undefendable person. In fact, she is the basis of most of the problems involving the children.

  17. Well you know how it is - the NEW wife always thinks she knows... :)

  18. To the administrator of this site:
    Tasha Reed has placed the name of a minor victim on the site. It should be removed.

  19. I am rushing because of a court case in the morning. You will have to point it out to me and be specific - like how many comments down...

  20. The one from November 3, 2009

  21. AnonymousJuly 11, 2010

    It strikes me hard to believe that the audience of this blog would only want to see or hear one side of the story. Why not leave up all comments and allow the readers to decide for themselves what is more likely to be the truth or not. Give the readers credit and unbias information if you want to get the real details.

  22. It would be irresponsible and immoral for me to let through some of the trash talk. You are wrong in assuming the comments I don't let through are just another point of view.

    You are free to get a blog and post everything that every human can come up with, regardless of how personal and unsubstantiated.

    Blogs are free. Have one.

  23. AnonymousJuly 27, 2010

    Yes, I can see by the comments that are left by the author and others, that trash talk is still an open option for the mentally impaired.

  24. AnonymousJuly 27, 2010

    Immoral... you have to have morals first. That's the problem with blogs, individuals who think they've got the world figured out and they can't even figure themselves out.

    You believe you're informing the world on facts when you don't even know the facts. How could you. You think by reading a man written newspaper, or by hearing the news you are well informed enough about one's life you can post it and then comment on it. If that's not trash, I don't know what is.

    You call this post behind the blue wall. You've never been close to being behind the blue wall. You take all of your rejections, frustrations, hate and anger and tie all of these stories in a way of getting back and the only person here that gets hurt is yourself. So live with that and answer to God later, since He's the only one who knows the truth about anything. You people and your silly blogs. Get a life and stay out of others.

  25. AnonymousJuly 28, 2010

    No, I haven't. Although my comments may seem as though they're geared toward you, trust me, the rightful owner knows who I'm talking to. My apologies for coming off strong. But when you're dealing with a monster, it doesn't always bring out the best.

    I do appreciate you posting my post. I was surprised.

    Peace be with you.

  26. God will forgive sins and siners,but humans can't sometimes!
    It is nows between God and what is in the siners heart!A child is being missed,and a person must try to live with that for the rest of his life,that is hell!God have mercy
    on all families!And hope they find peace in pray,not more

  27. AnonymousJune 04, 2013

    Still too this date I think about Alyssa Eickmeyer and her family. I pray that time may have helped them heal. I wish I could wrap my arms around them give them a hug and sit with them and learn about Alyssa. But I dont think this would be possible. You are probably asking yourselves why wouldnt it? Well I am the sister in law to Nick. The same one who wrote something here all those yrs ago. Seems like along time ago to me. But I am sure its been very difficult for you. I remember sitting in court and seeing your family with all the shirts with a picture of a very beautifull little girl who should never have gone through such pain and being scared. I wish I could make this all go away. I dont know if anyone still reads or looks at this blog any more. But I just wanted to reach out. I have wrote this in my mind daily. I also wanted you to know your little Angel may be gone but I never forgot what he did.And I wanted you to know how sorry I am.

  28. Thank you catwoman you will never know how much it means to have an apology after all of these years that's all I really wanted. And I will sit with anyone who wants to hear about Alyssa and tell them about her. I will talk about everything I know that happened back then that I know. I reached out to Stacy back when this all happened to check on the kids but felt it was in vein and felt interrogated. I realize my email will probably be flooded but my email is amyeickmeier@yahoo.com in the subject line please put catwoman if you still want/need to talk.

  29. I just found your posting yesterday. I hope it email is still the same or that you will check this old blog. I still want to talk. Catwoman.

    1. Yes it is. I received your messaged and responded on march 25

  30. Please send me another email. I will go back and look but I didn't see it.


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