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Monday, November 2, 2009

[KY] Officer Evans' ex now says she's not sure how she was injured

...The woman also alleged in a written statement that [Maysville Police Officer Bernard] Evans busted through a door and punched her in the head... the woman indicated in her testimony she was not punched as her written statement said, but hit by a door... "...I don't know"...

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[KY] Disarmed Officer Evans wants his guns back. (Should it matter what he wants?) - ...A photograph of the woman was submitted to court showing a wound on her forehead with stitches... The woman also said her daughter was afraid of Evans... "Bernard stated to me that if I ever reported him that he would have someone to take care of me without hesitation from Covington"...


Ledger Independent
By Misty Maynard
October 31, 2009
Maysville Police Officer Bernard Evans is seeking relief from a domestic violence order filed six weeks ago that also resulted in him being placed on administrative leave from the police department. Evans' attorney, Debra S. Rigg, filed a statement of appeal on his behalf, asking the Mason County Circuit Court to dismiss the domestic violence order issued Sept. 18, four days after an emergency protective order was filed. Evans has been on administrative leave without pay since Sept. 14, when the EPO was issued at the request of a woman with whom Evans once lived. As a condition of the DVO, which is effective through Sept. 18, 2010, Evans cannot "obtain, possess or use any firearm or ammunition" and must turn all guns in to the Maysville Police Department. Rigg said in the appeal Evans, who has worked for the Maysville Police Department for five years, has an expectation to return to his employment once the condition that he relinquish his weapons is removed... Though the woman and her daughter moved out, she and Evans continued phone contact after that, the transcript indicates. The woman also alleged in a written statement that Evans busted through a door and punched her in the head, resulting in 12 to 14 stitches in her forehead. When questioned about the night she received stitches, the woman indicated in her testimony she was not punched as her written statement said, but hit by a door. All she remembered was Evans coming toward her and jumping up the stairs. "... But I really think the door hit to cause that much damage, I don't know," she said. Evans testified the Sept. 12 incident which prompted the EPO did not actually occur. Evans said he did not come into the downtown area until about 8, that night... In the statement of appeal, Rigg noted discrepancies in the woman's testimony, including the statement that no one had asked her about the injury to her head when she went to the emergency room. In the medical records, it is recorded the woman fell and hit her head on a bookcase. "Evans testified that he hit the door at full stride and the door accidentally struck (the woman)," the appeal stated. Shortly after that incident, Evans purchased a house and the woman moved in with him until Evans had her removed in August. "Since August (the woman) made numerous phone calls to Evans," the appeal said, including 40 calls on Sept. 13. "According to (the woman), the calls are concerning a loan payment," the appeal said. "According to Evans, the calls are conciliatory -- wanting to get back together." The appeal states the testimony was a "swearing contest" of "he said/she said."... [Full article here]
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  1. Stories always change when the truth finally comes to light.

  2. I've heard the latest - that he got his guns back. I'll post it. I left this comment on Maysville Online:

    This was predictable.

    If the social experiment goes wrong everyone loses.

    Does Maysville have an officer-involved domestic violence policy? If not, consider the $75M wrongful death lawsuit when Tacoma WA let the police chief keep his service weapon amid the domestic violence allegations against him. http://www.lanejudson.com

    It was not a favor to David Brame's law enforcement career to let him keep his weapon. HE is dead, and so is his wife Crystal. Their children lost both of their parents.


    WISDOM would be learning from the mistakes of others....

  3. Bernard Evans is incapable of domestic violence. Period. Anger - yes; as are all of us human beings. Poor decision-making in choosing a relationship partner - quite obviously. Violence against another human being - only in the line of duty. Violence against a woman with whom he is in a relationship - absolutely not.

    My heart breaks for all women who suffer any form of abuse -emotional, physical, psychological - at the hands of a man, police officer or not. I am one of them. But intelligent people must not be deceived into believing that there are not women capable of fabricating stories of abuse for whatever reason - in this case, revenge. What a sad and pititful tribute to women who truly suffer or lose their lives to abuse.

    Because I know what domestic violence looks and feels like, and because I have known Bernard Evans almost his entire adult life (since he was 21 years old), I can say with conviction, credibility, and authority that he is incapable of inflicting domestic violence on a woman.

  4. If the newspaper printed how it really happened the you guys would know the truth. She stated she didn't know what hit her his fist or the door but she thought it was the door because of the injury. None the less it was phisical and if it were an accident then why did he tell her to let him go to work and then call him and tell him she fell down the steps. They never checked the time he clocked in for his movie job but he was 25-30 minutes late because he was home having a fight with her. You may have known him since he was 21 but you did not live with him and know what happened behind closed doors and if he was just entering the door i dont think that would cause anyone to have to get 14 stitches. You said it when you said you agree he gets angry. Revenge she has NOTHING to gain by that. She was the bread winner in that relationship and she wanted out.

  5. Officer Evans is still calling her coworkers which was a former girlfriend trying to find out information on his ex but nothing is being done.

  6. Amazes me that people think that they can vouch for what another person does or doesn't do behind closed doors with an intimate partner.

  7. MAYSVILLE CIVILIANDecember 18, 2009


  8. To the Maysville Civilian.

    If you read the paper right you would know that Officer Evans was investigated and no charges were filed so hwo would he be locked up. I think you need to get both sides of the story, you must be a friend of hers.

  9. How could she be the bread winner don't he work as a police. What does she do for her to be a bread winner.

  10. I know who this woman is and I think she is a joke. I know she has filed papers on some of her ex men. What she needs to do is stop talking about it in the streets so she can have people on her side. She know the true story. I do have a question why is her story the only one being heard.

  11. If we knew the truth? Oh it's soooo secret!!!

  12. I'm pretty sure 3 of the last 4 comments are probably written by one person because of the timestamp on the emails I got requesting their approval.

  13. As of today 2-1-10. The latest news is that a new judge heard the testimony and also ruled what the first judge ruled after listening to the hearing and all the evidence presented the new judge left the dvo and the rest of the order as judge walton had ordered in the beginning as is . So my question is .... Will Evans keep his job again?

  14. As his former girlfriend, I find it sad that someone could say and do such horrible things towards a wonderful man. To know him is to love him and if you really know him, you would know he is one of the most gentle men I have ever know. As a woman, I am glad we have safeguards against violence but at the same time we have those who abuse that gift and try to destroy good men like Bernard. His faith will help him rise far above the gutter that she is in right now.

  15. How long were you bed-buddies and how does that make you psychic about what happened when you weren't there?

  16. Good question. We were together for years, not minutes. Long enough for me to truly know him. I know his character and I know he is no where near the monster he is being painted to be. He has overcome so many struggles in his life and does not deserve to be slandered like he is. Those who don't know him would believe the "victim", that is what society has taught us to do. You have to think outside of the box people. Don't you think a woman will make this stuff to be more than what it is just for attention, revenge or just to make someone miserable?

  17. You write like a man pretending to be a woman who is saying nice things about yourself.

  18. Oh that is too funny! It is just funny that you don't want to entertain the idea that you could be wrong. I work in a business everyday that people have their own opinions and in that cloud of voices you have to find the right one. I have to take what I know and decide who I can believe. I am glad that at least I have the ability to do that. If I listened to everything everyone said without regard to someones reputation or character, the out come would be very different for the families I work with! Thank God I am an open minded person.

  19. You imply what may come across as manly is your competence. That's not it. It's the way you talk about women. That you think competence makes you look manly to me just reinforces a flavor of male superiority that most women don't use when they talk. Competence is a manly trait? I don't agree.

    You said, "Don't you think a woman will make this stuff to be more than what it is just for attention, revenge or just to make someone miserable?"

    A woman could make things up but so could a man. It sounds like a man talking. A woman would be more likely to say "some" women. A misogynist would not.

    You have no facts. All you have is that women can lie. If she can, he can. So?

    If a spouse kills their spouse but didn't kill a spouse from a prior marriage does that prove they didn't kill this time?

    That is your argument, that if you are an ex and Evans wasn't violent to you then he can't be violent to anyone else later.

    To you that is a proof. To me it's a consideration. All of it is up to the courts.

    You say you're open minded but have already decided based on a personal subjective experience. I hope the best for the families you work with.

  20. Someone's getting played. Interesting.


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