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Sunday, May 2, 2010

[MI] 2 years later and still no trial for the murder hit of Rose Cobb, wife of Detroit Police Sgt. David Cobb

"...I began with the execution style killing of Rose Cobb... [Hired hit man Vincent] Smothers has been in jail for two years awaiting a trial date that never seems to be set, much the consternation and chagrin of Rose Cobb's relatives... Sheryl Gary, Rose Cobb's sister, said today that the family is desperate for a trial date..."

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Robert Brignall
May 1, 2010
[Excerpts] Why haven't other accomplices named by self-proclaimed hitman Vincent Smothers, most notably Ernest (Nemo) Davis, been charged with being accomplices in forthcoming trials? For background, I began with the execution style killing of Rose Cobb. As you might recall, Cobb was shot in the head December 26, 2007 while husband DPD Sgt David Cobb was inside the store shopping. Next spring Vincent Smothers confessed to the Cobb murder to officer Ira Todd, filling in information about the murder conspiracy. Sgt. Cobb contacted Sheila Black, who was having an affair with [Sgt.] Cobb, to see who was willing to do his wife. She referred [Sgt.] Cobb to her son Darzell, 20, to see who was available and he came up with 'V,' one of two street names for Smothers. Cobb then met with Darzell Black and Smothers to formulate a plan. Smothers was to receive $10,000 from Rose Cobb's life insurance policy for carrying out the hit... Cobb could not take the pressure and hanged himself in September, 2008. Fast forward to the present. Smothers has been in jail for two years awaiting a trial date that never seems to be set, much the consternation and chagrin of Rose Cobb's relatives. Think also on this: though future prosecutions await Smothers, other accomplices he claims to have used in the drug murders are, to my knowledge, walking around free, This includes Ernest Davis... When Todd's investigation took him too close to the Davis clan, it was summarily quashed by the DPD brass, and Todd was demoted. But the city has a new mayor and a new chief of police. Last fall Chief Warren Evans claimed he would put two matters at the top of his priorities list: Tamara Greene and Vincent Smothers... It is known the Smothers and Davis went to Lexington to hide out after a hit. Smothers and Davis were witnessed leaving the scene of a murder in a late model Cadillac with Kentucky plates... Though James Davis is looking at 30 years for wire fraud, I have found no reference to any investigation into his brother Ernest's collaboration with Smothers in the drug hits... [Full article here]

Last month:

ALLEGED ACCOMPLICE TIES SMOTHERS TO VICTIM COBB: Former Detroit cop's wife was fatally shot in CVS parking lot
Detroit Free Press
By Ben Schmitt
April 23, 2010
[Excerpts] The alleged accomplice of suspected hit man Vincent Smothers appeared in court today as a judge watched a videotaped statement he made to police after his 2008 arrest. Smothers, 29, was also supposed to appear in court this morning, but the hearing for Marzell Black, 22, started nearly two hours later than scheduled. Smothers and Black are charged with murder-related felonies in connection with the Dec. 26, 2007, shooting death of Rose Cobb, who was the wife of former Detroit Police Sgt. David Cobb. David Cobb hanged himself in September 2008. Black is charged with solicitation of murder. Smothers is charged with first-degree murder. Black told police Sgt. Michael Russell that he met David Cobb through his mother, Sheila Black, and that Cobb asked him if he would kill his wife. Black said he couldn't do the killing, but, "I would holler at one of my guys, V," meaning Smothers. A few weeks later, Smothers, David Cobb and Black all met and planned the killing... Sheryl Gary, Rose Cobb's sister, said today that the family is desperate for a trial date... “We’re hoping for a trial date soon so we can get this under way,” she said. “We’ve waited long enough.” Rose Cobb, 47, was shot four times in the head on Dec. 26 while she waited for Cobb inside his minivan parked at a CVS on Detroit's east side. Smothers, prosecutors say, confessed to using a tire iron to smash the window and shoot her as she clutched her purse, silently screamed and tried to claw her way to the backseat... [Full article here]
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