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Saturday, May 22, 2010

[WA] Tacoma Police Officer Joseph now free of any felony DV gun or threat charges

...[Tacoma police officer] Aaron James Joseph – once charged with second-degree assault and felony harassment – now faces a single misdemeanor count of harassment...

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[WA] FREE TO ROAM: Tacoma's Police Officer Joseph - accused of assaulting wife and threatening a copy-cat murder-suicide - is free on bail - A Tacoma police officer accused of pointing a gun at his wife’s head and threatening to kill her and one of his colleagues pleaded not guilty Friday to two felonies. Aaron James Joseph, 27, was allowed to remain free on the $15,000 bail he posted... “It will be like Braim (sic). I will do you and then me,” she wrote in her petition... Tacoma police chief David Brame fatally shot his wife, Crystal, then himself...

Tacoma: She says evidence supports him

News Tribune
Adam Lynn
[Excerpts] Pierce County prosecutors have dismissed felony charges against a Tacoma police officer accused of pointing a gun at his wife and threatening to kill one of his colleagues. Aaron James Joseph – once charged with second-degree assault and felony harassment – now faces a single misdemeanor count of harassment, according to court records. Joseph, 27, can have that charge dismissed if he stays out of trouble for six months and pays related fines and fees, his attorney, Michael Schwartz, said Thursday... Deputy prosecutor Jennifer Hernandez wrote in court documents filed last week that she doesn’t believe she can prove the charges at trial. There is evidence Joseph’s wife contacted him “a number of times” in violation of a court order – issued when the criminal case was filed – prohibiting him from contacting her, Hernandez wrote. “Additionally, the state believes a jury would likely also hear evidence that the two victims in the state’s case had an affair during the pendency of this case,” the deputy prosecutor wrote... Joseph, suspended after his arrest last summer, remains on paid administrative leave from the police department while Internal Affairs conducts an investigation into the case... [Full article here]
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  1. Yes he is innocent! I am against domestic violence, but in this case it didn't happen. We need to stop blaming him!

  2. Tacoma officer back to work after DV allegations were not sustained
    Post by Stacey Mulick
    The News Tribune
    Oct. 27, 2010

    A Tacoma police officer accused last year of pointing a gun at his wife and threatening a colleague has returned to the force after an Internal Affairs investigation determined the allegations were not sustained.

    The officer, Aaron Joseph, 28, was not disciplined and returned to work last week after being on paid administrative leave for more than a year, police spokesman Mark Fulghum said this week.

    Pierce County prosecutors charged Joseph in August 2009 with assault after his wife accused him of putting a gun to her head and threatening to kill her and then himself. He also was charged with felony harassment after he allegedly threatened to kill a fellow officer he suspected of having an affair with his wife.

    The felony charges were dismissed in May after prosecutors said they didn’t believe they could prove the charges at trial and had evidence the wife contacted Joseph “a number of times” in violation of a court order prohibiting him from contacting her.

    Prosecutors also believed a jury “would likely also hear evidence that the two victims in the state’s case had an affair during the pendency of the case,” deputy prosecutor Jennifer Hernandez wrote in court documents.

    The assault count was reduced to a misdemeanor harassment charge, which can be dismissed if Joseph stays out of trouble for six months and pays related fines and fees.

    An Internal Affairs investigation into the allegations was recently completed with a ruling they were not sustained.

    Joseph filed for divorce last year. The divorce was finalized in August.



    DECISION 11064 ( PECB)

    Did the employer commit an unfair labor practice violation by excluding Tacoma Police Officer Aaron Joseph’s first choice of union representative at an investigatory interview?

    The Examiner finds that the employer acted lawfully when it excluded the employee’s first choice union representative due to “special” or “extenuating” circumstances concerning a conflict of interest. The employer properly advised the employee that he needed to select an available, alternate union representative, which he did. Therefore, the employer did not interfere with employee rights nor dominate or assist the union.

    For the full decision, click here.

    By: Guy O. Coss, Examiner
    May 12, 2011

    Case 23180-U-10-5903



  4. http://www.perc.wa.gov/databases/ulp/11064.htm

    City of Tacoma, Decision 11064 (PECB, 2011)


    CASE 23180-U-10-05903
    DECISION 11064 - PECB

    ...In August 2009, the City of Tacoma received information that Tacoma police officer Aaron Joseph (Joseph) had allegedly threatened to kill his wife, himself, and another City of Tacoma police officer, Steve Storwick (Storwick). On August 7, 2009, the Puyallup Police Department started an independent criminal investigation into the charges. On August 9, 2009, Joseph was formally notified of the Tacoma Police Department’s internal affairs investigation and the Puyallup Police Department criminal investigation.

    The criminal and internal affairs investigations revealed that on July 31, 2009, Joseph made a telephone call to Storwick who was on duty and riding in a patrol car with officer Chris Tracy (Tracy). During this call Joseph accused Storwick of having an affair with his wife and made a threat to kill him. Tracy spent the rest of shift in the patrol car with the threatened officer and they discussed the situation. Because Tracy was in the car during the July 31, 2009 telephone call, both the criminal investigation and the internal affairs investigation identified Tracy as a witness in their respective investigations. On August 18, 2009, the Puyallup Police Department interviewed Tracy concerning the conversation and the alleged threats made by Joseph. By September 2009, the employer had received a copy of the Puyallup Police Department’s criminal investigation, which included a one-page summary of their investigatory interview of Tracy.

    In relation to this incident, the employer notified Joseph to attend an investigatory interview on March 31, 2010. On that morning, Joseph advised the employer that he had selected Tracy as his union representative. Tracy was a member of the union’s executive board but had never served as a Weingarten representative in the past. Joseph’s criminal defense attorney was also present and attending the interview. As of March 31, 2010, the Puyallup Police Department’s criminal investigation was still pending and Tracy remained a witness in that case. Tracy had also been identified as a material witness in the employer’s internal affairs investigation and had not yet been interviewed by the employer’s internal affairs department.

    The employer expressed its concern with Tracy being both Joseph’s union representative as well as a material witness in the investigation at issue. The employer’s position was that Tracy’s presence at Joseph’s investigatory interview was counter to sound investigation techniques and posed a threat to interfere with the fair and impartial investigations of both the criminal and internal affairs investigations. They asserted that Tracy would be influenced by the testimony of Joseph, thereby tainting his testimony as a witness when Tracy would later be interviewed by internal affairs and/or at a potential criminal trial...

  5. Thos regions police departments have a long history of violence, especially against women. They cover each other's butts and even help each other using agency tools to stalk, harm and discredit their victims. It's a tragedy when the police are there to protect you and you can't even get their protection because they are too busy protecting one another from accountability.


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