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Friday, May 21, 2010

[WA] Tacoma Police News Release on domestic double-murder suicide committed by Pierce County Sheriff's Deputy Allen Myron

May 20th, 2010

"Over the last three days, Tacoma Police Detectives have been continuing the investigation into the murder of Monty and Susan Multanen and the subsequent suicide case involving Allen Myron. Over that span the detectives have interviewed the remaining witnesses in the case. The following is information is a summary of the incidents that occurred just before 1848 hours on 5-14-10.

Allen Myron's youngest daughter was taking a nap in a bedroom of the mother-in-law apartment above the detached garage when she was awakened by the sounds of two gunshots outside the building. She proceeded to the doorway of the bedroom and from that location she observed Allen Myron shoot her grandmother, Susan Multanen, in the chest with a handgun from close range. The shot caused her to fall to the floor. While Susan Multanen was down Allen Myron made several statements to her accusing her and her husband of interfering in his relationship with his wife. Allen Myron, who was still armed, instructed his daughter to leave the apartment with him.

Both Allen Myron and his daughter walked down the stairs and upon exiting the building the daughter saw her grandfather lying in the driveway. While standing near the driveway Allen Myron then began telling his daughter that the incident was her mother's fault for not returning his phone and text calls, for refusing to speak with him at the hospital Thursday night, and her grandparents' fault for involving themselves in his relationship with her mother. He then told his daughter to go into the main house and he followed her inside. Once inside he directed her to the upstairs master bedroom and from that location she witnessed him attempting to contact his wife. He then said that he was going to commit suicide and instructed her to go to the basement and lock herself in a room and she complied.

During this time Susan Multanen exited the mother-in-law apartment and made her way through the woods around the house to a neighbor's house where she collapsed in the yard. The neighbor saw her lying in the yard and summoned medical help. Ms. Multanen was airlifted to Harborview Trauma Center in Seattle, Washington, and expired at the hospital.

After the daughter went to the basement a family friend (who was staying at the house) came home. He did not observe any signs of the prior shootings. He entered the basement through a lower door and was contacted by Myron's daughter who [told] him that her father was threatening suicide but she didn't initially tell him about the shooting. The family friend and the daughter then went upstairs and the family friend spoke to Allen Myron who was holding a shotgun. Allen Myron told the family friend and his daughter to go to the basement of the house and they complied.

The first deputy who arrived on scene contacted Allen Myron by phone and continued talking with him. At some point, the deputies convinced Allen Myron to allow his daughter and the other male in the house to leave. Deputies negotiated with Allen Myron over a period of about two and half hours. During the course of the negotiations Allen Myron talked about a variety of topics and complained about his unhappiness with the Pierce County Sheriff's department but his main focus was how his marriage was deteriorating and how his in laws had negatively influenced his wife against him.

Later, deputies surrounding the house heard what sounded to be a muffled gun shot. Tacoma Police then relieved the deputies around the house and assumed the incident. Entry and search of the residence by the Tacoma Police SWAT team revealed Allen Myron dead of apparent suicide by gunshot in a bedroom. Four weapons - a shotgun, a rifle and two handguns were located on or about Allen Myron's person.

The investigation revealed that Allen Myron took steps to conceal the crime, including hiding his father-in-law's body in the garage and hosing down the driveway where Monty Multanen had been.

The investigation revealed on Thursday evening Sara Myron contacted Allen Myron's immediate supervisor to express concern about his behavior at the hospital earlier in the evening. On Friday afternoon his lieutenant called Sara Myron to follow up on her call the precious evening. The lieutenant put her in contact with a PCSD domestic violence detective who she made contact with at approximately 5:30PM Friday evening. After talking they set up an appointment for Monday morning to further discuss the situation. She told TPD detectives that in none of her contacts with PCSD personnel did she ever inform them of a suicide attempt by Allen in December of 2009 or additional suicide threats either verbally or written. She also informed TPD detectives that he had never assaulted her, made threats to harm her or anyone else and she did not feel he was dangerous.

Tacoma Police are awaiting the release of ballistic evidence recovered by the Pierce County Medical Examiner's Office from Susan and Monty Multanen as well as Allen Myron. This evidence will then be submitted it to the Washington State Patrol Crime lab for comparison with ballistic evidence and weapons recovered from the scene.

Additionally, Tacoma Police are awaiting the release of copies of all 911 calls and law enforcement radio traffic from the LESA Communications Center.

The investigation is ongoing to include the forensic analysis of computers and multiple mobile communications devices recovered during the investigation."

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