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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

[UT] Ex Trooper Mike Pope beat family and threatened to kill all, including the kids

This woman fought for the life of her children, her parents and herself and probably saved them all. Praying for her safety - that there is some way of finding protection.

Police ID suspect - a former UHP trooper - in custody after Clinton standoff
May 28, 2018
...[Former Utah Highway Patrol Trooper Mike] Pope’s wife tried to shut the front door, but he pushed in, “made his way into the house and grabbed (his estranged wife) by the hair and put the gun to (her) head.” Pope also pointed the gun at his wife’s mother and father and two of the children, the statement says. Pope’s in-laws tried to pull Pope off their daughter, and Pope pushed his father-in-law into a curio cabinet, which injured the man’s head. Pope’s wife told police that her estranged husband pointed the gun at all adults and juveniles present. Pope’s mother-in-law tried to call 911 twice, the probable cause statement says. In both cases, which occurred in different rooms, Pope punched her in the face and destroyed the phones... “Michael told (his wife) again he was going to kill everyone in the house. (Juvenile) C.P. stood in front of (her), and Michael pushed C.P. to the ground holding onto C.P.’s hair... His wife “then pushed Michael out of the house while saying he was going to kill everyone in the house... Full article here]

Currently Mike Pope is charged with
aggravated burglary, 6 counts of aggravated kidnapping, 5 counts of aggravated assault, discharge of a firearm, shooting in the direction of a person, 3 counts of domestic violence in the presence of a child, serious injury/weapon, and damage/interrupt communications device.

Folks might wonder why post about former law enforcement personnel - isn't the problem over? Not for those who perpetrate and the people close to them. Ex officers have all the training and commanding presence, likely mad or depressed about losing their job, and may perceive themselves as having less to lose, less to live for. Mike here told the arriving officers to shoot him.
They didn't,
but it shows how dangerous Pope is right now.

And this isn't new.
Maybe worse, but not new.
How long can people live this afraid?

From 2015:
12 Utah police officers disciplined for lying, drinking, other offenses
...The Utah Peace Officer Standards and Training Council disciplined 12 current or former officers at its quarterly meeting... Utah Highway Patrol, Michael Pope, 2 1/2-year suspension for domestic violence in the presence of a child... [Full article here]
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