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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

[IN] Officer Pegan's ex thought she was writing to a soldier overseas

Kendallville officer charged with computer tampering
The Times of Northwest Indiana
June 8, 2007
...[Kendallville Police Officer Joseph] Pegan used spyware from his home and police department computers... Pegan acknowledged using the spyware, saying he wanted to learn more about his former girlfriend and monitor her activity. Pegan was suspended with pay that day by the Kendallville Police Department. The former girlfriend told investigators that Pegan told her that he had used spyware to track other former girlfriends....

Ex accuses officer of computer spying
The Journal Gazette
Jun. 09, 2007
...The investigation also turned up an invoice for computer-monitoring software, which allows the user to monitor the activity on another computer...Some of the software Pegan used allowed him to record the ex-girlfriends’ keystrokes, so he could monitor online chats and e-mails... In March, the woman noticed that the e-mail address of a male friend in the military had been changed by one character... the new, slightly altered e-mail address was created from a computer at the Kendallville Police Department... and [he] continued corresponding with her under this assumed identity. He got the woman to install the monitoring software on her computer by sending it from the e-mail address similar to her friend’s as an attachment labeled “for our soldiers.exe”... He added other e-mail addresses to her account...

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