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Monday, June 11, 2007

[OH] Officer Flynn arrested, fired, rehired, & arrested again

Falls cop arrested in Norton
Akron Beacon Journal, OH
Jun. 11, 2007
EXCERPTS: A Cuyahoga Falls police officer [Ralph E. Flynn III] who previously faced a domestic violence charge involving his live-in girlfriend has been arrested again -- this time on two counts of domestic violence against two of his children... In 2005, [Mayor Don] Robart fired him after he was charged with domestic violence in Barberton Municipal Court for an alleged fight with his live-in girlfriend... he got his job back about six months later -- with back pay -- when the police union won a grievance in his favor, [Cuyahoga Falls Police Chief John] Conley said...


  1. Officer to face hearing with Falls police chief
    Supervisor recommends firing after court issues order banning patrolman from carrying weapon
    Akron Beacon Journal
    Tue, Jun. 12, 2007
    A Cuyahoga Falls police officer charged with domestic violence for the second time in two years is facing a disciplinary hearing next week to determine whether he can keep his job. Patrolman Ralph E. Flynn III, 36, was arrested Friday in Norton in a dispute involving his two daughters, ages 10 and 12. His supervisor has recommended that Flynn be fired because a temporary protective order issued against him by Barberton Municipal Court on Saturday bans him from carrying a weapon, Falls Police Chief John Conley said... According to a Norton police report, a social worker at Akron Children's Hospital called authorities after the mother of Flynn's daughters brought them to the emergency room Friday. The girls had injuries they said they received from their father during a visit at his home, the report stated. The 10-year-old said she fell against a bed and hit her head after her arm was twisted, according to the police report. Her arm was put in a cast and is being checked for fractures. The 12-year-old told Norton police that she was struck in the head and on the left thigh...

  2. This is fucking bullshit. Both children were fine. All that flynn did was spank his children when they were acting like spoiled brats, and refusing to obey their father. There are children out there who are being physically And sexually abused by thier parents and this abuse goes beyond that of a meer slap on the hand. But instead of going after those basterds they go after Flynn because he is a cop. I was spanked plenty of times when i was a chiled but it was only when i deserved it. It was an effective punishment and I think the problem with today's youth is that they are not being spanked as much as they should be.

  3. He took the plea deal for the fact he and his lawyer knew they had NO CASE!
    Having fun putting signs up with your bad back Ralph???
    You should be happy your not in prison.

  4. "spankings" are legal, so he must have crossed the line.

  5. First off, the Prsecutor KNEW he had no case or he wouldn't have come to Atty Callahan first thing in the moring before jury selection even started!!! The girls were NEVER injured!!! This was confirmed by Dr. William Cox, a former county coroner. I accepted the plea agreement to spare my children the mental distress of having to testify against their father. This entire thing was blown out of proportion because Amy wants to ruin my life NO OTHER REASON!!!! If you have the audacity to speak on a situation you weren't even present for and run your mouth about me, why not be bold enough to sign it with your name???? Are you that spineless???


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