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Thursday, June 14, 2007

[NM] Officer Jeremy Brown shoots estranged wife Debra, and self

Officer Shoots Wife, Self
By Laura Nesbitt
Mountain View Telegraph
Thursday, June 14, 2007
[Excerpts] An off-duty Laguna police officer chased down his estranged wife and shot her twice, critically wounding the woman, before taking his own life in McIntosh on Sunday... Brown "got [his estranged wife's boyfriend, Dane] Morris down on his hands and knees" and pointed the gun at him... Morris had slight bruising where the barrel of the gun was pressed against the back of his head... Brown ran after the woman [his estranged wife, Debra], who ran to a neighbor's house, and shot her once in the abdomen. She made it to the front door of the residence but the door was locked. Brown shot her again in the head... The couple, who were estranged for at least four to six months, have two children...


  1. I'm watching the news for word on her condition. Breaks my heart.

  2. AnonymousJune 18, 2007

    I am in shock.........I knew both Debbie and Jeremy. I served with Jeremy in our rookie years at his first department. I can't believe it. My heart goes out to the families of both.

  3. This is awful news for people who didn't even know them - so I can't imagine coming across this when you know who they are.
    I'm so sorry it's a part of your life now.

  4. AnonymousJune 19, 2007

    Anybody can get on here and say how awful this is, but until you are in my shoes, you will never know. Jeremy was my older brother, and I think even I am still in shock.

  5. AnonymousJune 24, 2007

    That's sad that he was your older brother because he told most of his family including Debbie that he was going to kill her and him self and yet you did nothing. I read her text messages and heard the voice mails he left for her he needed help. She was just to afraid of him and didn't want to ruin his career. A lot of healing needs to be done. Lucky Debbie lived and is healing and knows now what went on that sad Sunday.

  6. AnonymousJune 24, 2007

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  8. AnonymousJune 25, 2007

    I did everything I could. I took him to the hospital, and sat there all day with him. They kept him for two days. I had him come live with me, so that he was not alone. He was doing better, if that woman would have just left him alone. And what was she scared of, she hit him over the back with a 2x4 when he tried to leave one day. You say you read the text messages that he sent her, but did you read the ones she was sending him. I have his phone, I have read them. How about the 4 page letters that she was writing, or how about the one where she told his girlfriend that if she didn't leave him alone, she would find a way for them not to be together. He was going out there to get his tv. He knew that her boyfriend was there. He told her he was going to her house, just to get his tv. He told her, if you do not want me to come let me know, She never responded. You are right, I am glad Debbie is going to live, cause now she has to live with this for the rest of her life, and she caused it all.
    And just for the record, the case is not closed, they are still investigating it, cause they know something else went on that day. There is alot of healing that needs to go on, we lost a GOOD man on that day that can never be replaced.

  9. AnonymousJune 25, 2007

    One other thing, He never once said anything about hurting her, or anyone else for that matter, other than himself.

  10. AnonymousJune 27, 2007

    I am so relieved to hear that Debbie is going to pull through. I hope she continues to do well. I wish her, Bryanna, and Haley all the best. I will continue to keep them in my prayers......

  11. AnonymousJune 28, 2007

    Also a sister, I am sad at the loss of my brother - a wonderful man with 36 years of good deeds to prove it, the injuries to my sister-in-law, and the tragic consequences for thier children and all family members. However, I am also angry. Jeremy did not tell his family anything, nor did Debbie. A few weeks prior we became aware that Jeremy was in risk of taking his own life. We immediately reached out and took him to the hospital. My anger - if the anonymous person listed below knew of emails and threats - why did this person do nothing. If this individual would have acted, by taking any steps (a 2 minute phone call to the police or to any of Jeremy's family members) this tragedy could have been avoided. Before casting blame I encourage this person to look in the in the mirror. An added note - this case is still under investigation, the exact events of that day and what led up to them are yet determined.

  12. AnonymousJune 28, 2007

    Until people know what really happened they shouldnt judge anyone...this is my family and I can only imagine what they are going through. Like my cousin all I can say is that I am still in shock......my prayers go out to my family and hers

  13. AnonymousJune 29, 2007

    You can investigate as a family, but as a person who used to work with Debbie you could see the different kinds of abuse daily on what he was doing to her. Why didn't you mention as a sister, that your brother was living with a girlfriend. And that he left Debbie for an other women.
    Funny how he wanted his cake and eat it too. Well and if you haven't heard Debbie is recovering well and we at work can't wait to see her soon back at work. She finally did show him who is the stronger one.

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  16. Thank you so much for posting that she is doing well. She is SO BLESSED to be alive!!!!!!
    That news will carry me for awhile.
    No one has the right to choose any one else's time to go.
    And I am so so sorry for all the psychological and physical fallout that is hers to bear now.
    You tell her if she wants to come up swinging to hit me with an email. She's not alone.

    MUCH LOVE to Debbie!!!!

  17. AnonymousJune 29, 2007

    As a sister that he was living with, he did not leave her for another women. He did not get with his girlfriend until after he was already living with me. As one of my cousins said, you can not judge until you know what went on. Everybody is getting on here and putting down not only him, but his family to. We did what we could, like my sister said, we took him to the hospital, and then I had him come live with me so that he was not alone. But the people who supposably saw those text and heard those voicemails, why didn't you do something.

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  19. I'd like to apologize. I have a packed email inbox and am getting to these comments for this blog a little delayed - and backwards - since my email is presented to me as the most recent first. I will be more careful.

  20. AnonymousJuly 01, 2007

    Here is the recent news article on Debbie.

    Hopes this helps out a lot of people here. If her co workers saw this, why didnt "his close family" not see this.

  21. NOTHING is going to be resolved or sit better by defensiveness and blaming. They are gone. No do-overs. Often people who are close don't know what's going on, and often people who do, "mind their business" as they have been taught it's right to do.

    That's what's so important about now trying to get across to people that it isn't "intruding" to step in or take some kind of action to intervene if they see domestic violence. Why it's so important to not stay in a toxic relationship.

    Sometimes family and friends can get killed in a murder-suicide too because the person shooting is so out of their normal thinking - so what is RIGHT and what is WRONG to do just isn't always clear.

    Everyone who knew them has been changed by this, and past the anger everyone is feeling grief.

    To me that makes you all more alike than different from each other. You all have good memories and love or affection for someone that you lost.

    This is just my morning thought... feel free to ignore me.

  22. AnonymousJuly 01, 2007

    Good Thought, Both families need to accept and heal.

  23. I'm sorry for speaking about Debbie like she's gone. I know she's still here. From what I've been told since my last yipee comment, she is nowhere back to normal. When she gets conversational I will throw my hands in the air and celebrate - but at this point - the situation - as I hear it to be - is still pretty tragic.

  24. AnonymousJuly 01, 2007

    Don't be surprised if you hear from Debbie in a few weeks. This girl is the come back kid all the way.

  25. AnonymousJuly 03, 2007

    All I have to say is Debbie is my HERO,
    She saved someone’s life that day. I read all the blogs here and noticed one thing, there sure is not a love being poured out on his family side to Debbie, All the comments I have read are referring to this shooting like it really didn’t happen that way. Well instead there should have been a hell of a lot of comments like her friends on how happy they are that she survived for her children or how at least he won’t be thought of as a murder because Debbie saved someone’s life. I deal with this stuff on a daily basic and I find more families in denial then I would like to. I also find more and more cops doing this sort of thing on a daily basic.
    If you look closely at New Mexico you will see a lot more of these cases happing. Within the past 2 weeks to more men have murdered their wives this is becoming to everyday here. I am sending you the web site that has at least 3 more stories on it. I’m glad you have this web site so more people open your eyes. I wish the laws of New Mexico were more like the Laws of Ohio. Then more of these men would have been in jail long before this happened. http://www.krqe.com/Global/category.asp?C=102522&nav=menu588_2_5

  26. AnonymousJuly 03, 2007

    You act like he should have been put in jail long before this happened, but Debbie did nothing about it until this day. She was to scared of ruining his career, but dont you think if she was scared for her life, she would not care. And yes, his family is getting on here and acting like it did not happen this way, because we have talked to the police and have heard what the initaial report says, and it does not say what the news is saying. So we have our reasons to have that in our heads. Everybody is posting anonymous posting, and not saying who they are, why? I would really like to know who some of these people are who feel like this.

  27. AnonymousJuly 03, 2007

    OHIO Law states that if anyone see, or hears any spouse making threats to their spouse they will be charged with DV. That means that the spouse does not have to press the charges. And yes the spouse does go to Jail for just making the threats, that means if their family knew of any threats they would have been in jail and no one would be hurt right now or dead.
    Also as someone who works DV, I can not post my name or I would. I protect people like Debbie, and yes not wanting to ruin someone's career, is being scared. Most are more afraid for their lives after they have reported the DV.

  28. AnonymousJuly 03, 2007

    That is a bunch of BS!! I am sorry. If she was scared there were so many people who would have helped her. And you act like we sat back and watched all of this go on. We tried. How about Debbies friends who saw all of these text messages they didn't do anything. At least we tried. And as for her being a hero, that is also BS. She pulled this upon her self. She could have just left him alone. That is all he wanted. and she didn't.

  29. AnonymousJuly 04, 2007

    I am appauld at some of the comments being posted, especailly by professionals who did not even know Jeremy and Debbie. So many times people speak without having all the facts or people pretend to have the facts, when yet they don't. Each of us has bits and pieces of the story, a lot of emotions, and no means of arriving at an answer. So here are a few facts that I have, which are obviously missing from the stories told above. #1: Jeremy's family was at UNM (myself and my husband personally) the night this happened and numerous days and times therafter checking on Debbie's well-being. She has always been and will always be in our prayers. Our conatct ended when she was moved to Kindred Hospital and we were placed on a list forbidded to recieve visitation or any information regarding her status. We contact daily asking for information, grasping at whatever we can get. So do not say we do not care about Debbie. She was a part of our family for 14 years. However, we don't feel its necessary to prove anything to anybody via this website. #2: Jeremy's family responded as soon as we found out things were not ok. The exact day the Debbie contacted me I talked both Jeremy and Debbie into going to the hospital. They both remained there that evening talking with counselors. Later that night they both left the hospital for home. 4 days later, Jeremy was hospitalized. After which, I personally visited with Debbie at her employment and she reported things were fine leaving me with the impression that things were better. This was consistent with what Jeremy displayed. #3: If Ohio Law was in place, then half of Tillery and Debbie's confident would be in Jail by their own admission, now wouldn't they? As I expressed previously, those who saw the suppossed text messages and heard the threats, that Thursday before this happened, should have intervened. #4) The investigation is still underway by the State Police. There is still alot of questions to be answered and yes, I will firmly state "I do not believe it went down like the news staions and papers report." Nobody knows or will ever know the true facts of what went down, only one side of the story is being told or will ever be told. Why - because the other half is gone forever. I could put details on this site in support of my brother and calling into question the other parties present at the shooting, but why - who benfits. Anger would only be fueled and healing delayed. #5) Last but most important, we are not acting like the shooting never happened as indacted by an anonymous source. I only wish for one day or one hour I could convince myself to act like it didn't happen. Then for one day or one hour my pain would subside. On that Sunday, I lost my older brother, and because of people like those posting on this email who speak without all the facts, I have lost my sister-in-law and my neices. So I firmly state, do not tell me I am acting like it never happened. We fully understand that it is not only our family in pain, but also Debbies. It is time for everybody to take a step back, show respect and let the families heal, instead of adding more pain to the loss that both families have already recieved! Enough is enough. Sincerely, Family

  30. http://www.youtube.com/v/8u__hD63U0w

  31. AnonymousJuly 04, 2007

    I appreciate the last comment from family.But how dare who said they hope Debbie lives with this the rest of her life. That poor girl will never have a normal life and niether will her children. Shame on you for saying that. And i am sure you said on the last page of comments ....she pulled this on her self you said she could have left him alone ...well she didnt go to his house...I would love to know why you are all anonymous I am her Aunt Melissa and i am appauled at what you all have wrote

  32. AnonymousJuly 04, 2007

    I’m wondering as I read these blog’s if Mr. Brown has two families? Because I read one that says “Sincerely, Family” ( who’s??) and “Also a sister,” But yet in the same breath both are saying that Mr. Brown did not do this disgusting thing. Really? Wow, So the state police that reported him killing himself are lying huh? WOW, Strange on how everyone else does not know the truth but you. The more “Family” writes the more it makes me sick that there is so much denial out there and hatred. I don’t think healing will every start with the “Family” on less they wake up and smell the coffee, stop blaming Mrs. Brown. With things written by “Family” like this “You are right, I am glad Debbie is going to live, cause now she has to live with this for the rest of her life, and she caused it all.” I hope like hell Mrs. Brown has better friends.
    And like the say "The truth hurts"

  33. AnonymousJuly 04, 2007

    Who in their right mind would send their sister in law that they carried deeply for to a hospital to get counseling with a unstable husband??????? Glad I’m not related HOLY COW “ from above blog “he exact day the Debbie contacted me I talked both Jeremy and Debbie into going to the hospital. They both remained there that evening talking with counselors. Later that night they both left the hospital for home. 4 days later, Jeremy was hospitalized.”

  34. AnonymousJuly 04, 2007

    Ohio LAW
    2919.25 Domestic violence.

    (A) No person shall knowingly cause or attempt to cause physical harm to a family or household member.

    (B) No person shall recklessly cause serious physical harm to a family or household member.

    (C) No person, by threat of force, shall knowingly cause a family or household member to believe that the offender will cause imminent physical harm to the family or household member.

    (D)(1) Whoever violates this section is guilty of domestic violence.

    ( No the friends would have not be sent to jail but other family members would have for not calling the police when he told them he was going to hurt himself or others)

  35. Survivor of Shooting Has 'Serious Brain Injury'
    Mountain View Telegraph
    By Laura Nesbitt
    Thursday, June 28, 2007

    Fund Set Up For Gunshot Mother
    Letters to the Editor
    Thursday, June 28, 2007

  36. AnonymousJuly 05, 2007

    Working in DV, I’m now wondering if the “Women” of this family have all, at one time been in Domestic Violence. The reasoning behind this is they sound like women who have been abused using the same method that most DV victims use. The method is when they have a really good reason in their head on why something bad happened. We call it Denial. When ever you blame someone by saying they deserved to be beat or hurt 9 times out of 10 it is because they themselves have been there once. If this is the case you know that you invited to a shelter anywhere in the United States. They are there to protect you and your children.
    No women, man or child deserves to be shot. This is what Domestic Violence is.

  37. AnonymousJuly 05, 2007

    You say debbie is your hero well i fill sorry for you. you say she was beat, you say she was afraid. none of this is true she controlled my brother she was the one that abused him. she was the one that threw him out of a moving truck, she was the one that broke a 2x4 over his back, and she was the one that wouldnt leave him alone. i know this because he was my brother i saw the pain she caused him. and for all of the so called family and friends she has where have you been for the last 13 years. my family took debbie in and treated her as one of our own. you act as if my family sat back and did nothing to try to stop this. We did all we could. oh and lets not forget the fact she called him out there that after noon, and i wish to god that she is a vegtable for the rest of her life knowing she did this to her self. when the investgation is closed you all will be singing a different tune. TJB

  38. AnonymousJuly 05, 2007

    Wow if this is how your treat family, Please let me be your enemy. Im thinking that what the earlier person on here wrote there is a lot of DV in your family. May you all get help. There is no tune to be song only a sick person would be happy after a tragic thing like this.
    And because what TJB wrote I called New Mexico Public Safety in Santa Fe New Mexico. Case has been CLOSED.

  39. AnonymousJuly 05, 2007

    I was in Laguna today, and talked to a man named “Mike” and told him about this site, he has a lot to say about Mr. Brown. He talked about how his soon to be x wife Antoinette left him and their 5 children to be with Mr. Brown. He said they had been having an affair since November of 2006. I gave him your web site so he could look at what was written. His words for Mr. Brown where not nice. But he sends his best wishes to Debbie and hopes the best.

  40. AnonymousJuly 05, 2007

    My name is Donita Lynn Brown. I am Jeremy Browns mom. I have read the comments over the past few days. I have watched my children defend their brother while mourning his death. Unfortunately my son will never see the sun rise or set. I will never hear him say "Mom, I love you". I have known my son for 36 years and 9 1/2 months. The first 9 months he was growing inside me. Its easy to attack a dead mans reputation--hiding behind these anonymous titles. How about face to face with the one person who knows him best--me!! You know my phone number and where I live--give me a call if you have the guts.

    To clarify a few facts:
    1) According to the lead detective on the case, as of yesterday they were about 3/4 of the way through the investigation.
    2) My children have every right to be angry with the people responsible for his death. They also have the right to be upset when they are accussed of being victums of domestic violence and being in denial by an anonymous posting by someone who knows nothing about their sitution.
    3) My granddaughter is currently being held by Wendy who claims that her daycare emergency authorization gives her custody of Haley. She has allowed supervised visitation twice since Jeremy's death. She is apparently one of the anonymous postings on this site. Wendy claims to have read Debbie's diary which detailed the abuse but has refused to produce it. Wendy also claims to have read numerous threatening text messages yet never mentioned it to anyone until after the events of that Sunday. It was her responsiblity as a daycare provider to report any suspected abuse or danger to the child she was caring for. Wendy told my daughter that Jeremy threatened Haley with a weapon. My only question is, "Whats her excuse?"
    4) The news reported that Mr. Morris was just a co-worker and had no romantic involment with Debbie, however Mr. Morris introduced himself as Debbies boyfriend at the hospital.
    5) According to the initial police report read to my daughter by Wendy, Jeremy showed up at Debbies house early Sunday morning and was angry because several people had spent the night including Mr. Morris. Jeremy left and later that day he was seen driving up and down the road in front of the house. He left again and returned later when the shooting happened. Apparently this cronology is from the statements made by Mr. Morris since he was the only wittness. Infact Jeremy returned to his residence in Tijeras at approximately 6:30 in the morning and was alibied until 11:50 when he dropped Antoinette off in Laguana. So somebody lied about Jeremy driving up and down the road stalking Debbie. Also, it has been reported to us that Mr. Morris expected trouble that weekend and was carring a weapon.
    6) It is my understanding that both bullets are still in Debbies body and until these bullits are removed it cannot be proven that they came from Jeremys weapon.
    7) There was a minimum of four cell phones at the scene that day, there was a police unit with radio yet Mr. Morris chose to leave the scene in his vehicle to call for help. "WHY??"
    8) According to news reports, it took 35 minutes for help to arrive after 911 was called. What happened in those 35 minutes?
    9) Wendy told my daughter that Haley was asking why her dad was taking a nap on the floor? Once the police secured the scene, it was impossible for Haley to see her father. According to Mr. Morris, he was the only one there besides Jeremy and Debbie so when did Haley see her father on the floor?
    10) Any police officer will tell you that ordering a suspect to the floor is standard opperating proceedure when attempting to make an arrest.
    11) The bullit that went through Jeremys head destroyed most of his skull. If Debbie were shot with the same weapon and the same rounds, why did nither bullit exit her body?
    12) No investigator or journalist has ever talked to me.
    13) There are a lot of unanswered questions and unfortunately the truth may never come out but the final fact is my son is gone!!

  41. AnonymousJuly 06, 2007

    Wow Ms. Brown, I hope you have your facts straight. By blaming yet an other person it is now showing your family needs help. The reason why I say this is because I am the one's making a few of these postings, and not "Wendy" like you so blame. And who am I.I am someone who has known your family way to long. So again Mrs. Brown blame some more it seems like that is what your family likes to do. I will be trying to contact the people you blame because I know for one she would really like to know about this. Along with the rest of Moriarty Elementary PTO, YES I've been on the PTO for many years. And yes I have been emailing this site to over half of them soon to be all. Next time you want to blame someone I hope you know who your talking about.

  42. AnonymousJuly 06, 2007

    Mrs. Brown, OH MY GOODNESS.
    I have lost all respect for you as a teacher. To be tossing blame at other people is just disgusting. If you old daughter is the same as you. I will be pulling my children from Moriarty High school and tell them it was do to these letters written by you and your family. I’m Glad that your granddaughter is left in someone’s care who loves her very much. I’ve seen “W” with many children in many years and she treats all of them like they the Kings and Queens of Moriarty. For you to throw stones is horrible.
    You make me sick.

    Ms. P.M ( parent of Moriarty High Students)

  43. AnonymousJuly 06, 2007

    I hope this family gets help because it sure sounds like they need it. I also help they leave our school system because I know for one I don't want my children around them.
    They are just really sick.

  44. AnonymousJuly 06, 2007

    I hope you are not the same brown at Moriarty Elementry because if you are I will be pulling my 3rd grade child from the school. This is just sick.

  45. AnonymousJuly 06, 2007

    I would hate being in the position to defend someone who shot someone in the head, and would equally hate hearing how my friend who was shot in the head had it coming. This is just awful. I only hope that the children are protected from this toxic talk about their mother - who IS - WITHOUT ANY DOUBT - the victim of undeserved brutality.

    Shooting people in the head is not justifiable. Even if what Jeremy told his family about Debbie WERE true - which I doubt - to wish FURTHER HARM ON HER IS EVIL. His family is grieving - and anger and blame is a natural part of that process - but what is here goes far beyond that.

    Protect those children from this... for Debbie.

  46. AnonymousJuly 06, 2007

    Yes, I am Mrs. D. Brown. Have you lost a child? If not then you have no reason to respond to myself or my children. The day you suffer the pain of losing a child is the day you can condemn me. I stated facts as I have been told. You had better read my post again. I did not blame anyone. I only ask the same questions you would be asking if it were your son. How dare you or anyone throw stones at my family. What gives you the right to judge my family? You were not there---I was not there---I have to rely on others to put the pieces together. Excuse me if I choose to look toward the professionals for answers and not to the gossip of a small town. I pray that you never have to bury one of your children.
    I have a name, Donita Lynn Brown, how about you?

  47. AnonymousJuly 06, 2007

    I grieve for my family all of them....do you people not understand what this family is going through....whether it is right or wrong...there are people hurting here and trying to deal with it....my aunt has stated some facts here that the news didnt cover or didnt go into anyother further detail about and questions I know I have asked myself as a cousin....my family is hurting and part of hurting is anger..not only the loss of their son but from how I read the loss of their grandaughters and nieces...nobody has any right to judge them...have you walked in their shoes?? I am not talking just about my family I am also talking about Put yourselves not only in their shoes but everyones shoes and see what you come up with......I am still praying for my family and Debbie and for the healing that needs to take place.....this is LaWanda

  48. AnonymousJuly 06, 2007

    Yes I did bury a child. So you are not alone, but I did not throw stones. And yes I'll tell the school district to give you my name as I check my other child out of Moriarty Elementary. And about rumors all I read was you saying "wendy said" and "told my daughter" which means this is hear say and its worse then a rumor. I hope this "wendy" person keeps those kids safe.
    By the way you don't speak of hurt you speak of hate. That's what cause this mess in the first place.

  49. AnonymousJuly 06, 2007

    As an Edgewood Parent, I'll I can say is I'm glad my child does not have to be around a teacher who talks smack about others. This just makes me sick, passing this to other parents out here. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO HIT.

  50. AnonymousJuly 06, 2007

    I am sitting here reading comment after comment from my family, Debbie's family, friends, acquintances, professionals and so on. There is so much anger or pain or hate or judgement or whatever you want to label it...both Jeremy and Debbie would be saddened to read such words. We all fight because we all love BOTH JEREMY AND DEBBIE and we can't make sence of such a tragedy and it is just that - a tragedy -with far-lasting and far-reaching affects. However, no matter what anybody thinks of Jeremy or Debbie or of their family or of their friends or of what happened that day, the one thing that anybody who knew Jeremy and who knows Debbie can agree on is that their 2 children were and are the most imprortant pieces of their lives. And to me, right now this is what is of importance and what eveybody needs to focus on. Everybody needs to remember this as they contintue to flood this site or others with thoughts that these two children will obviously be impacted by. We all need to continue with our hopes and prays for Debbie's recovery so she can care for her two wonderful girls. No child should face the pain that these two girls will have to endure the rest of their lives. I hope all family members, both Jeremy's and Debbie's can find a way to forgive, to unite, and to show Bryanna and Haley how much they are cared about and loved. It will take everybody to support and help Debbie in her journey to raise my nieces without the help of their father. I have posted twice on this site, both expressing that my heart aches for the loss of my brother and that my prayers go out to Debbie and her family. Also during one of my posts, I mistakenly tried to answer other's accusations concerning my family's actions. I apologize, this was not the time or the place for such arguments. It was not respectful of other's pain. Consequently, I will reiterate that my heart breaks for all involved and post no more. I hope others follow suit. If you want to help, donate money to funds set up for the girls, send Debbie your prayers, or simply give a member of Jeremy's family a kind word. Everybody is hurting and reacting out of such hurt. I truely know Jeremy would have and Debbie will appreicate this more than angry words written. Dineke

  51. AnonymousJuly 06, 2007

    This will be my last comment and my last time on this web site. I haave gone from defending my children to defending myself. No more.

    God Bless each one of you and I pray God keeps you and your family safe.

  52. AnonymousJuly 07, 2007

    I think its funny that his family wished bad things on Debbie, and then figure out everyone will forget about it. As a Parent of a Moriarty Elementary student I can't have my 3rd grader around someone with so much hate or believes in none "truth". That is just to much to handle as a parent. I doubt Debbie will ever forgot the hate that was poured out on this page or her family . This just the worse I have ever seen a family. I hope they all get help.

  53. AnonymousJuly 07, 2007

    Before Jeremy's family will be allowed to have any time with those kids I suspect that they will be required to go through counseling to accept that Jeremy made his own choices to do this - and that no one made him do it. Perhaps they can separate what they know about Debbie themselves from what Jeremy told them about Debbie. No one is perfect - but regardless, no one has the right to shoot anyone else in the head.

    If the court is wise the family would have to be assessed after counseling - but there is nothing more detrimental to kids than a family hostile to their mother and who prematurely try to restore the image of the shooter to the kids at such a young age.

    (Yes, "the shooter.")

    They need time to grow and become wiser before anyone tells them how great dad is or how mommy made dad do it - old enough to weigh what they hear, who is saying it, and why.

    Those who are defending Debbie or attacking Jeremy's family need to consider their words as well. This is a family in writhing pain & befuddlement lashing out in a stage of their deep grief with the normal reactions of denial, anger, and blame.
    Instead of attacking them, consider praying for them to heal and to have the strength to face what an awful thing Jeremy has done to Debbie, himself, the families of both, the children, and the entire community of people who are pierced by this.

    He made a mean and tragic choice.

    Whoever said Debbie "pulled" this onto herself needs to walk in a field and weep - then come back and apologize. That was unjustifiable and I believe set this topic on fire.

    The people (or one person trying to look like more) threatening to pull their kids out of school... be for real. This is a mom's personal feelings less than a month after it happened. Y'all should be making her soup and leaving it on her doorstep instead of threatening her job! She is NOT going to go beat the children in a class or call them names. You are saying that to punish her and that is pretty brutal, in my opinion, too.
    Brutal. The images she has to accept - are nightmares - just like those that Debbie's friends have to accept.

    Jeremy did this.
    He made a choice.

    The family shouldn't attack those hurting for Debbie, and those hurting for Debbie should not attack the family.

    (Neither should people who obviously hate Debbie and wish her harm - pretend to "care" about her. That's creepy. Just go somewhere and quietly mourn.)

    To Jeremy's family - it is sad. All of this. But you really have made it much sadder so please consider soul searching so that you can SINCERELY apologize. You could have been in the circle of compassion and now are feeling alienated because of your own words. Is that really where you want to be?

    To Debbie's people - spend your energy praying for Debbie, supporting those kids, and if you have the soul of a saint, praying for Jeremy's family to find a place within themselves or within their faith to see this clearly and begin healing in the near future.

    1. This has got to be the most sane comment on this website.

  54. AnonymousJuly 07, 2007

    I'm sorry but its creepy to have a teacher think her son did no wrong be around my child.
    Her son shot someone and yet they defend that is just whacked.
    And for the older daughter to be a council at a high school is even more creepy due to the fact what would she say to a child trying to harm them selfs? sorry this is just an unsafe school district.

  55. AnonymousJuly 08, 2007

    Who say's they care about someone and wishes harm at the same time? That is just sick. And to be a teacher at the same time?? Is there drug testing at our schools????
    At least is sounds like Debbie has a lot of good friends around. GO DEBBIE GET BETTER AND SHOW THESE PEOPLE UP

  56. AnonymousJuly 09, 2007

    As an other parent of Moriarty, I can't see where these people get off saying that she brought this on herself and then change their mind when their job is called on the carpet. This just makes no sense. I have to agree with a lot of these other parents about not wanting their children around the teacher brown. Well she might not yet hit a child, but he also didn't shot someone else before. It just takes a tragic thing like this for someone to crack. Maybe she should take a year off and get some help before it does cost her job. With what was written here not only can it cost her job but it can also cost the school district. Just one thing out of line to a child and a parent can push the issue that their child was in danger. Her words on here back her up on how this can happen.
    I think they all need to take a break.

  57. AnonymousJuly 09, 2007

    I hope the browns get help. They seem to all need it to get the hate out.
    Debbie all our prayers are with you and your children.

  58. AnonymousJuly 10, 2007

    After reading all the Brown's comments I wish they would just leave. It would be better for all. I hope the school does something to get you people some help.

  59. AnonymousJuly 10, 2007

    A lot of prayers are needed for those children. Their father tore their lives a part that day. It's good to hear they are with someone who loves them.
    I hope this person keeps the hate away from them. No child needs to be around a family who hates their mother that much.

  60. AnonymousJuly 10, 2007

    Jeremy earned his status in the community's eyes, and it was predictable that anyone who defends his actions will be a target, family or not. For as long as Debbie lives, for as long as her children live, for as long as their children and the children after them live - Jeremy has carved his place in history.

    The only humanly DECENT response to the community would have been for those in Jeremy's family to have shown real support for Debbie and her people - NOT hanging out at the hospital thinking she got what was coming to her.

    If they had shown true care, Jeremy ALONE would have commimtted this act. But to everyone's shock it seems there are several hands willing to claim their finger may as well have been on the trigger...

    and after this blog, Debbie would do well to have a protection order.

    Somebody is out there seething.

  61. Because things got quiet when the blog went more public doesn't mean there is not possible danger lurking for Debbie.

  62. p.s.


  63. AnonymousJuly 11, 2007

    As a parent of SME, I'm just in shock that a teacher at MES, would not only defend what her son did but make it sound like he had nothing to do with Debbie's shooting. And for your family to sit there an wish her more harm is just beyond belief. I'm sorry but I would hate for any child to be around you people. I hope Debbie gets to read all that is said here, So she can really know what kind of family that monster came from. I agree with the other person on here , I hope you people move.
    MS. M

  64. AnonymousJuly 11, 2007

    I pray that Debbie will never have to see the hate these people expressed on here. But it did show ALL of their true colors.

  65. AnonymousJuly 12, 2007

    As I read all the comments on from Jeremy's family, I think one thing. They must all be bi-polar due to the fact they say one thing and do an other. I'm from this small town and I can tell you all except Dineke & Jeremy have been in trouble with the law ( talking about the kids in the family ) how do i know, its a small town) And Now Jeremy has cross the line. I think if Dineke sticks around she will too. Moriarty is a small town and yes we did go to high school with your family. Leave Debbie and her children alone. Leave who ever Debbie chose to care for her children alone. Get some help and move on. Yes Jeremy did do this accept and try to get your own life . When you tried to force this town to chose sides, trust me there is no line behind your family, They are standing behind Debbie and her kids.

  66. AnonymousJuly 12, 2007

    hhmmm it makes me wonder how many of these people making comments were friends or knew the family and got a long with them before all off this happened and now have turned their backs on the family and they themselves have chose sides.........

  67. AnonymousJuly 12, 2007

    For jeremys family you guys are just talking shit because you know your son did this to a wonderful person and his child! he did not just leave you guys he left his baby girl too! how selfish can you people be he only did not take his life from you guys and his child he almost took there mom and im glad he didnt because haley would turn out just like you GUYS needing help like the rest of your family does!If he would of just got more help his would of never happend! And if he would of got it theow his head that debbie did not want to be with him this never would of happend!

  68. A different reaction from a different incident:

    Brother-in-law of Cleveland cop at a loss to explain violence
    Posted by Gabriel Baird
    July 12, 2007 15:33PM
    The brother-in-law of the Cleveland police officer who shot his wife and then killed himself... addressed the media this afternoon at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport... Tor Dietrichs said the family is "profoundly saddened and shocked" by Mehaffey's actions. He called the incident uncharacteristic of the officer and said the family has no answers as to why Mehaffey did this. Officer Rex Mehaffey shot into his wife's car several times Tuesday night, wounding her, police said. He then pursued her in his car on Triskett Road while she frantically called police from her cell phone. Officers intervened in the pursuit... Mehaffey stopped his car, then shot and killed himself... Dietrichs said the family is grieving and hopes the police investigation leads to answers that will help other officers and their families... His voice broke as he said that his thoughts and prayers are with family members and friends affected by the incident.

  69. AnonymousJuly 12, 2007

    I do think that if his family would have stood behind Debbie there would not be so much hate here. But as a friend of both Jeremy and Debbie's, I will never know why he did what he did. I will say that I can not stand by this family of his with all the hate that was written here. I know that he wouldn't. He hated it when his family treated his family bad.
    As a former Moriarty High student I know for fact I would not want to be around a councilor who can't even help her own family. I also know that I would not want my child taught by a teacher with this much grief in her heart, ( right now it's hate) I think Ms. Brown should take a year off. This is a small town and we are all in shock not only by what Jeremy did but how you reacted to Debbie's family and friends.
    I hope you family goes to church and prays for not only his soul but for yours too. A lot of prayer is needed

  70. AnonymousJuly 12, 2007

    to the question on who was friends with the family before this happened, you must first ask this question, "How many bridges has this family burned before this happened" With all of their actions before this I for one was a parent who requested that Mrs. Brown not be around my child due to the fact of how her own children where acting at the time ( which was a few years ago) (involved with drugs etc) of my child's 3rd grade year. This is kinda of a "Told you So" to the school district on how I thought her personal life was effecting her teaching skills even last year when one of her daughters when to jail.
    Please get help for the remainder of your children.
    Ms. C

  71. From: awolkid@peoplepc.com
    To: cloudwriter@gmail.com
    Subject: Jeremy brown
    Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2007 22:00:55 -0600
    On your blog you have allowed postings which insinuated my faimly were drug addicts and the latest incident stated that every member of the faimly had been in trouble with the law. This is a falsehood and while I respect your right to freedom of speech you have to respect our right to sue for libel and deflamation of character if this type of posting continues.
    thank you,
    Larry Brown

  72. AnonymousJuly 13, 2007

    Mr. Brown you know that works both ways. To sue for libel, first you would have to prove there are no court records and second I know two people who your family named on here, Debbie and Wendy who could also sue your family.
    Keep up your threats Mr. Brown that seems how your family runs anyway.

  73. AnonymousJuly 13, 2007

    Case#: TR5758005 Defendant: MICHEL TRISHA Year of Birth: 1977
    Action/Sentence Set Sus/Wrk Bal Due END Date CMP Date Comments
    to Jail
    Jail (Days) 5.0 0.0 5.0

  74. AnonymousJuly 13, 2007

    Now I know why other parents don't want their children around Ms. Brown, all week long I defended her and then her husband is making threats?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Well Im so offended by what you wrote Larry, this is small town Moriarty you know, don't you know that everyone knows what goes on here?? This just makes me sick, I'm sorry Ms. Brown but I can no longer defend you, when your husband makes threats to others it just shows a bad pattern in the family.
    who are you going to sue the ANONYMOUS person???Or the blog owner?? You can't sue the blog owner for what someone else writes, with out a name.
    THIS IS JUST TOO MUCH. I read this to find out how Debbie is doing, not to be threatened. But go ahead LARRY MAKE MY DAY. I WILL MAKE SURE THIS IS PRINTED IN EVERY NEWSPAPER IN NEW MEXICO. HOW WILL THAT LOOK??

  75. AnonymousJuly 13, 2007

    I dont know why you guys do this to your selfs. Why act like such trash on here? People don't want to defend a family who think they have done no wrong. Not only have you done it once but over and over on here, saying Debbie got what deserved and all. Stop it now Browns you losing your self respect on here and nobody wants to say they are you friends anymore. Also Trisha has burned a lot of bridges in this town.

  76. AnonymousJuly 13, 2007

    First this is a moderated blog and the administrator is responsible for every word that is posted. Second every time anyone post anything on the internet it leaves a trail which can be traced. Just because you check the anonymous box does not mean that you can not be identified. Mr brown apparently sent a private email to cloud writer which she chose to make public to further stir the anger on this site.

  77. FYI:




  78. Jeremy Brown's family chose to go public.

  79. AnonymousJuly 13, 2007

    I would like to state, why did Mr. Brown threaten the blog manger? Also IEP's address can only be used by FBI and Homeland security cases and a lot of law enforcement is behind tying to get at those. There is no law that will allow a person/s computer IEP address to be brought into court on less it had to do with murder or homeland security. ( KNOW YOUR LAWS)Stop trying to scare people. All your doing is hurting your selfs and making other people cases stronger.

  80. AnonymousJuly 14, 2007

    I cant stand that everone on Jeremys side of the familey is makeing Debra sound like the bad one!I understand that its familey, but tell the truth!They were getting ready to get a devorce!And they make it sound like Deby was cheating on him!But they were seperated, and besides i will never say this again but if she were to cheate(whiche i know she wouldnt ever do that)on him, he would deserve because he was abusive to her he!Pulled a gun on her once before and Halie saw it!And guess who has to suffer from all this drama Halie a 4year old!!But when they told Halie her dad had died she asked if mom was hurt, and they just changed the subject!I know that she wouldent fully understand but they should have told her that mabey that her mom had a couple bobos,and that she was ok!So familey of Jeremy you need to understand Jeremy is the one who scrude up the lives of many people, spiecily his dauter! So stop saying that Deby is the bad one Jeremy is the one fucked up in the head!And sadly people are happy that Jeremy is dead!Im not sorry for your lost browns!

  81. AnonymousJuly 14, 2007

    What a sad family.

  82. AnonymousJuly 16, 2007

    As a parent of a Moriarty Elem. student I hope Ms. Brown gets help. That is the only way she will be able to function again. I know I lost two children in a DWI accident before I moved here and I had to get it.

  83. AnonymousJuly 16, 2007

    Wow. Just wow.
    I don't know a single one of you. But you are ALL throwing accusations at people, with the exception of the mother. (She was rational in her insinuations, but they were merely that-insinuations.) Only a few ppl (the MOTHER, and the father of BOTH victims, and maybe some siblings on both sides, and several police officers are going to know the FACTS in this case, and the rest of you are just pissed at the world, and need to deal.
    Also, I don't know if theres another Mrs. Brown at MES, but the teacher I know is 1.) a wonderful woman, and 2.) nowhere near old enough to have a 36 year old son, so those of you threatening to pull your kids out of MES need to check some facts first.

    And EVERYONE needs to calm down.

  84. Mrs. Brown,
    I am very sorry that you lost your son, and that you lost him this way.

    I don't see any value to continuing to let through these repetitive insults. No one is saying anything except what's already been said to Mrs. Brown and what has already been aimed to be hurtful.

    If there is news on the case or a genuine comment I will post it, but this mob mentality of meanness against Mrs. Brown because what she said in her grief isn't anything that any of you should feel good or self-righteous about.


    Intstead of thinking how else to hurt her, go love your families

    because tomorrow
    not promised.

    Hold the people in your life.
    Tell them what they mean to you
    while they are



  85. AnonymousJuly 17, 2007

    There are two Ms. Browns at Moriarty Elementary the one on here is Ms. D Brown. The other is Ms. J Brown.

  86. AnonymousJuly 17, 2007

    Ms. J. Brown in not related to the Browns that are being spoken of here. The do both teach 3rd grade at MES. That is where some of the confusion may be.

  87. AnonymousJuly 18, 2007

    my name is mike i am debbies brother my heart goes out to the family of Mr.Brown, My God be with you , and us in are time of need. Im sorry for the words of other family members that hurt you, God bless your family and are family.

  88. AnonymousJuly 18, 2007

    That's good what Mike wrote, It shows that Debbie's family has a heart after all this that has happened. I guess it will be a while before this small town forgives, its harder for them because other family members of the Brown family keep blaming Debbie for what has happened. I think if they would have not said anything at all things would not have gotten so crazy. But they didn't and they haven't. This is a hard time for all.

  89. AnonymousJuly 19, 2007

    I under stand that the Browns family just lost a member. I am sorry for that, but he did that to him self. To be truthful not that many people are sad. He hurt a sweet and wondurful women. Dare I say that his little girl has to suffer from this traggedy. Thank heavens that Debie survived. She did not diserve what happend to her. She was not cheating on him, she was in another realtionship, but thats when they were getting a devorse, and only when they were getting a devorse. He cheated on her when they were together before the seperation, thats why they were getting a devorce. They were seperated. He had NO reasen to do what he did. Im sorry for both familys ,but Browns family I will never in any life time forgive your son.

  90. AnonymousJuly 23, 2007


  91. AnonymousJuly 26, 2007

    A temporary restraining order has been placed against Ms. Donita Brown for threatening one of the care givers of Debbie's children. She threaten the womens life and children.
    -NM Court CASE D-0722-CV- 2007-153

    Debbie and her family have been made aware of this site and comments.

  92. AnonymousJuly 26, 2007

    DEBBIE is DOING GREAT>>>>!!!!!!

  93. Debbie lives. To think not only did the headshot not KILL her, but I've heard she's walking, dressing herself - and would love to know more. Maybe that's being kept low - but it is just SO BEAUTIFUL that she is determined to recover best she can.

    So tragic at the same time. Nothing personal toward Jeremy - but NO ONE has the right, and there IS NEVER a justification to do this to another person. But it's happening all the time, everyday, all over the country - and world. I really don't understand.

    Debbie we are praying for your healing, and may all find the way of least conflict to get through this.

    I see a few messages up, a comment from Mike. Someone wrote to say that Debbie doesn't have a brother Mike.


  94. AnonymousJuly 26, 2007

    Her chidren were no where around when the incident accured! And she did not threaten her.

  95. AnonymousJuly 26, 2007

    she has a step brother mike from edgewood

  96. AnonymousJuly 26, 2007

    oh by the way, Hi Wendy!!! Thanks for the nice restraining order you are trying to place on us. Good luck on Monday. This is one of the family members who are mentioned, not by name, to bad, i could have had a lawyer there. Next time please mention my name!!!!! Amanda

  97. AnonymousJuly 26, 2007

    Also, to Cloud Writer, thank you for not placing any MORE blogs on this page attacking the character of my family, like you said you would. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

  98. AnonymousJuly 26, 2007

    Not only where her children around but so where 12 other children, with the windows wide open that all of us parents inside saw and heard her yelling.
    Please do not speak if you were not there. She came alone that day in a pick up. (AND Who every wrote that was NOT because we were there and saw what happened. She had NO ONE WITH HER.

  99. AnonymousJuly 27, 2007

    Amanda, I'm sorry but the one who put that information on there is me Mattie. P, I was at the courts when the order was placed. I came home to check on why Ms. T was there that day. I think that is funny how fast you are to blame others for things. But I think I will show up Monday too so I can I see the rest of this mess that your family keeps pushing around town. I hope Ms. T the best. And I'm very excited that DEBBIE is doing great. That was wonderful news to hear. GO DEBBIE, I hear you have two wonderful children who are your biggest cheerleaders. May God Bless you DEBBIE and your REAL family.

  100. AnonymousJuly 27, 2007

    I am sorry. The way it sounded it was like she was writing it.

  101. I heard about something disturbing that happened in your area concerning one of the involved parties.

    I will no longer be approving ANY comments, but if you have something relevant or informational that you think belongs here, contact me and I will make sure that information makes it to this page.

    You can contact me by sending a comment through to me and I'll see it,
    email me at cloud_writer@yahoo.com.


  102. Debbie is doing great. Just so you know.

  103. I am so excited. ONE DAY I'm going to talk to Debbie.
    It's one of my goals.

    We can keep it light...
    but it will be just


    for me.

    So glad she's alive.

  104. I just thought I would let a note be dropped that with all the bad that happened to Debbie I think the worst part is that the Brown family tried to take her Daughters away. I'm guessing that they do not know that Debbie is walking and talking and getting on her feet. I say this because I was a frequent visitor at a place Debbie was staying and she said something funny. " there are some people who don't think I know what is going on But I have known all along.
    She knows what good friends she has. She also knows how much her mom has helped her out so much.
    Debbie I wish you well now on your new life and If you ever need help here again in New Mexico there is a lot of STAFF that fell in love with you that will help you out anytime you want. I hope your friends are doing well too, I know it had to be very hard for them to see you leave. GOD BLESS you DEBBIE. WE LOVE YOU. "from your home away from home"

  105. I'm writing to let you know that as a caregiver to where Debbie was, She was visited daily by her little Daughter and the child's care giver. Debbie worked very hard to get back to who she was. When she left her she was well on her way to being herself.
    Me and some coworkers found this site and saw the story. Some of the comments make us sick.Now we understand why she was kept under wraps. I have to say that Ms. Debbie is a wonderful person who has a new life ahead of her and is doing wonderful. She had great support from her family and friends . We know that her daughter's caregiver gave way over 100 percent. We know that her mother gave way over 100 percent. If half of our clients had those two women on there side they would heal just as fast as Ms. Debbie has. I just want to add, we think this site is great, we have clients who get hurt because of DV and have to relearn life. We will be adding your site for our clients to read.
    Thank you

  106. I'm glad to see some of my fellow co workers did read this site. I showed it to them after I found out that one of Debbie's care givers had to get a restraining order to protect her family. I thought gee what a wonderful person to put her self in the line of fire for this wonderful friend of hers. I talk to this women twice. She was always cheering for her friend and said that her friend would do the same. I talked to Debbie's mother a million times and thought this is what a real mother does. PROTECT HER CHILD. GOD BLESS everyone who has put up with all the bad vibes that were sent out after this awful
    event. I do hope someone people look back at their actions an REALLY think of all the extra HARM that was put out to Debbie's FAMILY and Friends.
    Signed one of Debbie's caregivers

  107. That is Wonderful about Debbie being better.
    May god watch over you.

    My the poor soul who did this bad thing walk the never after forever.

  108. http://www.myspace.com/justicefordebbie

  109. This is sad to say, but since his family does not believe that he shot himself this drama will continue. I hope that Debbie is far away from this family. I live here in Moriarty and heard one of his family members talking about the case, NOW THAT IT IS CLOSED, and it is hard for them to face the TRUTH. But if they ever want to rest their own souls they need to make peace with what he did and move on. Maybe start taking Debbie in their prays. As I heard the story from one of his family members I just got sick, they have made the life of Debbie's family hell and are PROUD of it? Please I ask you people to move on and let DEBBIE and her Family move on. God Bless you all.

  110. the case is not closed


    Like the person above said they need to accept and move on. Debbie now talks and remembers.
    Wake UP SMELL the Coffee, and leave the family alone.

  112. Whoops -
    I just went back to read what I wrote and I had posted that I was not going to post comments unless it was something that needed to be said.


    What needs to be said:

    FACTS & Debbie progress.

    I may make exceptions for other comments if you IDENTIFY yourself and EMAIL me [cloud_writer at yahoo dot com] to confirm that you are really the one posting - to avoid anyone pretending to be anyone else, and for LEGAL DOCUMENTING.

    Sorry again - and I won't forget this time.



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