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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

[NY] Town Sprvsr. Shannon: "This is a private family matter,"

Shannon faces misdemeanor after family incident, troopers say
The Observer-Dispatch
June 7, 2007
Whitestown Town Supervisor Matthew Shannon was charged Wednesday with allegedly injuring his 20-year-old daughter during a domestic dispute, according to state police in Marcy... "This is a private family matter, and please respect our family's privacy," Shannon said... "As far as Matt Shannon continuing as town supervisor, that would be a decision that Matt Shannon would have to make," [Town Board member Brian] Brooks said. "Anything he's going to do or not do would be strictly his decision"...


  1. Hopefully Supervisor Matthew Shannon will acknowledge his need to get counseling & help for his rage. I've seen how calm he conducts himself at town meetings, which is a stark difference from his violent behavior at Whitesboro Senior High. I can remember how he picked on and tormented many of our classmates, and savagely beat up a guy. And then at other times he could be the class clown and make us all laugh. I'm no phsychologist, but one would think his extreme behavioral swings exhibit some kind of mental disorder. I've heard good things about his daughter, and no person deserves the marks and bruises he put on her. May god (and our courts) get him the help that he needs, and hopefully his other kids will not get the same abuse. If only his wife could have been home to stop him.

  2. Whitestown Supervisor Matthew Shannon's public response is typical of a perpetrator who's been caught. First, they try to cover it up and put it to sleep by saying something like, "This is a private family matter, and please respect our family's privacy." Then, they won't take responsibility for their actions and actually blame the victim, claiming they had no alternative. They further respond by saying something like, "I feared for her life and was only trying to help her." In their own twisted minds they actually think their rationale is believable. No matter what the circumstances are, no man has the right to physically strike a young girl. Even the criminals in jail won't tolerate these types of crimes, and they punnish the inmates who are guilty of them. If this is swept under the rug by the Marcy Court, it will be the second tragedy in this case. Politicians are not above the law.

  3. Real men don't hit women!


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