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Monday, September 13, 2010

[FL] It's that simple? Anonymous deputy says his anonymous girlfriend killed herself and the anonymous investigators believe him.

"...Investigators believe the deputy..."

9/20/2010 update: This case involves Michelle O'Connell and St. Johns Sheriff's Deputy Jeremy Banks. Though their names were never mentioned in any media piece, I heard a whisper. "Seek and you shall find."



The only news article names no one:
Homicide Investigating Apparent Suicide of Deputy's Girlfriend in St. Augustine
ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. -- The girlfriend of a St. Johns County sheriff's deputy died overnight in an apparent suicide, officials said. St. Johns County Sgt. Chuck Mulligan said a woman was found dead in a home on Watson Road south of Wildwood Drive in the southern part of the county. The sheriff's office has confirmed it was the deputy's service weapon that was involved. The gun was kept in a closet the two shared. All indications point to a suicide, Mulligan said. No names or ages of those involved were released. No foul play is expected. Investigators believe the deputy was in another part of the house at the time. The woman was obviously despondent about something, Mulligan said. It was not clear how long they had lived there.
I've been back from my vacation for almost a week but haven't posted here because of this. This blog is loaded with girlfriends and wives of law enforcement officers that were said to have killed themselves. Some of those officers are eventually charged. Some of those are cleared - some prosecuted. Most of them though - that's just the way the story ends. Sometimes her family will protest, fight back, push for investigations. Sometimes they defend the officer, believing him too. Sometimes there is just silence.

Making this worse - I went back through the news source's articles and see that they HAVE named the victims of suicide in the past. Why not this one?

I get stuck and stunned because not enough is changing. No matter what is posted here on the blog things don't seem to be getting any better.

I am pretty sure that I know who the woman is in this case because I scoured obituaries. I've gathered every possible picture of her, every guestbook entry, any obituaries, etc. Even as sure as I am though, I can't know for sure unless someone who knows her says her name.

Say her name.
Say his.
Explain why no investigation is necessary.
Why was she allegedly so sad?

And if she is who I think she is, why would she leave that beautiful child?
Would she?

People, male and female, DO commit suicide. This is not an accusation of murder but why can an officer (savvy in matters of evidence, connected by a bond of brotherhood) just tell investigators and have the case be ended? If it's so innocent - where are their


I know the answer, I just don't like it and will continue to ask.

[NOTE: Because of the many responses to this post folks will need to click the "Load More" link that appears below the comment submission form box in order to see the most recent comments .]

As I posted above, I did in time come upon the names that I sought: Michelle O'Connell and St. Johns Sheriff's Deputy Jeremy Banks. I look at the anonymous stock photo of the unknown silhouette woman above and know that I could have replaced it some time ago with one of the beautiful pictures I have of Michelle. But the POINT of this blog post is that the media and police did NOT want anyone to know who Michelle was and didn't want anyone to know who the deputy was that was in the house with her when the bullet fatally entered her body.
I will leave that photo above as a symbol of how LITTLE Michelle's life appears to have meant to the media reporters and to St. Johns Sheriff's Office.

People are disheartened but still waiting to see process, trying to trust the profession.

I can't say what did or did not happen, but I can say that nobody can see anything that gives any indication of Michelle having lethal depression, the capability to leave her daughter without a mother, or any condition medical or otherwise to explain her taking her own life. She told someone that she was going to break off her relationship and instead is dead.

Nobody who knows Michelle believes there is even the smallest chance that she would leave her daughter here without a mother.

"I've learned what life can be like when one door closes and another one opens. I believe everything happens for a reason good or bad. I am a mother to a beautiful little girl Alexis who is my world. She has shown me what love really is and what really matters in life. Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away!"...
"Those are the sweet words of our beautiful angel herself. Now tell me does this sound like a depressed woman that would take her own life? Absolutely NOT!..."

"To one of the best friends I have ever had I will cherish the memories we have together! My prayers are with Alexis, your family, and with you always. I love you and wish you peaceful travels."

"My love for you is everlasting. I will always remember playing after school with you and how you would always climb trees, going to the beach with you and Lexi, and the last moment I saw you. You grabbed me so tight, said I love you Ace, and kissed my cheek. You are my angel, my love, my life. Til I see you again in Heaven, Keep smiling and watchin over us down here."

"Michelle has been a wonderful co-worker, and friend over these past twelve years of knowing her. Michelle was on of the most compassionate, loving, and caring people I have ever met. May God bless you and your family through this most difficult time. Thank you for sharing your daugther, sister, and friend. She was truly a great person and will live in my heart forever."

I could do a new post with the new info and a summary of what the comments all add up to, but I am thinking now that unless there is an indictment that it will be better to keep all Michelle thoughts and love in one place. All her people. All the sorrow. All the anger. All the broken-heartedness. All the rebuttals and proofs.

Justice for Michelle O'Connell

Facebook page: Michelle O'Connell


The blog comments below finally got so numerous that there is a link that has appeared BELOW THE COMMENT BOX that says "Load more" - in order to see them all.


When this post was first published there was much less information available than there is now. There is some info that appears to have been leaked, as well as a soft, loose investigation by St. Johns County Sheriff's Office and a more serious one performed by The Florida Department of  Law Enforcement (FDLE). The prosecutor has flipped a coin and made the decision to not pursue, based on foreseeing a war of experts. But the death of Michelle O'Connell appears to be a death that won't die. Now the small army of people who never believed Michelle killed herself are armed with the conflicting investigation results and some additional information as well.

I find it amazing that so much has been done and said, and still - Michelle's name has never been mentioned in the news. Over 200 comments on this post, conflicting investigation reports, a deputy that I hear was fired for trying to tell what they knew - and still no media mention of Michelle's name. It gives the impression of a frightening relationship between the county powers and media back-scratching.

Here is a sample of what has been posted in comments and emailed since the release of the investigation to interested parties:

"Evidence was ordered to be discarded and the pills found in Michelle's pocket were not there when the first deputes arrived on the scene. I hope someone will do something to stop how the SJSO is covering up on this case."

"The first bullet shot was shot into the ground, there is no way possible that Michelle fired it, it was coming at her."

"It appears to investigators that Michelle was on her knees screaming, while murdered. Her tounge was hit by the bullet from the top. In suicide it's almost 99.9 % down - indicating she was most likely screaming. TWO WITNESSES PASSED FBI level lie detectors, that they heard screams, two shots, and twenty minutes later heard police."

"The SJSO never sent Jeremy's GSR (Gunshot Residue) kit or any evidence to state lab."

"I beg someone to please take a long look at this case. I am at a loss to hear about the results of the second investigation."

"The first medical examiner, ruled it a suicide, never filed it, then changed it to homicide. Then his new boss comes in, the lead medical examiner was leaving, so the new boss made him change it. The medical examiner that first ruled Michelle's gun death a suicide never saw the type of gun that was used, so always felt uneasy he stated to FDLE investigators."

"The pattern of the blood showed her left hand behind her back and her right hand out in a defensive manner - like someone trying to hold someone back from them. Sorry to be so graphic but its the only way to describe the evidence."

"Michelle supposedly shot herself with her left hand - apparently with the gun upsidedown. She is right-handed."

"The nationally recognized crime scene reconstruction specialist ruled it homicide citing multiple factors."

"First off no evidence was originally sent in for review, SJSO did not send anything to labs FDLE had to do that... In addition to this there were bullets left at the crime scene that were never even taken as evidence and they were given to JB's supervisor 1 month later and he never turned them in as evidence. FDLE had to go and request them from the supervisor... Forensics also shows that the shot fired into the ground was shot at her not away from her... Jeremy also had blood splatter on the inside of his shirt and one officer stated that Jeremy smelled of soft soap as though he had showered or washed his hands. His cop car appeared to be washed, photos of the scene depicted his cop car with water all over the top of it but no other car had water on it..." 

"A sheriffs office deputy was terminated for trying to contact the news media via their work email. They were trying to tell the media that evidence was planted (pills were planted in Michelle's pocket...) The deputy did an interview with the news media (channel 47 I believe) and then received a phone call stating that it would not be aired, the news interviewer was told by their boss that they would not air that about St. Johns county..."

"Michelle's tongue was up when she was shot as though she was screaming for help, 97% of suicides the tongue is down."

"The death certificate was changed from suicide to homicide and then the Medical examiners boss ordered it changed back to suicide... We deserve a chance for a jury to decide... All of the prosecuting expert opinions make sense but the defense experts don't match the blood splatter at all..."

"The FDLE report is extensive. The two interviews with JB will give you chills."

"It's so political. The printed out investigation reeks of cover ups and corruption. It's the worst thing to read."


New website: Justice for Michelle O'Connell

New Facebook page: Michelle O'Connell

New bombshell article, from First Coast News:

First Coast News
Written by Anne Schindler
10:58 AM, Aug 7, 2012
[Excerpts] Before Michelle O'Connell went on a trip to Hawaii in 2009, she wrote a letter to her daughter. Michelle planned on skydiving while she was on vacation, and she wanted to document how much she loved 4-year-old Alex - just in case. "She was the best mom. She was the best aunt," says sister Jennifer Crites. "She just loved life she loved her daughter. She lived for Alexis." 24-year-old Michelle's devotion to her daughter is just one reason her family and friends insist she never would have killed herself... She'd just gotten a promotion and was supposed to start her new job the next day. She told her family she was going to leave her boyfriend and was in fact packing to leave. And - just minutes before a bullet ended her life, she texted her sister that she was coming to pick up Alex... The St. Johns County medical examiner [Dr. Frederick Hobin] initially ruled her death a suicide, but later changed his mind. "I became convinced it was probably a homicide" ... Dr. Jerry Findley, a crime scene analyst hired by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to review the case, concluded that many elements of Michelle's death were "suspicious." He also determined it was extremely unlikely that right-handed Michelle would use her weaker, left hand to hold the gun... Findley wouldn't talk on camera, saying the case had become too political. But in his report, he questioned why the weapon had no trace of blood on it, even though blood was spattered on Michelle's hands, arms and legs. Findley also found it suspicious that the gun -- which was Deputy Banks duty weapon -  didn't have any of Deputy Banks' DNA or fingerprints on it, even though he'd worn it to work that day. Findley concluded the evidence in the case, though not consistent with a suicide, was consistent with a homicide. The State Attorney's Office believes Michelle killed herself, and two other Medical Examiners who reviewed the case agree. But the Florida Department of Law Enforcement believes the case was a homicide. And in March, after Special Prosecutor Brad King announced he would not pursue the case, the agency sent a letter asking him to reconsider, saying "this case clearly warrants an inquest into the death of Michelle O'Connell"... Jeremy's attorney observes that two other medical examiners determined Michelle's death was a suicide. He points to several desperate sounding texts Michelle sent that night. He also notes that paramedics found her jean pockets stuffed with painkillers belonging to Deputy Banks, though no drugs were found in her system. But what may be the most unsettling piece of evidence didn't emerge until months after Michelle's death. Two female witnesses, who lived a few hundred years from the house where Michelle died, maintain they hear a woman screaming for help. The women declined First Coast News' interview requests, but both signed sworn statements and passed polygraph tests... But despite the family's pleas and the lingering questions, after almost two years on administrative leave, Deputy Jeremy Banks returned to work six  weeks ago. Whether he'll be able to do his job effectively remains to be seen. Says his attorney,  "The biggest problem Jeremy has is this. It's this." [Read the FULL ARTICLE here]
[police officer involved domestic violence oidv intimate partner law enforcement public safety state lethal fatality fatalities murder suicide suicidal unsolved unresolved florida state michelle o'connell]





  2. You know the answer, Cloud, and so do I. Send me an email sometime, to my Gmail.
    Your friend always,

  3. YA KNOW, I have no idea how many murdered people

    or people whose deaths were ruled suicides

    there are on this blog. THOUSANDS of hours digging up the details, and for some reason now then

    though I feel all of them and carry them all with me to some degrees (my arms ache)

    there comes a case

    that cripples me,

    hits me at the knees with a tire iron.

    I am meant to get stuck here on this woman whose name I believe is Michelle.

    I have no intention on trying to get unstuck.

    I have intentions, but getting unstuck is not on the list.

    MUCH love to both of you. Hugs.

  4. September 9
    "Today we also buried Ms. Michelle O'Connell. Please keep her and her family in your prayers."


  5. You have the right name. It is Michelle and my heaart is broken. She was going to leave him. She told me that day she was breaking up with him. She would never do this. She loved life! She told us that he was bad to her. If only we could have saved her. Please listen to your loved ones and don't be afraid to get help.

  6. From what I read in the media, the courts always find police killings as justified anyway. If he did it, he would have been found innocent. What a waste of a good life and taxpayer money to even bother to investigate when judges and prosecutors protect them.

  7. Heart is broken over the loss of beautiful young , Michelle O'Connell. Her lovely little girl without her mother the rest of her life.
    We need the truth and justice to go ahead and make this sad situation dignified. Hope someone will be able to find the real truth.

  8. This wonderful young woman lived for her daughter and worked 2 jobs to support her. She couldn't wait to get home and be with her. She was breaking up with this angry guy when all this happened! Is anybody going to do anything about this?

  9. This devoted mother worked 2 jobs to support her child, loved being and mother and just wanted to by happy. She met the wrong guy! Justice must find out what happened here. The FBI will be notified!

  10. How did this happen?
    A deputy must have his weapon locked in a secure place.
    Question? Will the deputy be held accountable for his lack of responsibllity for taking care of his weapon?
    Action should be taken against his lack of security of a weapon.
    What if a child had found this weapon?
    This needs to be checked out more, do not let it die, keep checking and asking questions.

  11. If a citizen,(non officer)had this happen in their residence, with their wife or girl friend, can we just say "Please beleive me, I was in another room and left her in a locked room crying, and threatening to kill herself with my gun that she did not have the knowledge of getting the safety off, or even shooting the weapon. Since I am an officer, should I have educated my wife or girl friend on how to use the weapon in the first place! Doesn't that weapon belong to the Sheriff's Department?

  12. She would never have touched the gun, she was scared of them & stressed to friends that it worried her having it in the house with her lil girl. She didnt have knowledge of taking the safety off & had no desire to learn. She was unhappy with him & anyone that knows her knows that if she is unhappy with anyone she would get out of the situation. She wasnt afraid to be alone or single, she was strong and independant. She was packing her bags & removing herself & her daughter out of a negative household that night. There are too many mistakes made by the investigators on this case & the only way to get justice is to involve someone other than SJCSO. He is a cop, he knows how to cover his tracks & there have already been too many slip ups on his part, so shouldnt that be taken into consideration? And as for the above comment..if this were a citizens residence, there would be a THOROUGH INVESTIGATION. So why not with a deputy. Its fishy & needs to be brought to light for this amazing mother & lover of life! She didnt take herself away from her daughter, She was taken too soon. Where is a higher authority when you need them. Shame on you SJCSO. You MUST RIGHT your WRONGS!

  13. When will more information be availabe about this case? Is it considered finished, Michelle cannot ask questions, her four year old daughter certainly cannot ask questions now, what about later in her life? Michelle's family still greiving about her passing? Who can help?
    Someone must have some information about this case, please, come forward, help Michelle, and all her family. This is serious and needs immediate attention.

  14. The St. Johns county sheriff's departments service weapons do not have a safety. Let's get the facts and let the investigators do their jobs. It is very possible that he is not guilty!

  15. I miss you my beautiful friend.. Ill think of you always & the memories we made.

  16. Dear Michelle,
    Not a day goes by that I do not think of you and your family.
    Your birthday is Wednesday, October 6, I wish you were still with us and your loving family would celebrate another year of your life.
    My wish for you is that the real truth will be known and your precious daughter, Alexis will know the truth of your death.
    Happy Birthday! You will be in my loving heart forever!

  17. I miss Michelle every second of every day, to the person who posted that he is not guilty, it's quit apareant that you are the officer. You are a piece and will have to answer to God for what you have done, and if I have it my way you WILL be caught and you will answer to the courts for this as well. You will slip up soon enough, you already are! Yes you are right officers gun have no safety but however you are wrong if you think that we believe your story for one second, Michelle filed for health insurance the same week, got a promotion at work, was planning on leaving you, even packed her damn bags because she didn't love you and wanted to get away from you. We will not let this go just because you say you were in another room, your a liar and you will screw up because your to damn arrigant! you dont fire 2 shots to kill yourself, you screwed up already!!!!

  18. Props above! Thank you for saying what we all want to say! He will pay! In courts or in hell! He can live like hes innocent for now but when his day comes, he will have to admit to himself & the good lord that hes a murderer! Thou Shall Not Kill! We blame you for the hurt you put us through! You took an amazing human being from us & wont get away with it! Her birthday is today & she should be here with us, you took away all the memories we were going to make, but youll never be able to take away the ones we hold dear. And if any of us learned anything from our precious time with her, we learned to be strong & fight for whats right like I know she would do if she could. May you live a life of remorse & misery "Deputy" Jeremy Banks! I believe you should resign & confess while god & the world is still listening. If your in PRISON where you belong..at least YOUR STILL ALIVE, she didnt get to decide, you chose for her!

  19. And props to you also, Michelle most definatly taught us to be strong and fight for whats right. She would never give up on us and I'm not about to give up on her. She was a sweet loving person who was very dear to my heart, I will always cherish the memories we made. They can take away our tomorrow and the memories we could have made but they can never take away yesterday and the memories that are here to stay!!!

  20. I will pray that God will let be known the real truth about our Michelle. Sad enough that her life ended so young, especially with a four year old daughter she loved and needed to nuture. I believe that the truth will come and justice will be done. It would be a miracle for this family and lessen the tradegy of Michelle's death.
    Michelle and family are forever in my thoughts and in my heart.

  21. Wow! I hadnt seen Michelle in years && to find out this tears me apart! Rest in Peace Michelle && may whatever happened to you come to light! Nothing worth investigating needs to be over looked! I dont care what the circumstances are..this need to be further investigated by someone other the his coworkers!

  22. I chatted with your Mom, today, Michelle.
    She misses you, but doing her best to take care of your little one, Alexis.
    My heart is full of sadness over this, I do not understand why this happened, but it did. I am sorry for all those loved ones, left behind.
    If anything, makes me realize our lives are so important and we should make everyday count as if it is our last.
    Love you Michelle

  23. Deputies always fire two shots, Suicide victims only fire one! Lets do the math! Deputy Banks is Guilty! Will she & her family ever get Justice!??????????

  24. Has a wrongful death suit been filed yet?

  25. Dear sweet Michelle,
    Not a day goes by without my thoughts of you and your loving family, missing you and wondering why this tradgey occurred. I feel so sad for your Mom, and your innocent daughter, Alexis.
    If anyone has information regarding this case, I beg you to be strong and come forward with any information that may be valuable to this case.
    I would greatly appreciate any help and know Michelle would also be thankful too.

  26. There is something we can all do, I personally know that Sheriff D. Shoar is an upstanding Sheriff & believe that if he sees how many people are stressing that this case stay open & be investigated further, I pray that this would inspire him to look deeper for the answers we already have in our heart. If you would like to stress your opinion to him in hopes of getting justice, I ask everyone to Email him & KINDLY ask that he not turn away from this case but to find justice that our sweet michelle & her lovely family deserve. DSHOAR@SJSO.ORG We all have a Voice & just need one caring heart to listen & make a difference!

  27. Thanks to the person suggesting to contact
    Sheriff Shoar regarding Michelle's death.
    Hopefully this will be a way to find some answers we need to know.
    Many thanks to this kind person who made the suggestion.
    Loving a concerned relative.

  28. Very Welcome, Michelle means soo much to me & I know she would do the same for me. I love & miss her so much & think about her everyday. I pray that this will help shine light on this terrible tragedy & bring some peace to her family & baby lexi. If any of you related to her ever need anything or want to talk about the memories we hold dear, Im always here for you! In my heart always. CR

  29. A day does not go by that I think of Patty, her four year old gradndaughter, Alexis, with out her mom and of course the question regarding Michell's passing. It constantly haunts me,I hope to hear the real truth soon. My heart is so full of sadness, it is so cruel not knowing what really went on that night and maybe someone should be held responsible.

  30. Please everyone...contact the Sheriff as is being suggested. If everyone will commit to doing this, perhaps more will be done. We just want the truth to come out. Please write him and pray for the truth. Please, please, let's bond together...no more blogs until we each do this. There is strength in numbers!!!

  31. Michelle was a victim of Police Officer Involved Domestic Violence. She like thousands of others were taken from us by those who should have protected us. I will only remember her as strong, loving, funny, beautiful and fair. She loved Alexis more than anyting or anyone in this world. She was taken from us by Jeremy Banks. I pray for Justice everyday. I love you Michelle. I should have done more, you told me you were afraid of him. You told me and I did nothing. I will fight everyday that I am alive for Justice. I love you always baby girl.

  32. I was enjoying some pictures of my family the other day. There a picture of Michelle, smiling.
    I wonder how this young woman's life actually ended?
    If someone has any information about it, I would hope they would share what they know.
    Alexis should have her mother, Patty should still have a loving daughter. Miss you Michelle.
    Love you and all of my extended family.

  33. Please keep the letters coming to the Sheriff, I strongly believe he will soon find answers we need! We love you michelle & were not giving up on you! You deserve so much more than we can give you now but justice is going to be served I promise! He wont get away with what he did to you! God wont allow it for much longer. I know your in heaven smiling down on all the people that love you!


  35. Michelle, think about you every day.
    Still lost about your death.
    Is there anyone willing to come forth and help us find the real truth about what happened to you?
    This is too sad and breaks my heart every time of think of this situation.
    I wish I could be of more help in some way.
    I pray for your little girl, Alexis, and of course, your Mom and all your sibilings left behind.
    Rest in peace, dear Michelle,
    your Aunt

  36. I could never forget you, I miss you so much everyday, The little time I do get to see your family brings me back to that proud feeling I had to be your friend & know that you had my back. I promise you I will ask God for justice for you & your family as long as I have to. You are so loved Michelle, Ill hold you in my heart for the rest of my life.

  37. My heart is sad more than ever today.
    I received word that the dectective on the case not really caring about the death of our Michelle.
    This world can be so cruel, especially when it deals with truth and justice.
    Is someone going to get a way with this and maybe have another victim in his life again.
    Our protectors may be our worst enemies, sad that this is what it is.
    Totally discouraged,
    A loving relative.

  38. Clearly this website is one sided. You have stated you don't know the facts. Yet you choose to drag this officers name through the mud. It was tragic what happened. But don't accuse someone of something so terrible until you know the facts.

  39. To the person who provided pictures of J.Banks,thank you, now I have a visual of someone who last saw our Michelle alive.
    If he truly cared for her, why hasn't there been a response from him? How can someone go day to day knowing the truth and not come forward? Please think and care about the ones left behind. Alexis, innocent victim, Patty losing a young daughter, and all of her family losing a sister.
    What has happened to truth and justice? Why is it better to hide than speak the truth? What cowards and the idea of you cannot touch me because I wear a badge, I do not have to be held accountable for my actions?
    This will never go away, too many people have a love and interest in Michelle, Alexis, and Patty.
    This is truly a sad part of our reality.
    Always thoughts of Michelle, Alexis, and Patty.
    Close to my heart and someday it will be resolved.

  40. The facts: Michelle LOVES Lexi, Life, Her Family & Friends. She had alot coming up to look forward to, & another STRONG FACT...As much as JEREMY BANKS wants us to beleive it, SHE DID NOT LOVE HIM MORE THAN HER BABY & FAMILY! She WOULD NOT end her life bacause their RELATIONSHIP was NOT working out. SHE LOVED HIM & he abused his power as an OFFICER to belittle her & make her feel bad about herself. WHAT MAN CALLS YOU FAT & CRIES WHEN YOU SAY IT BACK..Because he was insecure & knew SHE WAS RIGHT. She had something against him & when they would fight...like all WOMAN do..she threw it in his ugly face..So he couldnt let her out him & mess up his career. Because this OFFICER only felt like a MAN when he had the badge on..Hes a SICK HEARTLESS BOY thar got into the force to feel POWERFUL because he was picked on in school. THESE ARE THE FACTS, I could see how bad he treated her & somehow turned it around like BOYS do to make her feel like everything was her fault. Why would you RUIN your life & families Life & make your little girl grow up without a parent just because your not happy with your BOYFRIEND. That wasnt like her. She always just ran the other way if she wasnt happy. BUT ALWAYS FOUND HAPPYNESS WITH HER BABY. SHE DIDNT NEED HIM & DECIDED TO LEAVE HIM, NOT LEAVE ALL OF US! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING THIS LOWLIFE DOWN. WE CANT LET THE ONE WHO IS SUPPOSED TO PROTECT US GET AWAY WITH MURDER!

  41. I would like to form a union of all those who care and love Michelle. With this union,we can all work together on the truth about this case.
    Please voice your thoughts about this idea. I check this site on a regular basis. I am interested in doing more than just post a comment.
    Let's move into action and see what we can do.

  42. Would love to I totally agree with this!

  43. Okay, lets get started with this, I need people who feel strong and want to make this wrong right. Please feed me your feelings and any ideas to get what we want . I am willing to let be known who I am....what about all the rest of you, who loved Michelle and want justice for her ?
    Let's be brave, and do the right thing.

  44. We need a plan, how to contact each other, what sources should we be talking to and how to get someone to hear us?
    A local newspaper, tv or radio show to stir up some interest.
    I would want someone to do the same for me if they could.
    Please let us keep this alive and strive for the end result, the TRUTH!

  45. I think thats a great idea, we need to work togather & do something for michelle & her family.

  46. How about a public FACEBOOK PAGE where everyone is welcome and you garner as much public support as possible. It will come up in Google searches, and can be used to show that there is growing public concern and demand for a better / more indepth inquiry.

    To stay credible no one can accuse anyone of murder, but it's very credible to say that truth was impossible to arrive at if no one was looking for it.

    Unless St. Johns is doing a secret investigation it's very disturbing how little was done to find the facts.

  47. Any behind the scenes connecting has to be done with UTMOST carefulness.

  48. I agree, I need more information about our Michelle's death. I wish this was something we did not need to do but we must.
    It could go either way, but we must have the full truth to let this go. As a concerned relative, I have not been able to accept that Michelle, would end her happy life in such a manner as this one.
    Please let the truth be known so we all can let her rest in peace and her family know what really happened. Is this so much to ask?
    If this had happened to one of my two beautiful daughters, I would not rest until I was sure how and why this happened.
    Bottom line, love and family one strong bond that no one has power over, and it will continue until all questiions have been answered.

  49. DSHOAR@SJSO.ORG Please email David Shoar everyday until the truth comes out! Persistence! We will have Justice. The TRUTH DOESN'T Change.
    Please, I've personally seen Jeremy with a new girl. I pray for her saftey and the entire towns. He is a lose cannon. A sociopath. SJSO wouldn't have him back working so soon if we the taxpayers and friends of Michelle email DAVID SHOAR at DSHOAR@SJSO.ORG DEMAND JUSTICE please!!!

  50. This new comment is not a surprise to me.
    So much for his love and concern of our Michelle. I guess his sorrow for her death has been quick to forget. Out of sight, out of mind.
    I hope this next girlfriend does not make the same mistakes as our beloved Michelle. We will have to keep track of what happens to this new victim. A serious situation for all involved.
    How does one sleep at night with all this evil behind him, no concious or compassion for human life? Our human race has become so evil and self-centered. I hope and pray this disgrace will someday be recognized and dealt with justice. My father rest his soul, would seek justice in this case, I wish he was alive to help us solve this one. He truly loved all his family and would do whatever to seek the truth.
    I love my family and wish no harm to anyone of them.

  51. I think about Michelle everyday and although I had not seen her in a few years, we had just recently been in touch on myspace. She loved her daughter too much to do this. Michelle was always very independent and I just cant believe she would do this to herself over a guy.
    Also has anyone looked at this guys facebook page? Go back to when Michelle passed... within a week he's riding his bike to daytona, having beers with buddies and obviously having a great time. Who does that when the person you were "so in love with" has supposedly killed themselves in your home just days earlier. Everyone grieves differently but I think thats a little suspicious. Im hoping this case is being looked into more and I promise to do my part to make sure it does! I miss and love you Michelle.

  52. Dear Michelle,
    I think about you often, I wish I knew of a way to correct this situation.
    You left so many loved ones behind, but I know that you are with all our loved ones in heaven.
    Help us find the answer to your passing. Direct is to the one who will finally end our sorrow.
    We as a family will never forget you or your loved ones. My heart if full of sadness for your Mom and you little girl.
    I will always check on the status of this sight.
    Love you, Michelle.

  53. Jeremy Banks: Push off and push over. Write your letters and send then in. It doesn't change how this story ends. Blame me and put hate in your heart. Honestly, we all know how September fell apart.

    Yes Jeremy Banks we all know how September fell apart, it started with a Jealous contolling man that lost his temper & abused his power! The letters will never stop coming & the blame will always be pointed in the right direction. You put this hate in our hearts when you stole someone so precious in our lives & there is no getting her back, I will be fine living with this hate, considering her daughter has lost a bright & happy future with her amazing beautiful mother. How dare you post these ignorant things. I pray for one thing to happen to you, a life of guilt & pain & life in prison in which everyone knows your a law inforcement officer gone wrong! Even then you wont understand the pain & empty hole you have left in our hearts! Shame on you Officer Banks, Your a monster! Go to Hell !

  54. I would personally like to meet Mr. Jeremy Banks.
    I just want to look into his eyes and tell me what happened on September 5, 2010.
    I wish him no harm, but he was the last person to see Michelle alive, if she was so depressed, why did he not seek medical attention for her?
    Training as an officer, must include help for all, not a certain few. If he loved her as he has claimed, were did this love go on her last day on earth?
    Tears for Michelle,Alexis, and my sister, Patty, will never stop.
    I also love them and if I had a chance to help, Michelle, I would done what love does, help always.


  56. Dont bother praying Jeremy...Nobody wants cold hearted murderer like you in Heaven. & to the above...your soo right, I have known him & michelle for years & he is a cocky power trip officer, he puts on his "im the boss now" attitude because he was made fun of in school! Please turn yourself in. She deserves so much more than you have given her. You owe her, alexis & all of us!

  57. Christmas will soon be here. Most of us will celebrate the joy of the season with all of their loved ones.
    One family will be missing a loving person this Christmas.
    Michelle O'Connell will not be with her four year old daughter, Alexis, she will not be with her mom, Patty and her brothers and sisters and their children.
    Sadly we do not know for sure how Michelle lost her life. It will not bring her home to us, but would lessen the pain of knowing why and how she lost her life.
    Jeremy Banks, be an adult, prove that you are a professional,and be honest about 9/5/2010.
    You took and oath, keep to it.

  58. It was 9.2.2010 I love & miss you soo much michelle! You are in my heart this christmas as you will always be. I wish you were here with your baby & family. Your a beautiful angel now, just like you were here on earth! Merry Christmas..It will never be the same without you!

  59. Please email David Shoar everyday. Just one simple line...we want justice.

  60. Dear Michelle,
    I was able to talk with your mom, yesterday.
    Sorry to say your mom and little girl miss you and it broke my heart to hear about their pain.
    You are an angel now, please keep close watch over them.
    This is a difficult time for those who have lost loved ones.
    I believe that justice will come of this, we must be patient.
    We that love you, believe you did not do harm to yourself, someone decided to take your life and then hide the facts so he will remain free to do as he pleases.
    His day will come, and no one will be able to protect him from his crime.
    Love you Michelle, Patty and Alexis.
    Your loving aunt.

  61. I didn't know you Michelle. I know your brother. I hope they find justice for you. I hope Jeremy Banks is put behind bars. My heart breaks for the oconnell family. I am sorry for your loss. I have emailed the sherriff and will continue to email him.

  62. Starting a New Year without you just isnt right! You should be here! I miss you everyday & wish I could hear your voice again & laugh with you like before! Nothing will ever be the same without you! You will always be in my heart! We all love you so much!! You deserve Justice & we wont ever give up!

  63. It was a suicide, get over yourself.

    1. Most people whom commit suicide don't plan for their future.
      She was packing to leave him, future
      Plans for a new residence, future
      New, promising job, future
      She was looking foward to her new beginnings and empowering herself. Tired of the games being played. She knew she was beautiful and had so much to offer a real man. She wanted a man who would lift her up, a man whose eyes locked on her while in a room full of people.
      She deserved a real man, and choose to exit her relationship gracefully, and in finality. I'm so saddened that no one will ever see her as a beautiful bride, and her adorable daughter as her flower girl.

  64. The girl was severly depressed, and had a pill addiction. The young deputy is lucky that she didn't kill him first and turn the gun on herself. What a selfish act.

    1. An addiction to pills constitutes continued use, why then was her toxicology test negative? As for depressed, I guess now your a clinical psychologist. Wow, I never knew you could diagnose people online for depression. You must of gotten your degree from a buy here pay here place, or a cracker jack box. Which is it?

  65. Who told you she had a pill addiction? Her boyfriend?

  66. A woman can only take so much emotional abuse before the weight of it breaks her. People think if there are no broken bones and no bruises then there is no abuse. He didn't have to pull the trigger physically to very obviously push her to this dreadful moment. To the "pill addiction" post if YOU knew this and did nothing, you are guilty. If Deputy Banks who lived with her and was with her on a day to day basis in the most personal way knew that she had a "pill addiction" then he IS guilty! "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." A police officer by nature should be a good man. I know a few deputies and then never stop being a "cop" even when they aren't in uniform. They are nosey, they notice things others don't, they always expect the worst. He had to of known she was in a dark place and HE DID NOTHING. That family is so close all he had to do was call one of her brothers or sisters but HE DID NOTHING. The days before the funeral he acted guilty, he acted like a sad puppy that just destroyed expensive heels not that lost his love. Michelle committed suicide, yes, but at the hands and with the gun of a man that could have stopped it and now says NOTHING he says NOTHING. You want to not look so guilty Jeremy speak up, and not of facebook with empty status updates. Show your support, hold a vigil, tell/write the family about exactly what happened that night.

  67. How incredibly sad that most of you on this site know absolutely nothing about what happened, and yet, you condemn the officer. And, sad that you won't allow her mother to move on. It is very hard to accept the fact that a loved one committed suicide, but, it does happen. And, if you really knew Michelle, you would have known that she was a troubled young lady...but, it sounds as if most of you did not really know her. I won't say anything cruel, because I know that her mother is having a very difficult time and I would hate to hurt that very dear woman anymore than a couple of her children have already done. Just know, Patti, that you are in our thoughts and prayers!!

    1. If your opinion is that Michelle was troubled, that's so far off base. I guess since you and she were such great friends you post anonymously. If I knew who you were I could make a few calls and cross reference and see how many of Michelles family functions you attended.
      But, my gut tells me not to bother and you mis spoke. Maybe you should not go around speaking ill of Michelle, she is not here to defend herself.

  68. Wow so obviously the post above is from someone that knows Jeremy because you defended him and managed to throw an insult in at the same time while parading concern for Patti. "I won't say anything cruel, because I know that her mother is having a very difficult time and I would hate to hurt that very dear woman anymore than a couple of her children have already done." A couple of her children have already done? Who is that pot shot insult directed at? And I stand by what I said because I personally had heard Jeremy say cruel downgrading things to Michelle. If Jeremy is suck an angel why did he leave his facebook public for so long? He's not an idiot he knew anyone could go on his site and see the hurtful posts he would put on there, or else why would he post them? So "fingerpointer" look at yourself because if you didn't have strong feelings about this situation and needed your thoughts heard you wouldnt be on here either.

  69. That Cold Hearted Comment was most likely from the Cocky Cop himself just to let you all know! &&& Actually..we grew up with her & she was the light of our lives, she made us feel better when we were down, does that sound depressed to you? I personally know that the only thing she was depressed about was her relationship with Jeremy & how he made her feel not good enough & broke her down. You might be a friend or relative of his & knew her through him but you didnt know michelle if you honestly think she was the trainwreck you make her out to be with your words, which were cruel by the way. I love her mother & wish her no more pain than she is already in but I will stand my ground on the facts that Michelle had something to live for & was NOT the type to lose control. Only God, Jeremy & our beautiful Michelle know what happened that horrible night but I DO know that either way he is responsible for her death! She wanted to go..why didnt he LET her go? She was making plans & looking forward to things, depressed people dont live life to the fullest! You say that it happens, well look around on this site..Police officers of all kinds ( even the big nice funny guy ) kill their wifes & girlfriends, so that ALSO happends. Like I said Hes ABSOLUTELY Responsible! Prison or No Prison..God knows! Love you michelle!

  70. I understand that it is hard for a living person to be accused publicly, but I have gone as far as I can go with letting people who don't love Michelle talk about her beCAUSE she is dead and can't speak up for herself as her ex can if he chose to. She's at a disadvantage that all that really knew her soul believe was imposed on her by a wicked hand.

    So I have let enough insulting comments about Michelle through, but that's it. No more. There's enough here for folks to know there are people out there who have been told something else other than what her family and friends directly know.

    A lot of time has passed.

    Despite this I know that the questions around Michelle's death are never going to go away. I've been doing this for seven years and have never seen a case of what I call "so-called suicide" where there are so many who are both CERTAIN and VOCAL.

    I'd guess there will be small beautiful gardens with her name on them for her daughter to pick berries and daisies in... and purple ribbons that go up in her home town on poles and fences every year on the date of her death.

    I am a stranger who has spent countless hours collecting (much more than you see on this blog) regarding Michelle


    I know a sweet spirit when I encounter one.

    There's one robbed little girl with the most beautiful


    1. Could you post on this blog more info regarding the purple ribbons on poles and fences. I will personally, see to it being done all over st. Johns county, in st Augustine. Also Im gathering photos of Michelle to post with these ribbons. However, I feel not only should it be done on her anniversary, but also done soon, because elections are right around the corner.
      I will go door to door and ask for permission to post these all over the town. I'll make signs and posters and even get a bill board if I have to. She will be remembered the way she was, funny, quick witted, honest, and loving.
      I will plaster the town with www.behindthebluewall.blogspot.com/MichelleOConnell. This can even be put on vehicles, along with pictures of Michelle. I'm currently working on having these made. They are car magnets, and show this website for all to view.

  71. There are people who know more than what is on this blog post or in the comments. There is a holding back - for reasons.
    It's not for me to disrespect that.

  72. Thank you for no longer allowing these heartless people to insult our michelle! She would defend herself if she could but since he has made that impossible, We will ALWAYS be here to defend her & seek Justice..Youll never change our opinion of how "September fell apart" He took her from us long before this happened & he knows deep down that she isnt here because of him!

    By the way, if Jeremy has nothing to hide why did he make his facebook private now..I dont think he realized we seen all the careless status updates & watched him move on in the matter of days. This is the man she loved? Where is his love? He put up a picture where she wrote "I love you.." on the mirror & what did he right back?..."GOOD! Ill never forgive you jeremy!

  73. To the toxic person who just tried to post "...We love you too Michelle. We weren't allowed to show our respects at your funeral so I guess this horrific site is the only way we can say it..." -- first you had to dig up some incident that happened at another time, allegedly months before to be your proof that Michelle (who can't reply to you) was disturbed on the night she is said to have killed herself. Here's the truth:

    You weren't there and you weren't close enough to her know what her immediate plans and demeanor were. It's obvious how you are connected, and almost certain that what you know about the night in question is what you have been told.

    Had Jeremy said he was going to break up with Michelle, was in an upbeat mood about the future, and was shot dead - you would likely have the same doubts and questions of why this wasn't fully and thoroughly investigated.

    As the moderator of this blog, I am going to tell you what maybe you sincerely do not know: USUALLY when the wives or girlfriends of cops allegedly commit suicide in their presence, THERE IS NO REAL INVESTIGATION. The officers arrive. The officer that lives there tells them what happens. And as what happened in this case, the responding officers beLIEVE the police officer because he IS a police officer and DO NOT DO THEIR JOB. If there is a domestic death, all foul play should METICULOUSLY be ruled out. If it HAD been there would not be this noise now.

    How about a *mutually agreed upon* polygraph examiner?

    You tried to post proof here today that Michelle was disturbed, her people didn't care about her when she needed them months before the death, and that Jeremy is great. There.

    So from my perspective of having posted stories JUST LIKE Michelle's many times, I am not looking at Jeremy as "guilty" because I am not God. I don't know. I wasn't there. But St. Johns County Sheriff's Office did not do their utmost to handle this death in a professional manner and now there are going to be questions forever. They handled it like a brotherhood... and that is spooky, and dark, and dangerous for all.

  74. You "Behing the blue wall" are an idiot! I hope to god that you will never need the assistance of the St. Johns County Sherriff's office or any police agency since you are so quick to bash them. You are just another cop hater. And to further my point that you are an idiot, there were TWO investigations, one done completely by the FDLE. They came up with the same findings. Did you see any of the evidence? All you go by is newspaper articles.. unbelievable.

    Jeremy made his facebook page private because you are facebook stalking him and using pictures for your rediculous hate site directly from his page without permission.

    I like how you are only accepting comments that you deem fit. What a joke..

    1. This person mis spoke. FDLE, investigates the work. But an expert was called in and he does not agree with the findings. No suicide was commited per Jerry Findley, a renowned, nationally respected expert. Please stop posting opinions and theories...get your facts straight. Also, are you sure the date you posted this did FDLE even had the case yet? and if they did, how did they come to a decision so fast? That's right, they didn't. I'm checking on this. Requesting documents under the freedom information act. I'll rest Michelle's case on pure facts.
      Heres what I'm saying, stop posting facts not in evidence. Because people like me, who do the leg work, to discredit people like you, who mis speak. Were always going to be out there to right this wrong. Little bit by little bit I will personally chip away at all the things wrong in this case. Wake up people, stop being afraid to challenge a system that is falling apart. They on the run covering their butts, passing the buck, and putting eachother under the bus. Were onto all that was wrong, now its time to make it right, now its time for the truth to reveal itself.
      Time for deputies to honor the oath you took, time for responsibility, accountability, time for morals and ethics to stand tall. Do the right thing, Michelle would of for you.

  75. Oh and one more thing.. Doesn't her mother and brother work for the same agency? Why would the SJCSO be so quick to cover up Jeremy at the expense of an employee and another officer? Do you realize how rediculous that is? That brotherhood that you keep referring to is real, yes. But in this case, you are implying they are only brothers to few, not all. Your assumptions are unfounded. You want to challenge me on what I know? It's not about what I've been TOLD.. I can do this all day..

    1. No, what I suggest is that good cops are not part of the brotherhood. Good cops are moral and ethical. Good cops do what's right even when told not to. Good cops don't hide behind a badge, and mis use authority. Good cops don't look down on people unless its to bend down and lift someone up. You good cops, its time to rock the boat. Time to make waves, its time.

  76. Okay to the jerks who claim she had a pill problem. BULLSHIT she did not. Her toxicology report was negative...ok. People with pill problems always have trace amounts...she had none. He planted the pills on her after he killed her. HIs stepdad was at the crimescene...how fucking conveinent. When his sister had a miscarriage he beat Michelle in the stomach so hard. He said it was an accident. He is a piece of trash. Way to go to his MOm and fabulous stepdad for raising a killer.And to JEremys mom whom I've had the displeasure of meeting...ask your current husband what he did to Jeremy in first through fifth grade. He told Michelle - she told me...it will come out. It is sad he was abused but a lot of victims overcome there abuse. He abused others so badly. You have raised a sociopath. SO stop writing false things..I have texts from Michelle detailing the info. So wheres your proof...that she was addicted and or misusing pills. Hmmm? Thats right you have no info other than what your sociopath of a son tells you.

  77. I heard people told detectives that they heard screams for help and then 2 gun shoots, why was none of that investigated?

    Simple, there is no investigation.

    Justice to Michelle and her family, may you find peace.

  78. Cloud, You have a gift for intercepting & getting useful information out in such a respectful & responsible way! Thank you for interpreting the words of these nieve people. He is Great but he acts like his dog died, & nobody wants to answer the questions we have to live with forever. You werent allowed to her service for a reason. He took her away from us! He needs to face the music & provide us with more than a "she did it" attitude! He needs to prove his innocence but he refuses & his "brotherhood" allows it to be ignored & forgotten! Ill never give up on you Michelle!

  79. NOW we are talking. Let's do this. When did the police take the clothes that Jeremy was wearing that night to check for splatter? Do you know? If you know will you tell it?

    I hope I DO need a deputy from SJCSO. I will expect them to do their job professionally.

    What you suggest, they NOT giving my professional response is, well, corrupt and criminal. Whoops.

  80. Someone mentioned Michelle's negative toxicology results.

    So the pills found on her were possibly planted? I'm not surprised.

  81. Everybody have their seat belts buckled?


  82. If these comments get too long the page will have a link at the bottom of the page to go to page two.

    To those who think I am not censoring, OH I AM. Somebody who is not getting posted here - the person who is trying to back peddle for slandering the dead - is increasingly insultive and inferring legal action.

    To the person who said Jeremy closed his site because I'm using his pics, I have the LINKS to wherever I've gotten any pics and none of them came from Jeremy's open, PUBLIC website - which he left open for the world to see. (I could see why it creeped out people who love Michelle - looked like party-time.)

    I, on the other hand - in case you are not familiar with Facebook - I have a PRIVATE, closed page, NOT open to the public.

    To each their own.

    He's a cop. He knew the difference between a private and public social networking page after a domestic death in his house.

  83. For those of you still attacking my dear michelle, you have been told lies. She did not have a pill problem, she was never into trying anything & would barely have 2 beers when we would meet up for drinks. She was responsible & didnt like the feeling of being impaired. I know this first hand..not what someone told me. Her tox report came back negative & the pills she had on her were placed there to back up his story of her being troubled. As for her family working for sjso, maybe they are afraid to voice their opinion because they dont want to lose thier jobs they worked so hard to get. He is to blame for his death. I know they didnt get the clothes he was wearing the night in question because they allowed him to "turn them in" He wasnt investigated in the least bit. I know alot about thier relationship just by what she told me herself & I wish I would have talked her into leaving him along time ago, then she WOULD be here today! Its obvious you are his family & I know its hard to believe your family member is capable of murder but you have no right to take his word for it & attack a beautiful, loving, happy young mother that isnt here to defend herself. Shame on you! If your deputy is so innocent..where is the polygraph?..the clothes he was really wearing?..the grief?..the whole story! You people are so close minded that you cant see a sociopath that lost his cool & ruined a little girls life. That took her mommy away forever! She had plans..nobody makes plans & then takes thier life. Why were neighbors hearing HELP ME & then TWO not ONE..but TWO GUN SHOTS?? Why was this ignored if there were TWO investigations...COME ON HOT SHOT! ANSWER OUR QUESTIONS! ALL OF THEM! Dont just talk crap about someone you barely know to defend your own! Where is your proof of innocence. Obviously Jeremy knows of this site & sees us seeking justice so why doesnt he speak for himself & tell us what we want to know. Dont be annonymous..State your name & tell us what really happened that night! Like I said PROVE YOUR INNOCENT! COWARD! OH & by the way why dont you change your status to SINGLE cause your damn sure not in a relationship with MICHELLE OCONNELL anymore. She was leaving you before you made her leave all that really loved her. I hope your memories are filled with all the fights you had & the horrible things you said & did to her! You can take our Tomorrow but you will never have our Yesterday. But one thing is for sure, Karma will find you in your future & you will break just like you broke us!

  84. Somebody who says that they are not from Jeremy's family says:

    "...You asked for a polygraph? Jeremy has been interviewed NUMEROUS times. He has absolutely nothing to hide. The family has been briefed on all matters in the case. There is nothing that's been swept under the rug, so you can get off your high horse, you will find nothing..."

    1. Never has been polygraphed tho. Interviews are different than polygraphs. Also in which interview does he lawyer up at? Ones with SJSO or FDLE? Can you answer that please?

  85. Jeremy has nothing to hide. All you people who demand answers, ask HIM instead of posting them on a site that only fuels your furry. You act like he's some kind of evasive character on the run.
    I understand why you're mad. That is acceptable. But making bogus claims to make yourself feel better is going to do nothing to help the situation. It is clear you all watch way too much TV to possibly think this was framed. It's almost comical..

    Also, to bring his family into this is going too far. His mother, father and sister have all been silent to show respect for your family and now you want to drag them into this? There business is none of yours and has zero affect on this case.
    If you knew that Jeremy hurt Michelle, why are you only now making a fuss. Was it not important to you before she died? You say that we all don't know Michelle like you did and did not grow up with her. You are completely right! Well consider that you also You did not grow up with Jeremy and you have no clue of his life before Michelle,so tit-for-tat, nobody will be right when it comes to talking about the bringing up of these two people. We only know our own sides..
    This battle could continue forever because as you say your not backing down, neither are we.

  86. I find nothing contained in this web site to be supportive and or comforting to the O'Connell family, in fact I hope they steer clear! All this site is, or has become, is a she said, he said, and I heard, backlashing a bunch of crap that will only hurt them. True support and comfort comes from much more than sitting behind a computer monitor! Behind The Blue Wall, I sincerely believe you are enjoying every minute of it!

  87. I find nothing contained in this web site to be supportive and or comforting to the O'Connell family, in fact I hope they steer clear! All this site is, or has become, is a she said, he said, and I heard, backlashing a bunch of crap that will only hurt them. True support and comfort comes from much more than sitting behind a computer monitor! Behind The Blue Wall, I sincerely believe you are enjoying every minute of it!

  88. Yes. Please. No more bringing Jeremy's family into this. And accusations made anonymously aren't fair - though it feels good (anonymously) to say what you want to say. It's not fair. If a person who is accused decides, probably wisely, not not engage in an internet fight, then the only thing that is made public are the things being said against them. I wouldn't want that to happen to me.

    When it gets down to Jeremy's family, that's got to be wrong. This isn't a good place to put those feelings.

  89. I have known Jeremy just as long as michelle, the difference is michelle is a good person & we became the best of friends & I didnt like jeremy cause he was obnoxious & immature..the same way he is now! He kept her away from her friends & then bashed her mentally & physically! I have nothing to say about his family but I know hes not right in the head & Id trust a Chimp with my life before him! You have quewstions you want answered? Are you kidding me, after all your crooked cop put us through, we want answers! Ill answer you just to spite...We did nothing because we didnt know the severity of it till she was violently taken! He wouldnt let her talk to any of her friends on the phone or visit us. He made her stay quiet & alone by threatning her with his badge! He wouldnt let us tell her she could do better. By the way..your story is already getting twisted, he was willingly letting her pack her bags...hmm is that why he kicked an unlocked door open & said he was sitting somewhere other than where you claim he was...definately didnt say he was outside. We have gotten his story before blogging our opinions, unfortunately it doesnt match the evidence that sjso did come up with. too many holes in his story. If your gonna kill your ex girfriend, make sure family & friends dont spin your story to screw up your chnce to get away with it. Justice will be served,God doesnt forgive you if you live in denial & without remorse for all the lives you have ruined!

  90. To the person who claims there were two investigaions...SJSO did the investigation of the 'homicide'. All FDLE did was tox screenings. Also a SJSO deputy informed the family that "you don't want FDLE doing the investigation anyway - they aren't good at it" (this is slightly paraphrased but I have heard a recording of it). What a joke! SJSO has great employees and not so great employees. The family is saddened. They asked for help and were shot down numerous times. I was informed that Michelles Mom wrote a letter to Jeremy while they were dating - detailing that she knew there was abuse - and she wanted it to stop. Also I have knowledge that the lead detective informed friends, family and coworker that saw Michelle hours before she died - that they weren't able to submit an affidavit about her demeanor and what she told them - that she was leaving that asshole Jeremy Banks. But his two basketcase of friends - got to submit awful awful affidavits. Heres the kicker - at the concert they all attended the two loser friends didn't sit with them. Her own brother sat between the two of them (michelle and jbanks) because they were fighting. THe brother was told his affidavit would only be heresay. Wasn't this the same for Jbanks loser friends. No they were allowed to submit affidavits. Such crap. SJSO isn't all bad. But when a detective tells the family one thing and the report indicates the exact opposite...it doesn't add up. Why not fingerprint the pills or her pockets. or the bottles. If his fingerprints are on there fine - but if hers aren't ...funny!!! They wont be on there. he planted them. I bet his ass of a stepdad helped. I may not know the whole truth...but I do know there is more to this story. And why in the report does JBanks say...oh one time she hit me and I started to call 9-1-1 but then I hung up. that doesn't sound like a statement you would make if your girlfriend just died. He sounds guilty. And he got to put that in the report. Then the deputy who wrote the report ok'd the crap which is not documented and his supperior ok'd it. Now it's heresay in there forever. This is one of many mistakes. I love how his family is documented at being at the scene. He never called her family. How nice. He will hurt others and it should fall on all of those who cover for him. His own Sgt. witnessed abuse and did nothing. This Michelle told me in person. She told others. She asked for help and it was too late. Don't let it be too late for another innocent victim. He may hurt a child next. He's a monster. If you know something...and you want to do the right thing then call someone just not the clowns at SJSO.

  91. Praying for Peace and Justice. There is more to this case then what is out there. Someone knows something. May God move you - use you - to figure this out. I don't want to go on without Michelle but now I have to. I don't want to look in to her daughters eyes and try not to cry. She is waiting for her Mother to come back. How do you deal with that? So through all the bashing - on both sides - it does nothing to bring her home to her baby. She would never leave her daughter. Not for anything. The night she died she texted me numerous times - "is she alright" "do you want me to come now and pick her up" "is she ok" things like that. "I'm on my way home" She never came home. I'm left waiting...praying that she will. In my heart I long for it - In my head I know she is gone. Please I beg you to do the right thing. Call the Sherrif, email the sherrif, or if you know anything let authorities know. I will never believe the story that they want us to. I know in my heart this is wrong. If you only knew the conversation I had with her that day. Over lunch. Plans of moving out, moving on. Of living. Of going back to college. She was none of the awful things some people may believe. She was a dedicated, hard working Mommy. She was my sister damnit. How can you say those awful lies? Do you really believe them? You couldn't. Does it make you feel better...to bash her...to blame her. for the quote 'selfish act'. It was not. How can you say that. How dare you. To our friends and supporters God Bless you. To those out to hurt - maybe because you hurt also - please stop. Please. SHe is gone. HE lives. HE LIVES. And she is gone. You have your friend or loved one. We do not. You must stop. He did things to her - awful abusive manipulative things - that is all I remember of him. Maybe you know him as great. I don't. I saw him hurt her over the year. She called me when she vacationed with him and his family in the Florida Keys. She cried on the phone to me. She begged me to come get her. That he had hit her in the head. I didn't go. I'm left with the guilt. People stay in bad realationships - that is not a crime - its a tragedy. Don't blame my beautiful sister for meeting him. For 'allowing' him to abuse her. Look at the problem. I wouldn't lie or stretch the truth to villianize him. I have no energy to do so. I have no agenda. All I know is that She told me how awful he was - and that she was going to leave him. She had enough. Then she never came home. Please look at it from my side. Think of your daughter/sister/loved one. They tell you these things over time...and beg you not to get involved...and then she ends up dead. It's not that I can't accept this. I wont accept it.

  92. Justiice for Michelle and all victims of Police Officer Involved Domestic Violence. Mental abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse. Abusing your power. Threatening others. This is all abuse. If you or someone you know is in danger please get help. Don't even listen to the rationalizations your mind comes up with. Get help for them it may be the last chance that they have. I knew things weren't ok. I didn't do enough. Now we will fight for justice. Please pray that all domestic violence ends. Until that day - report all abuse. Ask questions. Don't give up. Looking forward to hope, peace and resolve in 2011. For any negative person who wants to bash me for not doing enough, be my guest. I go over in my head each night what I should have done. I own the mistake I made. Not going to get help. Just listening and praying. So go ahead. Tell me I'm awful for not getting involved. I know. I know I let her down. However I wasn't the one who did it. I was the one who did nothing. Now don't be the coward I was...if you know anything about that night please do the right thing. Hoping for a miracle. Beautiful Michelle I'm sorry I let you down. For the rest of my life I will fight for you. For peace. I know you are in heaven now but it is so hard to realize. One phone call to the right SJSO officer or Domestic Violence call center may have been enough. Peace on Earth tonight. In memory of all victims of domestic violence. Though you are now in Heaven we our saddened in the way you left this earth. Gone too soon.

  93. Michelle I want to make this right. I want you to know that we are working on it. We are praying for Justice. I think of you always. A smiling, strong, beautiful woman. Taken away by someone who couldn't stand that you wanted to end the toxic relationship. You use to tell me "don't worry it will be alright" but I shouldn't have listened. This time it wasn't alright. I knew he was bad to you. A friend knows. He controlled you. Told you to stay away from your friends and family. He made life hard. He tried to break your spirit. YOu overcame him and wanted out and he couldn't handle the blow to his ego. Well Michelle he may have taken you away. He may never be punished for this on earth. In a town like this with politics and bribes. In a world like this where money and power and fear of lawsuits motivate others to cover up the truth. I will always know in my heart you were taken away from a loving family and friends and mostly a beautiful baby girl. You would never leave her. I know that. That does bring me peace. Peace that he can't take from me. In my heart in my mind in my soul. I vow to you dear sweet Michelle no one will ever change my mind. You were the light of my world. The girl that most girls wished they could be. The girl with a great figure who ate Big Macs and drank Mountain Dew. The girl that took too long to get ready - not for anyone else - just for yourself. :)The girl that always had my back no matter if the odds were stacked against us. The girl that smiled on the outside but wanted to cry when things got hard. You always made it through. School, teenage years, work, family, giving birth and raising a child. All the ups and downs life hands out you took on. You never gave up. You lived for your daughter. You will always be smiling on the beach when I dream of you. And when we meet in heaven I know you will have saved me the best 'mansion' up there. I love you always Michelle. I'm so sorry you were robbed of a life of promises. Prayers to your family. Please know I will never forget what you mean to me. What you taught me. How you showed me to live and not be afraid. I wish the last year of your precious life wasn't in fear of him. Or pressures from him. Or any of the abuse from him. Though I can't take that back. I know that you did love life. I know that you love your baby girl. She loves you too.

  94. This is what I do know about Michelle.
    A funny girl full of life. She helped me get out of an abusive relationship when we were much younger. I only wish I could have done the same for her. If you really knew how wonderful she was you wouldn't write such horrible things. No one is perfect but to me she was as close enough to perfect as you could get. A loyal friend that fought for what was right, defended the absent, thought of others first. She lost her life the day she got involved with HIM. I admit I don't have proof. All I have is the memory of a girl that helped me when I hardly knew her. The girl that would give her last cigarrette and food she had just bought to a homeless person. The girl that adored being a Mother even though its one of the hardest things in life. She was taken from the world on 09-02-2010. That tragic day we lost an angel and Heaven got one of the best. Its more than a 'feeling' or a hunch. Call me wrong for my opionions but I knew her to be a fighter. I miss you Michelle. Gone but not forgotten.

  95. Just a couple of days ago I wrote to a friend about these comments. I told her there were 76. This is comment 100. Something triggered a wave of words. A few more bits of info have now gone public. I can only pray it does more good than harm now that certain things are in the open.

    I am so sorry that all of you are going through so much. No one in the mix is happy or satisfied. It's not a contest and nobody wins.

  96. Thats true, nobody can win now, its too late, nothing can bring her back. But the more we voice our opinions the more chance we have at getting justice for our beloved michelle & her innocent child that still waits for her mommy. We have questions, & one day I know we will have answers. Thank you for including her last texts above, I know that must be difficult to share but it brings some peace to my heart knowing for fact that she did no such harm to herself & all of us. I knew it in my heart but these last messages are all the proof I need to try harder to clear her name & bring his true colors to light! The things you wrote in that comment brought tears to my eyes, I can only imagine your pain while writing it. My heart goes out to you for fighting so passionately for your sister. I know how much you love her & how much she always loved you. She knows you will care for lexi & share with her how much her beautiful mother loves her. You are amazing & strong & if there is anything I can ever do for you or your family, please just let me know. your sister impacted my life in so many ways. She wasnt only my best friend, she was my inspiration to be strong & happy with myself. She helped me in so many situations through our life & made every moment of our time togather a funny & wonderful memory! Thank you again for accepting my support & love. May god bless you & your beautiful family! <3 C.

  97. Please all friends and family be patient.Let him finish being investigated-Im sure Internal Affairs has plenty more items to cover.To protect themselves and the sheriffs office. After the results of said investigation-then its the familys turn to decide the next step. The next step is crucial-a tap on the wrist wont rest well there. For not securing a service weapon, in which a minor resides is negligence. An adult using said weapon to "harm herself" is copability. He has certain rights which must be exercised with white gloves-then after those rights are all used up..He will have to answer to each item brought forth-Each question will be worded with such precision-Not even he, or anyone else can prepare him for the type of scrutiny to follow. He has certain codes he must maintain as a deputy. Documented mistakes and any other previous domestic disturbances-stemming from yrs back. Be patient and please dont fuel the fire more-believe me this is a work in progress and will not be settled for awhile.It will be settled.In the end there are consequences for actions- To bad he did not man up and take responsibility for his faults. No one believes the filth that spews from his mouth, we all rest with what we know of Michelle. So hes alive-living the rest of his life a unrespected boy with his fellow deputys-(whats changed, it was that way before too!)He needs help! SJSO better recognize quickly and distance themselves.They need to hold on to the reputable deputys they have. The ones whom distance themselves, wisely, from him!! They know this is truthful! They will be called one by one- IF YOU BUILD IT,THEY WILL COME!! Let him go on knowing we are strong-he is insecure. Right now personally he has/is probably felt/feeling all these emotions we want him to go through. But for now let the cards fall where they may, and they will be picked up, and played one by everlasting one of them!!

  98. This is the most ridiculose thing I have read this is not support for Michelle's family it is a lynching for Jeremy.I'm sorry I have been in an abusive relationship and if it was as bad as she said she never would have packed at home alone with him and the guns she hated.You all that say we weren't there well you know what you weren't either. You dont talk about a bad relationship and say dont help don't get involved.I didn't know Michelle,just like alot of you don't know Jeremy.We all need to sit back and take a look at the other side with out anger there are alot of people hurt here.To the one who stated family is supporting Jeremy not wanting to accept he could have done this well lets turn it around it iis just as hard for family to think the same about a suicide.My heart goes out to all families involved.Everyone needs to move on and live I think all would want that.Time heals,not this.

    1. Wow, this website is full of psychologists who state for fact how an abused woman should act.
      Even with a psychology degree, which I find highly unlikely you have, because you'd be liable for comments above, and also should know better not to post generalized statements.
      You are right about one thing, time will not heal quick enough.This website though, might not heal bit its an outlet and I'm forever greatful to journalism.
      In all this I've never once told behind the blue wall thanks, but thanks for your time, your being fair(with both sides) and offering an outlet.

    2. You are so welcome. Honored.

  99. Way to go blame her for not leaving that awful relationship the same way you did. How dare you compare your 'bad realationship' to hers. There is no textbook answer for how to leave an abuser. Ever wonder why she didn't want friends or family involved? She had members of her family employed by SJSO as well. She told them he threatened them also. St. Augustine is a small town where who you know and who your parents are mean a lot. She obviously didn't tell about the abuse until the end. If I knew more I would have done more. There are sadly millions of victims all over the world. They should be supported not torn down. Just check this site - how many domestic deaths occurred when someone else wanted to leave. So are you saying that its her fault for packing at home? For all I know you could be that sociopath himself. He is guilty of many things. Don't blame Michelle. Get a grip. Glad you got out of your situation but you think you would show a little compassion not place doubt and blame. Educate yourself and Jeremy too. Your obvious agenda stinks.

  100. No we will not back down, we cant! You want us to stop talking about it & let it go but you have your loved one & we dont. We will not help you or jeremy by doing nothing. I know Jeremy..How many times do I have to say it? I know Michelle. I know that the so called friends they were with that night were stopping her from leaving that night, After they left she was still motivated to try. Thats why she was alone with him while packing. Cause having other people there didnt help either, it made it worse. They were against her & helping him! Why would she pack if she was "in a dark place"? She wasnt trying to leave this earth, just jeremy! Believe a killer if you would like, but dont ask us to be quiet. We do what we need to do for the ones we love & what we need to do is fight for her! She would do the same for us. If this site bothers you so much, why dont you stop checking it. This is for people that love michelle & know she didnt kill herself. He took her & KARMA will catch up to him. If never a day locked up, he cant run from his own guilty conscience!

  101. This site does help. So you JB supporter you can back off. I love how you pretend to worry that this site is hurting more than helping and then you write how the abuse she endured by JB must not have been that bad. You are a joke.
    This site isn't just for her. It's for all of those who lost. All who were taken.
    This makes me remember all the love she brought. All the joy of life before she was taken. A beauty, a true beauty was taken. With her death we all lost. Michelle I remember conversations we had. Driving around with no where to go. Life was so easy with you around. I can't bare to think about another month with out you. Today marks four months since you were taken. You didn't leave. You were taken. Your smile still on my mind now brings tears. A day at the beach with the babies playing in the surf. A trip to the store for smokes and soda. I can't help but cry when things remind me of you. Its everything really. You were everything to me, to all of us that loved you. You are everywhere. A yellow butterfly that flies overhead. A blue dragonfly that comes for a visit. A wave on the beach. A smile from a stranger. You are all around me all the time. I miss you dear friend. I will remember and cherish you always.

  102. Pray for herJanuary 02, 2011

    Four months ago we lost our dear Michelle. Please pray for Justice. It hasn't been served. She would've fought for any of us. Please do the same. God Bless.

  103. Please don't post to fight. There is a way to do this without name calling and insults. Speak truth as you know it without actual condemnations. No one is entitled to do that unless there is a conviction of some kind, no matter how certain you feel.

    It's frightening. It's not a good system of justice and reminds me of lynch mobs. I collect photos on my computer of lynch mobs with their victims. They look proud and satisfied - but there was no court, and their anger does not mean the torture was justified or warranted. The sometimes hanging, sometimes smouldering bodies they pose next to as their prize are haunting and the opposite of a justice process. If it's truth there should be no need for hate or lynchings. Push the system to work with voices and process. Speak truth and facts loudly. But don't fight and bite, or lynch or burn anyone alive.

    Find the right and true path to real justice and walk in it.

  104. Can someone contact the Folio. They published the following story. I remember when a St. Johns County Deputy was accused of alledgedly asaulting his wife-he was later allowed to remain on the police force through the backing of Sheriff Shore.They can even let us know if he was found guilty. Many others called for his resignation(the deputy)but that didnt come until later by the deputy himself, I believe, if Im correct. Im sure they will be interested in the fact that an employee of the St. Johns County Sheriffs office is at the least negligent in the handling of his service weapon. The Folio has many more rights and ways to access private information until the judiciary system is involved. If this article is published, please note hurtful things will be said about our loved one, we dont accept as truthful-but this will bring attention to the masses and bring justice through the only way left-in court. I am a firm believer in fairness and truth- I feel we have been given some fairness thru SJSO but not complete transparency. As for the truth-no matter what the truth is-the truth is not a pat on the wrist for him leaving a service weapon out in the open, unsecured(by definition), "in plain view" for her to of used to harm herself as ruled in the investigation. He alledgedly, countless times, has had himself in at least- questionable situations-When does the SJSO just cut ties? Obviously when its to late!!!

  105. You know had Jeremy NOT been a deputy and knowing that Michelle has family that works for the Sheriffs Office then this would be a different story. Cops are united for better or worse. They see awful things help people at the worse times. I am thankful for the good police officers. This comment is for those that say that the Sheriffs office is for the family of Michelle. Sure if it wasn't one of their deputies involved. His sgt, and all who had privy to his record should fee bad. A deputy with a record. A depuputy with a previous gf that spoke of abuse. The Sheriffs office is responsible for not firing him before. Everyone makes mistakes but he has a record of losing his temper. So had it been someone else the brotherhood may have really rallied for justice. They know they missed the critical signs of a dangerous person. Someone who in my mind is unfit to be a deputy. Someone who is being protected. So all of you who think that donations and fake support will keep her real friends quiet, you are wrong.

  106. I Love & Miss You So Much! Life isnt as amazing without you here. You have always been such an amazing friend to me & Ill never forget all the great times we shared. When I picture you in my mind your always smiling & being silly! I pray that you lead us to the truth & your family can finally find some peace. Ill never forget you sweet michelle! I love you all & your all in my heart. God bless!

  107. Someone mentioned the investigation being a joke. Was it a summary or a step by step accounting of who did what when?

    1. The death investigation of Michelle was solved prior to the ink drying. The officer received his weapon back less than 24 hrs later.
      I'm sure this doesn't sit well with all of SJSO. There are no issues or ill will, however an accounting of responsibility has come due.
      Forensics Forensics Forensics.

    2. To clarify, not his service weapon. His personal weapons, gun.

  108. Behind The Blue Wall, you are an evil person for trying to stir this up...and "moderating" comments by not posting all the comments, only the ones you deem pertinent. You don't know any of those involved, and yet, you continually try to stir things up...I have to wonder why that is?? That you would be so vicious without knowing all sides and posting things you "heard". Consider this, If JB is innocent, what have you done to him? You have ruined his life and you should be ashamed. Is it even legal for you to post his picture? I would think that at least some of what you have posted could be considered libel. And, I'm sure this isn't the only case you have been so biased on without knowing any of the actual "facts" of the case. And, no, I don't know the deputy involved or Michelle for that matter. I'm just stating my opinion that what you are doing is not helpful for anyone involved, how could you think it would be?? And, how can you expect to get an unbiased opinion or comment from her family or friends?? Of course they are going to support her...they love her and wouldn't ever want to consider that she may have done this to herself. It really doesn't matter how many investigations are done and what they prove, they won't believe any of them unless it proves what they want it to prove....

  109. I am evil for keeping a few even harsher comments about both Jeremy and Michelle off of this page. Okay.

  110. Who do you think your kidding??? You dont know them..then this is none of your business & your opinion is of no significance! You sound clearly like a JB fan or the errogant cop himself. So if you are getting nervous...GOOD! Just like you wrote back after she said she loved you. I hope you feel the guilt & pain 20x over! If you really dont know either one of them then please mind your own business. Your comment is useless! Miss you michelle!

  111. Thank you Behind the Bluewall. This site, not just the blog on Michelle, is a sign that there is a major problem with some officers and how domestic violence and domestic deaths are handled. In St. Augustine there was a deputy who was given numerous 'chances' after ruthlessly beating his wife. He was never fired. What a shame. It happens all over the world. Thankfully we have the right to post our thoughts and opinions. Thank you for what you do.

  112. Contact Folio Weekly please!
    Here is the info
    themail@folioweekly.com or to

    Anne Schindler

    Folio Weekly
    9456 Philips Highway, Ste. 11
    Jacksonville, FL 32256
    ph (904)260-9770
    option # 2
    Ext 115

  113. To: aschindler@folioweekly.com, themail@folioweekly.com

    Re: Michelle O'Connell who was never seen alive again after she went to break up with her boyfriend, St. Johns County Sheriff's Office Deputy Jeremy Banks.

  114. To the person who wrote me a question about the views, the number on the site tracker is for one month of the whole blog site. Without looking it up, this blog post is the most or 2nd most *commented* on blog post out of over 3000 posts here. The most *viewed* post on the blog is this one, viewed almost 2000 times yesterday.

  115. ... that is likely nearly 2000 a day from your area. I'm not aware of it being on the national radar.

  116. Popularity of a web blog due to the death/suicide of a loved one, fighting and back biting of families and friends...certainly something to be proud of! Nothing good WILL EVER come from any of this, and no one wins on either side of the fence! It's a tragic loss anyway you look at it! This can go on until the end of time so keep fueling the fire! I pray that God sends comfort and strength to all involved!

  117. Nobody cares about "popularity". Someone sent a comment, saying it doesn't need to be posted, asking me questions, and I answered them. THEY want people to know about the circumstances and for THEM more exposure is better. My answer was not tailored to what they want. It is what it is. It was ok to ask. If you had a loved one who had died under circumstances you questioned you would want as many people as possible seeing too. This is not NBC. I am not promoting this post. All the victims on this blog, all the suicides, all the so-called suicides, all the murders, all the lost careers, and destroyed lives have as much gravity as any other. IT JUST SO HAPPENS that the people who love Michelle or who think this death was suspicious are the very most vocal EVER here and it is OKAY for me to let them know that. That is just a fact. If you don't like what you see, don't look. There's no icing, just numbers.

    I suggested a lie detector test done by someone people agree on. That is what I would suggest if Jeremy was my brother or son.

    That's as biased as I can or should be.

  118. Just curious as to why you would post an answer publicly without the question being posted puclicly? Not really that it matters, you are the moderator, and the publisihed posts are (unfairly) of your choosing. Of course, sadly, it is "what it is" not speaking of post numbers... A beautiful young woman is dead! Unfortunatley, domestic violence, murder and suicide is everywhere, everyday. Certainly not justifiying any of it, BUT there are always two sides to EVERY story. Your're reading all of the submitted posts from both sides but will only allow your selected to be posted publicly! Of course this is not NBC, but it's also not FDLE either, and I hope your suggested lie detector comes to pass! You're correct I shouldn't be reading this and I will no longer be a contributer, and just one more thing, JB is NOT my son or brother!

  119. This is obviously his sister or mom. Please stop "contributing" because this started as a blog for our innocent sweet loving michelle, the ONLY victim! Ever since you found it, it has become a battle & an ugly he said she said blog. You go right ahead & support your brother & son but we know what happened & one day it will be proven in court, so tell jeremy to have his laughs now because he won be laughing in prison. Please if you dont love michelle & believe such disgusting lies then go make a blog with your family & "brotherhood" for "Officers that got away with it" & leave us alone!

  120. I can't post the comment attacking Jeremy today. It's way too much. Take action, push for facts, organize, but nobody can convict him out of court and talk like it's been proven.

  121. Friends and Family should gather outside of the St.Johns County Sheriffs Office..Invite the media-(I have a contact)(local and outside the viewing area)And have signs made up saying:

    ***The attention must fall on the only provable issue, right now, that he is alledgedly negligent in Michelle O'Connells death. Bring light to the facts we have!! Him leaving his service weapon out in the open-and as another person alledged-this service weapon may not have a safety on it, thus making the deputy aware of its potential dangers-making him potentially liable(thru the courts in a civil case.)I wonder if he leaves his ammo out in the open too? We all have one thing in common-We lost a loved one and now have the right to fight for justice. Believe you me, WE ARE BACKED by the RIGHT PEOPLE-time to pressure ST. Johns County to move before its to late. We want justice, and justice is this deputy being removed from service- Other Sheriffs Office employees were present and will be held accountable for their blind eye-you(alledgedly) failed to protect Michelle O'Connell- you were witness to the ongoing issues between the"couple" and turned your blind eye-Im sure the family feels such guilt for not turing him in sooner-other measures were taken, but did not discourage him from stopping. All alledgedlys' will be brought to bring forth the justice, My Michelle deserves.

  122. Justice for Michelle.

  123. We Love you Michelle. We know that you would never leave us. Praying for your family.

  124. I love my sister, Patty, her daughter, Michelle and Alexis.
    I wish I had the knowledge and power to change all your sadness and loss.
    One of God's precious gift, Michelle, has been taken too soon.
    Patty stay strong, your family loves you so much.
    I hope to see you soon.

  125. "I've learned what life can be like when one door closes and another one opens. I believe everything happens for a reason good or bad. I am a mother to a beautiful little girl Alexis who is my world. She has shown me what love really is and what really matters in life. .. ..Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away!"

    These are the sweet words of our beautiful angel herself. Now tell me does this sound like a depressed woman that would take her own life? Absolutely NOT! We still have not heard Jeremy speak up, why not? I know he knows about this blog so why not explain your innocence? Beacause you dont want to get caught in a lie AGAIN!?

  126. Contact me please about that last post.

  127. Dear Michelle,
    I spoke with your mom,today.
    I asked how she is doing?
    She tries so hard, but she cries, I wish I could see Michelle just one more time for a few minutes. It breaks my heart to hear her cry for you.
    When I called, she was playing a game with Alexis.
    I am keeping her and Alexis in my thoughts everyday.
    I am going to give her all my love, I will be visiting soon.

  128. I miss you so much! I look forward to seeing your beautiful baby girl & family soon. This world just isnt right without you here. Ill never go a day without thinking about you & Ill always have the most amazing memories. Rest peacefully in paradise sweet michelle & watch over all the ones that love you. With all my heart, I love you.

  129. Michelle,

    Im not about to give up, because I heard them say- I know we are going to have a brighter day soon. I wont stop-Im keeping my head high. I might bend but I wont break. I am focused, informed and on course. When life wont play along and right keeps going wrong. Im keeping the pressure strong. Im still dancing this dance for you-the music will not fade. The radio will soon play our song!! Im gonna hold it steady and stay in the game. My cards are yet to be played. Everything is about to change-the hurt is still heavy but it wont drag us down. Im always going to keep dancing to the music of your sound. Baby girl, I know whats left to be found. Waiting for their decision-then the music will play so loud-they cant deny our tune!! Our brighter day is closer and closer-the sun always shined for you and you alone. Wait for it-the clouds are going to move and the sun will shine again for you!!
    I will always bend but not break for you!! I cant wait till or song is played. With my love always-always-always-always-always-no matter-always!!!!!!!!!!! Determined Always-

  130. I love that.

  131. Does anyone know if all investigations of/into JB have been closed/finalized? Does anyone know if he had to sit for a lie-dectector test at all(through SJSCO or otherwise?)?

    Love,caring,sharing,helping,coping and always strong.
    Our Michelle is in heaven with all the others of our beloved family, looking down and watching over us. She is at peace,no more suffering.
    She as a gift, gave us many precious moments and her daughter, Alexis will continue where Michelle left off. So we still have her within our reach.
    Love grows more each day, and the sadness will be taken over by joy and peace for all of us who cared and love Michelle, Patty and Alexis.
    We know in our hearts and that is what really matters.

  133. There is & never was a "proper" investigation in this case. The deputy gave his statement & they ruled it immediately, they stated it was suicide BEFORE an autopsy was completed. He has never given a lie detector test, even after many of us demanded one. This is a true example of SJSO trusting their own when there is too much speculation of his part in this case. Is it too much to ask to consider the possiblity that michelle was not at all suicidal? Couldnt it be possible that he lost his temper & abused his power? Its happened too many times before to be so nieve to think there is only one way this tragedy happened. Anything is possible, so why not put some work into it & make sure!

  134. My favorite thing about Michelle was
    If she fell down seven times, she got back up eight!

  135. Michelle,

    I miss you so much words can not explain. We are not giving up and never will. Finally we are moving in the right direction, now we just have to stay on course and not give up! I pray you get the justice you deserve.

    Love you always!

  136. Six months is coming up and still no accountability from St. Johns County Sherrifs Office. Six months is rapidly approaching and St. Johns County office has still not responded to the main issue in the death of Michelle O'Connell. Their deputy left his service weapon (issued by St Johns County Sherrifs Office)out in the open, as determined by them. They still have not mandated or changed any policy regarding locking up weapons for safety. Especially if a child lives in thier deputies home.
    You cant tell me they are unaware of the deaths in nearby surrounding areas lately. Children accessing weapons, girlfriends/friends being shot by unsecured weapons-they cant be accountable for those people but their own deputy and his unresponsible conduct they are.
    She could make you laugh when the whole world was crying. She always knew the lightning came before the sun. Six months-thats all you get. St Johns County Sherriffs Office, you get no more of my life and time-no more of my sleepless nights-They need no more time preparing the case-Michelles case!!They are prepared and youve had enough time. Their is enough interest in this case out thier. Lawmakers stand behind us.If your deputy had been found guilty of domestic abuse,just misdeameanor-he could not have a service weapon or be a deputy! Respect is a two way street and your not staying in your own lane. A decision is deserved and owed regarding his actions-do whats right!! Public records and the Freedom Information Act entitle us to rights-you can white out as much as you want-There is never enough white out to cover up the blood stains in the loss of Michelle O'Connell.

  137. Nicely said!! I Love you Michelle, forever friends!

  138. Starting the organizational process of holding a Candlelight Memorial for Michelle O'Connell.(1yr)

  139. Dear Michelle.
    I will never give up hope. I wont pretend that I'm not afraid of what else they can do to the weak. I have seen there abuse first hand. But I will never believe their lies and coverups. I will see you some day in Heaven.

  140. Dear Michelle,
    Looking forward to visiting your Mom and your daughter, Alexis.
    We will also visit your resting place and always keep an interest in the real and whole truth about what really happened.
    Your entire family will not let this go and soon we will be joyous over the correct answers to our questions.
    We will never forget, you are and always will be a member of our family.
    Love you,

  141. Sometimes this feels like a David and Goliath type battle. All we need are a few stones to throw at the giant. The truth to hit the giant between the eyes. The evidence, the reports of abuse, the personnel file of the deputy in question, it all needs to fly at the face of the investigators. There has to be one decent person who will come forward. WE can win.

  142. Michelle I miss you more today than any day before. The totality of your death, the way you were taken is just so heartbreaking. I beg God for help and for Justice on this earth. You should be here now. It's so unfair. I am so sorry that I didn't help when you needed me the most.

  143. To the person who tried to comment, email me. oidvn@yahoo.com

  144. My desr sweet Michelle,
    Just recently, I visited your mom, Patty and your lovely little Alexis.
    I must tell you it broke my heart to see what has happened to these two special people in your life.
    Alexis is a wonderful sweet girl, breaks my heart that she no longer has you to nuture her, but Patty is doing her best.
    I will never understand the reason for this tradgedy, but maybe someday soon, it will be detected and corrected as it should be.
    I saw the video played at your funneral and it was a heart breaker, but it proved how much you loved life and your daughter.
    I visited your grave and you are so close to your grandfather's resting place and I know he will be with you always.
    This is sad but I feel that it has made us all feel closer and appreciate life and not to take one minute of it for granted.
    I promise to keep in touch with your mom, Patty, and your sweet angel, Alexis and hope I can some how help them whenever possible.
    All my love forever,

  145. AnonymousMay 07, 2011

    Dear Michelle,
    Tomorrow would have been a beautiful day for you and Alexis to spend with your Mom. I'm thinking of you always. I know Alexis would have a homemade card for you and a thousand hugs and kisses too. Praying for justice. I love you Michelle.

  146. May 8 Mother's Day 2011

    Dear Patty, Michelle and Alexis.
    I love each of you so much, you will never be alone.
    I am always close and thoughts of you are deep with love in my heart.
    I know this must be difficult for you,Patty, but you always have Michelle through Alexis, a gift to you every day.
    Love,hope and joy!

  147. AnonymousMay 16, 2011

    Thinking of you always. I will fight until the end. I love and miss you dearly. the 3 musketeers will always stand together.

  148. Remember, comments may start continuing on a second page.

    Just ran into this from March:

    Historic City News
    March 18, 2011
    St. Johns County Sheriff David Shoar informed Historic City News that he recognized many members of his agency last Friday evening at the 27th Annual Awards Banquet held at the World Golf Village Convention Center... A “Lifesaving Award” is given to an employee who rendered aid in saving a life. This year’s recipients were... Jeremy Banks...

  149. AnonymousMay 21, 2011

    He gets Hi Fives, Awards and Handshakes.. And I sit by a stone and talk to my bestfriend in the sky..& cry. Why did you do this to us all, to lexi..why?? I miss u michelle..love you forever! We wont give up!

  150. AnonymousJuly 04, 2011

    Michelle loved life and she especially loved her little girl Alexis. If she were still alive today she would be at the beach and planning on going to see the fireworks tonight. I hope you have a nice view from Heaven Michelle. I will never stop praying for Justice for you. You taught me how to live life and not to be afraid. I miss you so much and wish you could be here today.

  151. Uhm...what exactly is not forgotten? That you absolutely did NOT no either party?

  152. I believe it's "k-n-o-w" either party not "no" either party. Do you wake up mad at facebook every day for giving people a medium to connect with others and share? Or do you just post a snippy comment on a blog site that allows people connected to a horrible event to connect and share feelings? Or a third possibility, you are angry because this is just another way this situation is kept in the light until the truth comes out instead of letting the lies get swept under the rug. Hmmm...what could it be?

  153. What dark heart takes offense to the two words "not forgotten" in regards to Michelle?

    Not forgotten.
    Not forgotten.
    Not forgotten.

    St. Johns County Sheriff David Shoar assured in an on-air interview 2 days ago, "It is an active investigation... I can assure you the listener that this case is being investigated completely and diligently."

    Over a year later?

    A certainty of suicide would have closed this.

    Not forgotten.

    It's clear from comments that Michelle is LOVED. Michelle is missed. Those who are loved and missed are

    not forgotten.

  154. FYI: At some point there will be so many comments that there will be a link at the bottom to go to a second page of comments.

  155. I love you Michelle..Never forgotten.

  156. Sorry to the person whose comment I didn't post. You know why. :)


  157. My heart goes out to the family and friends of Michelle. I'm so sorry for your loss.

    Has the investigation been finalized?

    Thank you "Behind The Blue Wall" for your website and posts. I remember the only resource I had was the book, "I Love a Cop." Exposure is the only way to find the truth because it is exactly how you describe....a brotherhood.

    I was married to a St. John's County deputy. I have lived in the St. Augustine area my entire life until recently because I became a target for some of the deputies who were exposed for inconsistencies and inaccuracy in their statements and reports and not following procedures. It's the "good 'ol boy system" in St. John's County. I have paid dearly for divorcing my ex-husband. I'm still paying. You're either in or out. If you leave, you're out!! And they will protect each other no matter what - even if they know in their hearts that it is morally and ethically wrong. I've seen it with my own eyes.

    They need that brotherhood to protect each other when it is warranted. Their fellow officers are their family when they are working.

    I'm sorry for your loss. Michelle was a beautiful girl.

    I hope that you will find justice and I will say this...read their reports carefully. Find a reason and suggest the family depose the officers who were involved in the investigation. Get a copy of the county procedural manuals. Utilize the Freedom of Information Act! FILL OUT THE CITIZENS COMMENT FORMS!!! Those become public!! Look for inconsistencies in the report. They might be good at covering for one another, but a lot of them are really terrible at covering their tracks in the reports. ...I would actually assist my ex in writing some of the reports because they were awful! Now they have computer generated forms which help eliminate the mistakes but they have become even more careless...

    I'm sure the sheriff's office keeps tabs of this site; especially if the investigation wasn't conducted properly. Please let me know where I can find any updated information.

    Don't give up.

    ☮ * "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." ~Edmond Burke * ☮

  158. Wow, "cloud" you even say "no-cop hating" but that was pretty much across the board "they are all the same" COP-HATING. Her brother is a deputy and a damn good one! That story seems so well laid out, why don't you name names if you really were married to a deputy and the friends really are harassing you, call them out. After all this website is about not hiding. The bad ones are few and far between, the rest are hard working, under paid, family men and woman. Next time you need help don't call 9-1-1 because I would hate for one of the good ones to put there life at risk for one of YOUR family members!

  159. I agree. I shouldn't have let that through or at least have edited it so she could still make her other points. Would you like me to leave it there so your post makes sense, delete both... or what? Your call.

  160. It's important that this blog isn't a fest for generalizations. I see cop hating like saying all Black people do this or all White people do that. It's not okay.

  161. I appreciate that and I would like you to leave it up as a point to people NOT to hate on cops. They risk their lives in alot of cases and yet are stereotyped. People just remember there are alot of good cops out there and loving families waiting at home for them. Thank you Cloud.

  162. Your so welcome, and I appreciate you pointing it out. I didn't say, because I didn't want to make excuses, that I got distracted by her having dealt with SJSO and my cognitive wheels got to churning. I DO NOT like cop hating. I still cry every time I walk into a coffee shop and see an officer in uniform there because of our four Lakewood police officers who were killed just drinking coffee in a coffee shop. I love them - and I DO CALL 911 haha. You bet I do. I can't fathom living without a police force. OMG. It's clear what I do not like... but I would never throw the whole profession under the bus.

    Much love.

  163. I am a former employee of the SJSO and can honestly say this breaks my heart. I know all of the people involved. I am a mother. I am also the wife of a Deputy. He is a good, upstanding, morally fit person who would rather take a beating that to be a part of THE BLUE WALL if it meant and injustice was being served. Having said that. I am so saddened and ashamed that the SO has allowed this to continue. That beautiful young woman, who may or may not have had faults or addictions, was a daughter, sister and mother and deserves better.

    1. I want to say that I am very happy to hear that your husband would have no part in this, we are not trying to say all of SJSO is keeping this from justice. I personally know there are many upstanding police offers within SJSO unfortunatly we have meet great ones and bad ones. I am glad their are good upstanding officers like your husband. We never expected for someone that was innocent to be convicted of a crime they did not commit, if that was the case we could except the truth but that is not the case, we KNOW that Michelle did not do this and their is evidence to support that she did not but this investigation was not handled correctly, FDLE has taken on this investigation and is doing a tremendous job, their are great officers out there and I personally want to thank each and everyone that did their job to get justice. We will keep fighting and rest assured when we are done the world will know the TRUTH, thats what we want the TRUTH and JUSTICE! Michelle was a great mother, daughter sister and friend and she deserves the truth to be shared. And for the record, Michelle had NO addictions... she never took drugs etc and her toxicalogy report came back to prove that, even though friends of JB felt it was necessary to lie and say she was wasted the night she died... that was completly false and the investigation shows that she was sober.(unlike JB's toxicology report!!!)

  164. That was nice of you to contribute. The sheriff said in a radio interview that there's an active investigation. I wonder where it is. If anyone hears about it please let me know.

  165. Please do not send comments that convict someone. It's too much.

    Comment I received but have to edit:

    "Just for the record, if you knew HER, you know she was ADDICTED to nothing! Thats Obviously a lie spread by ______ ____ _______ ________. Please use your words wisely, there are many of us still suffering & theres no need to further spread speculations that are COMPLETELY INACCURATE."

  166. To the person who tried to post today, I'm sorry but that is too much personal information about living people to put on this blog. Even if it could be substantiated I couldn't post that.

  167. To the person who tried to post on the 23rd - though I can't post that info, can you email me? That's very concerning, and I'm worried. I hope everything turns out ok. Things are bad enough already.

  168. I believe you are referring to my comment but I dont know how to email you.

  169. It's printed below the comment box here.

  170. Had to adjust this a little.

    Anonymous has left a new comment:

    "Just heard the ___________ got his job back. I have lots to say. And, there was more than one investigation by FDLE."

  171. I hope it's okay with the person who submitted this, what appears to be an excerpt from the investigation, that I took out the name of the person who is making the statement to investigators and replaced it with "[REDACTED]".

    Anonymous has left a new comment:

    Statements made during an interview with Deputy [REDACTED] from SJCSO on January 17, 2011, this statement is a review of the events...
    [REDACTED] reported he stayed at the scene until Bank's parents picked him up and took him to their house. [REDACTED] attempted to talk to Banks on several occasions after O'Connell's death and even tried to contact him on facebook. [REDACTED] reported it was like he disappeared and did not answer him. [REDACTED] reported that Banks was a former roomate of his and Banks seemed to seperate himself from anyone he knew before O'Connell's death.
    [REDACTED] reported Banks had temper issues and he had observed Banks on several occasions while they lived together when Banks would leave the house and walk around for a period of time when he would become angry.
    [REDACTED] reported that Banks would get drunk he would get angry and throw stuff and act out. [REDACTED]reported he had to physically get Banks under control at times when he would lose his temper while they lived together. [REDACTED] reported he was not comfortable with Banks being around his children due to his temper and unwillingness to secure his guns in a proper manner.
    [REDACTED] reported a femal called and cancelled a date with Banks when they lived together and he lost his temper and over reacted to the situation. Banks went into his room and then left the house due to his display of anger.
    [REDACTED] reported Banks disappeared and cut off all contact with him after the death of Michelle O'Connell. [REDACTED] said that something just did not seem right and Banks would never give him a straight answer about what happened the night of O'Connells death.

  172. Yes I did

  173. Same thing here. I took a name out. (The golden rule.)

    Anonymous has left a new comment on your post:
    "Banks told [REDACTED] that he was angry that the 911 dispatcher referred to him as ma'am rather than sir. Your girlfriend is dead and that's all you are concerned about... Shows how easy you loose your temper!!!!"

  174. Does anyone know the choices a medical examiner has to choose from when picking from the manner in which a person died? Is undecided a choice, and if so does that mean they need more information? Or does the medical examiner actually wait for reports to base their decision, do they look at physical evidence too, or just get the solicited views of the police, in which whom their in contact with daily. I wonder if the m.e (medical examiner)ever had any doubts? Would he come foward? How does an m.e come to their decision, what did this m.e base their decision on? Was their any political pressures? Can a second opinion trump the first m.e? So many questions?

  175. Put political pressure on Michelle O'Connells case. Contact gov Rick Scott and ask him to request a copy of all investigating reports. SJSO and FDLE. This is not going away. This case should be heard in open court, with 12 jurors, people just like you and I, whom can add up that this case was a bust from the go. How many things went undone by SJSO, that should of been standard protocol. Michelle deserved more than just standard protocol, she got less than that.

    1. What evidence at the crime scene(Sept 2,) was submitted to the FDLE Lab for testing? This would be made up of the Forensics, wouldn't it?

  176. I'm so upset that this case was not passed on to another department, sooner than FDLE received it. How was this not a conflict of interest for them. You can't say it doesn't look biased. How do you investigate one of your own? Where's the checks and balances in that? I appreciate the sheriff finally getting a second opinion, but then to dismiss the facts that an expert presents to you is negligence. An expert, trained and respected was completely dismissed .The expert should be insulted. I wonder if st johns county has ever used this expert before, why now decide to not accept his findings? How convenient. I can only pray this expert stands their ground and know people out their stand behind them.

  177. 2 things.
    As folks can see an investigative report has been completed,


    these comments have gotten long and may start going to a second page. If so there will be a link to see more.

  178. Can someone help me get the information regarding whom is St. Johns county state attorney communications director? Also who is their chief investigator at the states atty office?

  179. On another forum it says the states atty is not going to prosecute.Why then not convene a grand jury? I was informed that if a states atty chooses not to prosecute a case, they can in turn give it to a grand jury to decide.
    Was this option ever considered, or offered? If it was, for what reason did the state atty give for not doing so? Is this still an option? How much power do we the people give, they work for us. It's there job to follow the evidence, if its one expert vs another expert, how do they split hairs? Isn't that what a grand jury is for? Let the people decide.
    This case needs a voice? It cries for the integrity of people,to say enough is enough. No more back door hand shakes, and favors. No more turning a blind eye. No more re elections of good ol boy antics. No more excuses. Where are the people who pledged to protect and serve? Surely, there is more to the story. Did fear get in the way, why not let it motivate you?

  180. Just heard rumors that during the interview the night Michelle Oconnell died, his sergeant was present in the car? Can that be confirmed? Is that normal, just asking? Was he interviewed on the scene, or at the precinct? Was anyone(civilian)allowed contact with him prior to the interview? Did any of the deputies have an issue with the Forensics, visually? Were any homicide investigators present? Were there statements taken?
    Also that the deputys firearm was returned to him several hours later. Even with an investigation continuing, sounds like minds were made up. What evidence was turned over for review? What labs were ordered by the sgt in charge of this scene? Where were they turned over to or whom, and by whom were they ordered to be done or why were they not ordered? Did the medical examiner, see any such evidence?

    1. Not the deputys firearm, other personal guns that were in the house.

  181. Only people subscribed to messages might see this. The blog comments finally got so long that I had to hit a link at the bottom that says "Load more" in order to see all the comments.


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