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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

[GA] Sheriff of Dade County makes statement about arrest of Deputy Pryor for battery of his wife

Dade County Sheriff's Deputy Steven Pryor was arrested after alleged battery of his wife.

Dade County Sheriff Patrick Cannon:

For Immediate Release

On September 28, 2010 an internal investigation was conducted on one of my deputies. I regret to inform you that Deputy Steven Pryor was arrested and charged with Simple Battery (family violence). The investigation showed that an altercation between he and his wife occurred and as a result the arrest was made. It saddens my heart when one of our own is arrested for any crime. As the Sheriff of Dade County, it is my job to make sure the citizens are safe and have confidence with the Sheriff’s Office. I will also strive to maintain integrity within my Department, and if need be, we at the Sheriff’s Office will even make charges against one of our own.


Sheriff Patrick Cannon
Dade County Sheriff's Office
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  1. Hey, Dade county is in Ga. Not tennessee. Inocent til proven guilty

  2. Hey Anonymous... "Innocent til proven guilty?

    The Deputy admitted to all the accusations his wife made. So I'd say int he face of his confession, he's not so innocent...



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