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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Methods of Madness: "'Creative writing' was a certain term that bosses used to make sure that the job got done."

Of course crooks accuse the police of lying. But not everyone who accuses the police of lying are crooks. The idea of being framed or set up is unimaginable for me - but I have spoken to many victims of officer-involved domestic violence who didn't have to imagine. In the articles on this blog there are countless cases that include agency cover up for known officer-involved domestic incidents, and posts of fellow officers covering for incidents of domestic violence. There are too many unsolved and unresolved DEATHS of officer's wives and girlfriends. Of course we only know about the lies where the lying has been EXPOSED. Most of the secrets will remain safe forever I'm sure.

Indicted during a corruption probe, Chicago Police Officer Keith Herrera shared this insight with 60 Minutes' CBS anchor Katie Couric:

"...'Creative writing' was a certain term that bosses used to make sure that the job got done... I didn't just pick up a pen and just learn how to do this. Bosses. Guys that I work with that were older than I was. That had time on the job, you learn this stuff. It's taught to you. 'This is how it's done. This isn't right. Put this in there.' And you gotta listen to them... I got high-fives and honorable mentions and department commendations..."

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