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Saturday, June 4, 2011

[IN] Lisa "Nettie" Peterson's life stolen by her cop ex

Lisa "Nettie" Peterson was killed June 3. 2011 by her estranged husband Benjamin "Ben" Hankins. Hankins is a Gaston police officer, and a corrections officer. He has been jailed and charged with murder. Their three children are without them both.

Monday, 06 Jun 2011
[Excerpts] The Gaston reserve police officer arrested for the shooting death of his wife, will have a pre-charge hearing Wednesday, Delaware County Prosecutors office said Monday. Benjamin Allan Hankins, 36, will meet, via video chat, with a representative of the Delaware County Prosecutor’s office at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday. Hankins is being held on preliminary charges of murder. Delaware County deputy prosecutor Zach Craig says if the office has not filed charges by tomorrow, they will request a 72-hour extension. “We want to get this done so we can get all the evidence and facts together. We don’t want to push this off,” Craig said... [Full article here]


Jun 03, 2011 3:46 PM PST
[Excerpts] A reserve police officer was arrested for allegedly murdering his wife Friday morning. Officers were called to a home on North County Road 600 West in Delaware County Friday morning for a reported shooting. Deputies found 32-year-old Lisa Hankins shot several times. She was taken to Ball Memorial Hospital, where she was pronounced dead. Police arrested Ben Hankins, a reserve police officer in Gaston, for one count of murder. Investigators say the couple was having problems in their marriage and that the shooting was a domestic situation... [Full article here]

Muncie Star Press
Andrew Walker
Jun. 3, 2011
[Excerpts] A Muncie woman shot dead early Friday has been identified by the Delaware County Coroner's office. The victim, Lisa A. "Nettie" Hankins, 32, died of multiple gunshot wounds Friday, according to Delaware County Coroner Scott Hahn... Lisa Hankins filed for divorce last August and the case was still pending at the time of her death... The couple have three children. The shooting occurred early Friday... The property was outlined in police crime scene tape... Nearby Wes-Del Community Schools was also on lockdown... [Full article here]

..."It was a complete shock," said Gaston police Marshall James Oliver... "Our department right now is upside down," Oliver said. "It's like we have lost a family member, you know what I mean? He's our brother. I know his wife, a sweetheart. Very good kids. Very good family, and you know... It's tough"...

POLICE: GASTON OFFICER FATALLY SHOOTS WIFE: Ben Hankins Arrested In Wife's Deadly Shooting
June 3, 2011
UPDATED: June 4, 2011
[Excerpts] A reserve police officer found himself on the other side of the law in Greensburg Friday night. Authorities said Ben Hankins shot and killed his wife Lisa "Nettie" Hankins, 32. Police said Officer Hankins called 911 just moments after the deadly shooting... "She pulled my gun. I'm a Gaston reserve officer. She pulled my gun on me and I shot back," Hankins said on the call... Dispatchers said they tried to talk Hankins through CPR, but he refused... Delaware County Sheriff's deputies said they had made one run to Hankins house in September 2010, just one month after the couple filed for divorce. Authorities said the couple had three small children, two of which were at school while the third, a 4-year-old girl, was sitting in a car right outside the house when the shooting happened ... [Full article here]

POLICE: GASTON RESERVE OFFICER KILLS EXTRANGED WIFE: Police say Benjamin Hankins, 36, shot and killed his wife, Lisa A. Hankins, 32, Friday morning at his house in Harrison Township
Muncie Star Press
Written By Andrew Walker
8:25 PM, Jun. 3, 2011
[Excerpts] ...Benjamin Allan Hankins, 36, called 911 at 7:44 a.m. to report his wife [Lisa "Nettie" Peterson] had been shot in his house... He was taken into custody at the scene and has been preliminarily charged with murder, according to Capt. Richard Pickett with the Delaware County Sheriff's Office... The police captain said the shooting occurred after Lisa Hankins had stopped at her husband's home so their two oldest children could catch the bus to Wes-Del Elementary School... "My wife and I were having an argument," Hankins said during one of three separate conversations with dispatchers... Hankins sounded panicked as a dispatcher repeatedly urged him to try to perform CPR on his wife, whom he indicated was not breathing.... Lisa Hankins was still alive when police arrived at the scene. She was taken to the Muncie hospital, where doctors attempted a life-saving surgery... Benjamin Hankins has been a reserve officer with his department for about three years... "It's a sad day for us, it's a sad day for the family," [Gaston Police Cpl. James] Dixon said. "We knew their family well. They've come to all our events and things like that, so we need to let the investigation take its course"... [Full article here]

GASTON RESERVE POLICE OFFICER CHARGED WITH MURDERING ESTRANGED WIFE: A Department of Corrections employee and Gaston reserve officer made a frantic 911 call. Hours later he was in jail for murder.
WSBT.com, Fox59
By Kent Erdahl
June 3, 2011
[Excerpts] A reserve officer for the Gaston, IN, police department is under arrest for allegedly murdering his estranged wife [Lisa "Nettie" Peterson Hankins]. Ben Hankins, a reserve officer and Department of Corrections employee, made the initial 911 call, but hours later he was taken into custody for murder... Despite Hankins claim of self defense, Investigators point out that Lisa Hankins suffered multiple gunshot wounds. That's not all. "From all the evidence at the scene and from what other things we've determined he was charged with murder," Capt. [Richard] Pickett said. "It was a complete shock," said Gaston police Marshall James Oliver... "Our department right now is upside down," Oliver said. "It's like we have lost a family member, you know what I mean? He's our brother. I know his wife, a sweetheart. Very good kids. Very good family, and you know... It's tough."
Ben Hankins: "She's not breathing."
Dispatcher: "Are you the only one home?"
Ben Hankins: "My daughter is out in the car."
Dispatcher: "Okay, how old is your daughter?"
Ben Hankins: "She's four."
Invesigators say Ben Hankins other two kids were on their way to school before the shooting Friday morning... [Full article here]

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