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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

[TX] Sheriff says Deputy Tijerina's domestic assault charge stems from PTSD, and dept. will help him

Ector County Deputy Richard "Ricky" Tijerina Jr.

SHERIFF'S DEPUTY CHARGED IN MISDEMEANOR ASSAULT: Donaldson blames side effects from standoff shooting
By Jon Vanderlaan
May 31, 2011
[Excerpts] ...Deputy Richard “Ricky” Tijerina Jr., 29, was arrested and charged with class A misdemeanor assault causing bodily injury (family violence) Sunday morning by the Odessa Police Department and was released a couple hours later on a personal recognizance bond... Sheriff Mark Donaldson said both Tijerina and his brother, Timothy Tijerina, were arrested after a fight between the siblings, but he is more concerned for Ricky Tijerina’s mental well-being than the cut he received above his eye that required stitches. Ricky Tijerina was the first of three law enforcement officers shot during the 22-hour standoff at [Victor Dwayne] White’s West Odessa trailer. Tijerina said he was shot after approaching White to mediate a dispute... Donaldson said he thinks this incident stems from the shooting, and described Ricky Tijerina’s condition as similar to post traumatic stress disorder... Ricky Tijerina will be given a leave of absence and will be helped by the sheriff’s office to work through any possible issues, further evaluating any disciplinary actions when he returns healthy. “My feelings are that he’s got a job. My feelings are this situation comes from a situation where he was protecting the public,” Donaldson said. “I think this office owes him to do whatever we can to save his career.” However, he did acknowledge that despite any problems, Ricky Tijerina still shoulders some responsibility for the fight. He said a conviction surely would end his career because he would lose certification, but he said neither of the brothers wants to press charges in the incident... Ricky Tijerina returned to work after the standoff Nov. 22. He was shot in the shoulder, ankle and leg at the beginning of the Sept. 17 standoff. [Full article here]
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  1. Ector County Deputy Fired After Attacking His Wife
    NewsWest 9
    September 15, 2011
    [Excerpts] An Ector County Deputy fired this week after attacking his wife for the second time. Ricky Tijerina was arrested Monday for domestic violence for the second time since May. We're told alcohol was involved both times. Sheriff Mark Donaldson said after the first arrest, the department did what they could to help him save his law enforcement career... The sheriff believes his aggression could be from post-traumatic stress but he says that's not an excuse...


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