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Friday, June 3, 2011

[TX] Before Evelia Villa was murdered she feared Arlington Police Officer Jose Mejia

It's reported that Evelia Villa lived for months in fear of Arlington Poice Officer Jose Mejia until May 23rd when she was found dead. Mejia was fired from Arlington Police May 12th.

..."She was afraid for her kids and herself," said the victim's brother, Jimmy Villa... [Friend, Jonay] Leon and others who knew Valencia said that she had been “terrified” for months of an Arlington officer against whom she had filed a complaint... "This is what they took away from me," said Augustine Villa, gripping a photograph of his daughter... Arlington officials have not disclosed the reason for his termination...

Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Posted Thursday, Jun. 02, 2011
[Excerpts] A woman whose children found her strangled in their apartment last week told an attorney just days earlier that she had received death threats from a fired Arlington police officer, the attorney said Thursday. Evelia Villa, 29, was one of three women who had complained to the local chapter of the League of United Latin American Citizens about Jose Mejia, a police officer who was fired May 12, said Domingo Garcia, a Dallas attorney investigating the complaints. Villa was found strangled May 23 in her apartment... Her death was not reported until four days later when the Tarrant County medical examiner ruled the death a homicide. In February or March, Garcia said, LULAC officials referred the women to Garcia's law firm, where another attorney helped them file a formal complaint against Mejia with the Arlington Police Department. Villa later told Garcia's associate that she had requested protection from the police after receiving death threats from the officer, and his office also told police about the threatening calls, Garcia said. He said he didn't know whether the Police Department acted on those requests, "We have no proof that he is involved in the murder, but we wanted the police to consider him as a suspect because he had motive," Garcia said... Villa told Garcia's associate that she had been harassed by Mejia more than once, Garcia said. The complaint to police stemmed from an incident that occurred about a year ago when, Villa said, Mejia came to her apartment and accused her of either selling or using drugs, Garcia said. Mejia ordered Villa to take off all her clothes while he stood in her apartment and watched, and then he left, Garcia said. Villa said Mejia threatened to kill her and her children if she ever told anyone about that night, Garcia said. Cellphone records After being told about Villa's death last week, Garcia said, he waited for news reports that never materialized. Finally, he sent a letter to Arlington police asking about the case. The next day, news of Villa's death was reported in print and on TV, Garcia said. "We have cellphone records of him calling Villa, and we assume that Arlington police also have those records," Garcia said. "It seems to me that they did not report it until they got our letter asking about what happened"... [Full article here]

Thank you to the Ellis County Observer that dug up the name of Jose Mejia. Main media was reporting on Evelia Villa's death without naming him. After the Observer posted his name June 1st, an article immediately appears from Fort Worth Star-Telegram naming him also. This is a step in the right direction. I would like to know why he was fired in May - the same month that Evelia was killed. This isn't a domestic case but there is something more here. Evelia's attorney says that Evelia passed 2 polygraph tests regarding then-officer Mejia ordering her to take her clothes off, then threatening to KILL her and her family if she told. A person who would do such thing - cop or not - could be predatory in a wider sense.

I am praying for Evelia's family and the investigators working on this case.

May the truth come to light,
whatever it is.

Dallas Morning News
Published on May 28, 2011
Villa - Valencia, Evelia Age 29, of Arlington, Tx, died on May 23, 2011. Visitation today 2-9pm with a rosary 7pm at Carrillo Funeral Home, Burial Mexico. [LINK]

From the Ellis County Observer:

Jose Mejia
Puerto Rican/Bolivian
DOB: August 3, 1975
Served in military, was injured and honorably discharged
Drives a black Dodge Charger


By Craig Civale
Posted on May 27, 2011
[Excerpts] Arlington police are investigating the death of a mother found strangled in her apartment next to her newborn daughter Evelia Villa Valencia, 29, was killed Monday afternoon after dropping off two of her children at school. She returned to her apartment with her 3-month-old daughter and was attacked. Sources told News 8 there were signs of a struggle inside. Valencia’s 11-year-old son returned from school to find his mother... Police have made no arrests, and said they are questioning those who knew her. News 8 has learned that includes a former Arlington police officer who was fired by the department on May 12. The officer was fired stemming from a complaint made by Valencia last year. The Arlington woman accused the officer of forcing her to take off her clothes in front of him. Police are not commenting on the circumstances of his dismissal or the specifics of the investigation. A spokesman for the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) criticized the Arlington Police Department, saying it should have publicly notified the community of the death before Friday. “My perception is they sat on it,” said Lico Reyes, LULAC... [Full article here]

Fort Worth Star Telegram
Sunday, May. 29, 2011
[Excerpts] Local officials of the League of United Latin American Citizens are asking for the FBI to investigate the Arlington Police Department on their handling of a case involving an Arlington woman who was found slain in her apartment last week. LULAC officials want FBI Special Agent in Charge Robert Casey to investigate Arlington police. Officials have criticized Arlington police, saying police officials should have notified the community on May 23 when Evelia Villa Valencia, 29, was found by her young son.. Arlington police have said the death was not reported until Thursday because that’s when it was ruled a homicide by the Tarrant County medical examiner’s office... Valencia worked as a bartender at Amigos to support her family, [friend, Jonay] Leon said. “She loved her kids so much. She was a good mother, a very good mother and a single mother at that,” Leon said. Leon and others who knew Valencia said that she had been “terrified” for months of an Arlington officer against whom she had filed a complaint. The officer was fired early this month, according to Arlington police... [Full article here]

Posted on May 31, 2011
[Excerpts] The League of United Latin American Citizens is calling for federal agents to investigate the murder of an Arlington woman [Evelia Villa Valencia]... Police continue to talk to friends and acquaintances of the victim, including a recently-fired Arlington police officer. Valencia had filed a complaint against that same officer last year. He was dismissed from the force three weeks ago. "This is what they took away from me," said Augustine Villa, gripping a photograph of his daughter. He fought back tears as he shared the pain of losing a child. Valencia, a mother of four, was found dead in her apartment in the 2400 block of East Park Row Drive with her infant daughter by her side. "She was afraid for her kids and herself," said the victim's brother, Jimmy Villa."It's real sad man, to do that to someone — especially in front of their three-month-old baby. They're heartless." LULAC has asked the FBI to find out why it took four days for police to discuss the crime. "These people are your eyes and ears, police department," said LULAC director Lico Reyes. "They help solve most of your crimes, and you're blinding them!"... "My heart is destroyed," Augustine Villa said. "I want there to be justice." [Full article here]

Fort Worth Star Telegram
Tuesday, May. 31, 2011
[Excerpts] The father of a woman found strangled last week said he was in Arlington on the day she was killed to help her move to a new apartment because she had been threatened by a police officer. Augustino Villa, 56, of Chicago, said his daughter, Evelia Villa, called him, pleading for help in dealing with an Arlington officer who had threatened to have Child Protective Services take her children and have her deported... Arlington officials have not disclosed the reason for his termination or identified him. "I offered to help her move, but the day she was supposed to move, a friend who helped us find the new apartment called to tell me that she had been killed," Augustino Villa said through an interpreter Tuesday. "We don't know that he is a suspect, but we know that she was afraid of this officer." Villa answered questions Tuesday at a gathering at Arlington City Hall that was called by the local chapter of the League of United Latin American Citizens. Lico Reyes, LULAC district director, said he has fielded at least four complaints from Arlington Hispanic residents regarding the fired officer... Evelia Villa's brother, Jimmy Villa, 26, said his sister was victimized by police because she was in this country illegally. "I just want justice for Evelia," Jimmy Villa said. "It's not right that a person be allowed to do this." The medical examiner's office last week reported her name as Evelia Villa Valencia. Her family said Tuesday that Villa was her correct last name. About two dozen people released balloons as they prayed for Villa's four children [Full article here]
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  1. any updates on this murder? i met this lady once and she was a wonderful mother. she did not deserve this!


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