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Thursday, January 5, 2012

[AR] Shots fired. Fayetteville Officer Davis arrested on 1st degree felony battery, aggravated assault, burglary

By Kate Ward
Posted: January 3, 2012
Washington County deputies arrested a Fayetteville police officer on Tuesday after he reportedly held his ex-wife’s boyfriend at gunpoint, according to a preliminary arrest report. Cpl. Terry Davis, 46, of 11859 Longstate Road in Elkins was arrested Tuesday in connection with felony first-degree battery and aggravated assault. He has been placed on paid administrative leave while the Fayetteville Police Department conducts an internal investigation. [LINK]

Associated Press
January 03, 2012
[Excerpts] A Fayetteville police officer faces charges over a domestic dispute in which he allegedly threatened his ex-wife's boyfriend with a gun and a knife. Washington County sheriff's deputies say 46-year-old Terry Davis of Elkins was arrested Tuesday for felony first-degree battery and aggravated assault... Davis, a Fayetteville police corporal, is on paid leave pending an internal investigation. The arrest report says he entered the home of his ex-wife's boyfriend and first threatened him with a knife... Davis allegedly fired at least one shot into the man's bed and threatened to kill him and take his own life... Davis was held without bond Tuesday pending a court appearance... [Full article here]

FAYETTEVILLE POLICE OFFICER ARRESTED: Corporal Terry Davis Placed On Administrative Leave
January 3, 2012
[Excerpts]  ...According to the Washington County website, Corp. Terry Davis was arrested by Washington County deputies on suspicion of aggravated residential burglary and first-degree battery... In court documents, investigators said police got a call from a woman who said an intruder was assaulting her boyfriend at her home... When officers arrived, the victim said that he was asleep when he heard someone trying to get into his home. He said he opened the door to see who it was and the man rushed inside and threatened him with a knife. The victim said that the intruder, who he identifed as Davis, also pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot him with it. The man said Davis fired two shots into his bed. The victim suffered cuts to his forehead and right hand during the incident.... [Full article here]
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  1. I would like to know why Corporal Terry Davis, a Fayetteville Police Officer, has not received the same charges as would any John Q. Public resident of this county..or for that matter this state. As an Officer of the law one would believe that he should hold himself to a higher level as to the letter of the law.
    Instead , Officer Davis chose to break a multitude of laws, and the only conceivable reason as to the lack of his being charged with a list of offenses is that he is a police officer. By the report in the Northwest Arkansas Times...Assualt and Battery, Kidnapping, Terroistic Threatening, are few charges that quickly come to mind. That he was only charged with battery first degree and aggravated residential burglary according to one report or first-degree battery and aggravated assault according to another.... is an insult to the general public.
    I hope all that read this article stand together and against the double standard rules for “them” and the rest of us. It is no wonder with this type of mentallity, that the general public has such a mistrust in the very ones hired to protect us. They say one bad apple can spoil the basket...well in this case it looks like instead of tossing the bad apple the “good” ones are gathering to hide him. Does that mean there are no truly good ones? That the very men and women that arrest people every day for breaking the law are some how above it, is a thought that does not set well with me.

  2. There is a lot involved in this case that you are unaware of. You are only judging by what is posted in the news who also don't have the whole story. One big thing you should probably like to know is that the "boyfriend" tried to kill the ex-wife in question approximately one week before the incident, and her family as well as the officer were worried for her personal safety. The fact that the "boyfriend" was in the house when he was not supposed to be there is the likely trigger of the incident. A little research should be done before things are said.


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