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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

[WA] Brutal wife-beater, Corrections Officer Dallen Brown, is where he needs to stay

An emergency room nurse told Monroe police officers it was one of the worst abuse cases he'd ever seen... bruised from "her nose to her toes"... The woman told officers that her husband, Dallen Brown, had punched her in the face and jabbed her in the ribs with his handgun. She told officers the abuse had been going on for years. She detailed incidents when she was choked, kneed in the stomach, kicked and punched. The woman told officers that Brown had held a gun to her and told her "shape up"...

I just found these articles from July and August last year, but I see that Monroe Corrections Officer Dallen Brown is still sitting in the Snohomish County Jail, so for the purposes of this blog I'll consider it current. He's so bad he has to be here.

By Eric Stevick, Herald Writer
Wednesday, July 27, 2011

EVERETT - A corrections officer at the prison in Monroe found himself behind bars Tuesday after he was arrested for investigation of assaulting his wife.

Medical records described more than 75 bruises to the woman's body, according to court records. A nurse from Valley General Hospital in Monroe told police that bruising was found from the woman's head to her feet.

Emergency room staff also told police that it appeared to be one of the worst cases of ongoing assaults they could remember, according to court records.

"It's so tragic when you see families so affected by this type of abuse," Monroe Police Department spokeswoman Debbie Willis said.

The correctional officer was booked into the Snohomish County Jail for investigation of three counts of assault.

A judge set bail at $50,000 Tuesday and ordered that the officer have no contact with his wife.

That's the bail amount Snohomish County deputy prosecutor Chris Dickinson was seeking. He argued that a high bail was warranted because the allegations describe "a series of severe beatings."

A defense attorney asked for $10,000 bail.

The correctional officer, 29, works in the special offender unit for mentally ill prisoners at Monroe, state Department of Corrections spokesman Chad Lewis said. The officer started working at the prison in 2007.

Monroe Correctional Complex Superintendent Scott Frakes will determine what action to take once the officer is released from custody, Lewis said.

In an interview with police, the woman described an abusive nine-year relationship. She said her husband would strike her with fists, elbows and knees and use a stranglehold on her. She said he struck her with a gun once and pressed a gun to her body and made verbal threats on another occasion.

She told police he hit her in the stomach and pelvis July 20.

She alleged that he choked her during an assault at their home on Monday.

She said she grabbed her two young daughters and left the house and hid in an alley until a relative could pick them up.

On Tuesday, the corrections officer walked into the Monroe Police Department and said he wanted to give his side of the story, according to court records.

He said his wife held the barrel of a gun to his face and threatened him during an April altercation.

He said he used different arm holds to control her when there were physical disputes.

He told police his wife instigated a fight July 20 by striking him with a dog collar while he "balled up" on the floor. He said he eventually put her in a headlock until she would stop fighting.

He also said he used self-defense on Monday when he struck her in the face, using a "hammer fist" strike technique he learned in defensive tactics training, according to court papers.

"We are continuing to investigate," Willis said. [Full article here]

By Diana Hefley, Herald Writer
Friday, August 12, 2011

MONROE - An emergency room nurse told Monroe police officers it was one of the worst abuse cases he'd ever seen.

The patient, the wife of a Monroe corrections officer, was bruised from "her nose to her toes" when police brought her to the hospital last month.

The woman told officers that her husband, Dallen Brown, had punched her in the face and jabbed her in the ribs with his handgun. She told officers the abuse had been going on for years. She detailed incidents when she was choked, kneed in the stomach, kicked and punched. The woman told officers that Brown had held a gun to her and told her "shape up," court papers said.

Brown, 27, was arrested last month. His wife had called a relative to ask that she come pick up the couple's children. The woman and her children were found hiding in an alley down the street.

The woman had a black eye and bruises along her stomach. The relative called 911.

Brown was charged Friday in Snohomish County Superior Court with three counts of second-degree domestic violence assault. Prosecutors allege that the assaults were committed under aggravating circumstances because they happened in front of the couple's children and over a prolonged period of time.

That opens the door for more prison time if Brown is convicted.

Brown is locked up in the county jail, his bail set at $50,000. He remains an employee of the state Department of Corrections, spokesman Chad Lewis said. Superintendent Scott Frakes will make a decision on what action to take when Brown reports to work, Lewis wrote in an e-mail earlier this month.

Brown came into the Monroe Police Department asking about his wife and children the day after she was taken to the hospital.

He reportedly said he and his wife had been in some fights. His said his wife attacked him first in each instance.

Brown allegedly told officers that he punched his wife in the face in self-defense.

"He said that he used a 'hammer-fist' strike in keeping with his defense tactics training from the prison, and that it was 'just a natural, instinctive thing,' " according to court papers.

Brown reportedly told investigators that he usually used a choke-hold to get his wife to calm down.

He told police that his wife was to blame for the violence in their relationship. He allegedly explained that she insulted him and "knew how to push his buttons," Baldock wrote in charging documents.

Investigators spoke with the couple's children who said they'd seen their parents fighting. They also collected a voice mail message the 6-year-old left with a relative last month.

"My mom and dad are fighting. My mom is going to get killed if you don't answer so please call. They're fighting right now," the girl said. [Full article here]


...Mr. Brown you are an embarresment to the men and women you worked with...

...To this narcissitic, poor excuse for a man, he has done nothing wrong and it's all her fault for "starting it"...

...Was he on meth or something? How can anyone be so stupid! To do it, to think he'd get away with it, and to try to justify it is just mind blowing...

...The voicemail recording from the 6 year old says it all...

...If he should recieve bail and reports back to work he will be automatically place on administrative leave with full pay and benies. But while in the county lockup awaiting trial he is placed on regular annual leave if he has any drawing hios full pay and benies. Once that annual leave is gone then he gets nothing until bailed out or released on PR. If and when he is convicted then he will be terminated that is the union agreement. So far he hasn't gotten bail and I don't see anyone running to his defense to bail him now...

...what a coward, just shameful!...

...If this coward is convicted he will be shipped out of state to do his time, but it won't take long for the inmates at the out of state prisons learn he is an ex prison gaurd, and then they will pounce on him, so he will most likley live in solitary...

...Way to go, blame the person you are kicking the crap out of... and then do it in front of your children...

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  1. I beliveve that Officer Brown is back at work in the Monroe correctional complex. How does this happen? That's all I wnt to know.

  2. No I am not working back with DOC. You might think this a joke but its not. I thank you for bringing light to law enforcement related dv and all of dv, it is an extremeley serious problem.
    For me. Everyone has every right in the world to see me as dispicible. What I did was more than that and my victims will always be affected by it.
    But know those same victims do forgive me and see me for who I am now. A much much better person and father. No we are not married anymore or together but we have a very fair and equal parenting plan and are cordial with one another.
    Out of all the hurt I caused we have bettered ourselves. She's successful and in a good, stable relatipnship and like always a good mom. I successfully completed a stress/anger mngmt course and am 2 months away from completing dv treatment and apply all I've learned to my everyday life.
    And yes I did most of my time in solitary but eventually was put in gen pop with many of my former inmates without any major issue.
    Sorry for all I've done and I can say that infinite times but it doesn't erase the past.
    If you suffer dv abuse or know someone who does get out and get help or be there to help them get that because this is a crime we need to squash out of our society.
    Thank you for your time,
    Dallen D. Brown


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