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Saturday, January 28, 2012

[NC] 1994: Hope Mills Police Officer Yeazel shot and killed by his wife Barbara

September 26, 1994 - Hope Mills North Carolina Police Sgt. Ronald Lee Yeazel was found behind a KFC restaurant in his idling cruiser, slumped against the door, with a shot in the back of the head. From news: "The officer's mother was seen leaning on Mrs. Yeazel as they were led to her pew at the funeral."

Officer Yeazel's wife, Barbara Yeasel, was charged with first·degree murder and sentenced to 15 years. The motive was never made public.

Star News, Oct. 2 1994

The Mount Airy News, Nov 21, 1996

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  1. This is my childhood friend when we were 13 years old in 1966. Same school and classes, hung out after school. We drifted apart over the years and never saw each other. I heard about it back in 1994 and couldn't believe it. I hate it. When I think about him I can see him smiling and laughing when we were kids.

    1. I am close to the family and the wife was wrongfully accused it was a Black Police officer that later was arrested for a death of another officer. Justice was not served !!! The family mourns his death eveyday its a was very sad!

    2. That story doesn't work.

    3. You need to get your facts straight. Barbara KILLED my brother. There has never been a question on that FACT. People like you only add more hurt to our family.

  2. I don't understand why she only got 15 years! It's not right she's out enjoying life and he got a life sentence!

  3. Only got 15 years you do know she spent only 8 years


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