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Sunday, November 13, 2005

[AK] Officer Owens being retried for murder of Sonya Dora Nitcuk Ivanoff

November 13th, 2005
Former Nome Police Officer Matthew Owens 2nd trial is half way through. ...The defense said in its opening argument that Owens was set up by other Nome police officers, one of whom may have actually killed Ivanoff... Prosecutors contend Owens stole the car himself and left a computer-printed note inside as a diversion, along with Ivanoff's pool pass... "Pigs I hate cops I hate everyone of you Sonya was just a person in the wrong place at the wrong time I did not know her as you can see it was easy for me to take your pig car..." Prosecution says he is guilty of tampering with evidence and the investigation right after the murder.

About Sonya on "Behind The Blue Wall":

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  1. This guy is the lowest form of humanity. In a position of public trust and he violates the people he swore to protect. Scumbag.


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