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Thursday, November 3, 2005

[SC] Officer Hembree's fiance Molly Wrazen murdered

November 3, 2003, Mt. Pleasant Narcotics Officer Justin Hembree's 911 call started like this: "I just walked in my apartment," he said quickly. "She's got a bullet in her chest apparently, there's a hole in her chest, there's a gun beside her, and she's not breathing."
After Molly's death, investigating agents delivered a report to Charleston County Coroner Susan Chewning: The circumstances were "most consistent" with suicide.

In the following investigation experts testified that Wrazen didn't have gunpowder on her hands and also that the fatal bullet was fired upward into her chest, extremely rare in suicides. Deliberating for only 40 minutes, the six-member jury determined Wrazen was a victim of homicide, but declined an option to name a suspect.

On the day of the ruling, the lead agent investigating Wrazen's death left his job. Two of his superiors were issued reprimands for not following proper procedures. Hembree was placed on paid leave, but now (as of this writing in November of 2005) is back to work.

The attorney general could file charges, decline to do so, or ask for further investigation.

One of Molly's friends: "One of the last times I spoke to Molly, she, in fact, had said to me Justin was stalking her, he was coming to her pharmacy all the time, and he was making it difficult to make a break with him. This relationship was an ongoing problem, particularly on his side. But, in typical Molly, she said, 'I am just so afraid he is going to do something to hurt himself.' That just shows you the type of person she was - always thinking about someone else and someone else's well-being."

Molly Wrazen, 28, of Mount Pleasant, S.C., formerly of Laflin, Pa., died Monday, November 3, 2003. Her body was discovered at the residence of an acquaintance. Born September 12, 1975, in Kingston, Pa., a daughter of Robert J. and Ann M. Sharkey Wrazen. She resided most of her life in Laflin, Pa. She was a graduate of Bishop Hoban High School, Class of 1993 and received her degree in pharmacy from the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy in 1998, where she earned Dean's List recognition. A licensed pharmacist, she was employed by Kmart and CVS Pharmacies in South Carolina. She was a member of the SC Pharmacological Society and the Chi Omega Sorority of the University of Pittsburgh. Surviving, in addition to her parents are a sister: Kerry Wrazen of Columbia, S.C.; a brother, Jason Wrazen of Minneapolis, MN; paternal grandmother, Agnes Wrazen of Laurel, MD.
Who murdered Molly Wrazen in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina? www.mollywrazen.com

TO THE FAMILY: I am so sorry.


Officer back to full duty as shooting probe continues
The Associated Press
November 03, 2005

A narcotics officer placed on administrative leave while the death of his former fiancee is investigated is back on full duty with the Mount Pleasant Police Department.

"I think 23 months of administrative leave is ample time to investigate and reach a decision," Chief Roddy Perry wrote in an e-mail to Mac Burdette, the town administrator.

Narcotics officer Justin Hembree returned to full duty last week.

Two years ago Wednesday, Hembree found 28-year-old Molly Wrazen's body in the bedroom of his apartment. She had been shot once in the chest with Hembree's gun.

Investigators first treated the death as a suicide, but her friends and family later hired their own lawyer and investigators.

A coroner's jury later determined Wrazen's death was a homicide. The inquest found failings in the State Law Enforcement Division investigation and as a result, one investigator was fired and others reprimanded.

A state-federal task force is now investigating and last summer, a new report was delivered to state Attorney General Henry McMaster.

In an e-mail released to The (Charleston) Post and Courier, Perry wrote he was unofficially told by those near the investigation that Hembree passed three polygraphs, the victim had gunshot residue on her hand and nothing new had been uncovered indicating involvement by the officer.

Hembree's attorney Andy Savage said there is no reason he should not return to duty.

"I know of nothing that has been uncovered, other than emotional statements saying that he was involved," Savage said.

There is no deadline for finishing the investigation, which centers on the death and initial SLED investigation, McMaster's spokesman Trey Walker said.

Prosecutors have not briefed Perry on the particulars, he added.

Wrazen, who worked as a pharmacist, broke her relationship with Hembree days before her death and was preparing to move to Florida where she had found another job, according to friends and family.

They wondered why the gun was found cocked and why she would take her life after making such plans.

After her death, it was discovered Wrazen was buying painkillers over the Internet and that some were sent to Hembree's apartment.

Investigators haven't said why she was buying the pills. An autopsy found she wasn't taking any painkillers.

The family's attorney, Tim Kulp, wondered whether the police weren't acting too soon.

"Hembree's return to full duty would be confusing to our community," he said, noting town officials have repeatedly said they would allow state authorities to handle the matter.
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  1. You may be interested to see a website about her death - http://www.mollywrazen.com

  2. I would indeed. :) I spent more time than you'd probably believe just YESTERDAY going through what I have, getting what I didn't, dissecting the obituary for relatives, and preparing to AGAIN remind folks on my police dv listserv mailing list that her death was ruled a HOMICIDE & NOBODY'S IN JAIL. THAT means there's a murderer walkin' around free.
    Like they say - if you're not outraged, you are NOT paying attention.
    I'm preachin' to the choir again. Sorry.
    THANK YOU for the link.
    I needed it.
    What I was really hoping to find yesterday, I know will be there. Without a doubt. ANNND, the timing is amazing.
    I was looking for a molly wrazen website and Google was not bringing that up, so will have to send the link to some search engines to scan into their database.
    Again, thank you.
    (She is so beautiful!)

  3. If so, all the more reason to pray this case opens back up and her murderer is imprisoned. Her killer could easily be someone who thought they had something to lose if their drug-supply arrangement was made known.

    "...Another mystery emerged when a private investigator for the family discovered that Wrazen was buying hundreds of prescription painkillers over the Internet and having packages delivered to HEMBREE'S APARTMENT..."
    (Source: Wrazen inquiry closed, TONY BARTELME AND GLENN SMITH, The Post and Courier, SEPTEMBER 01, 2006 http://www.charleston.net/assets/webPages/departmental/news/Stories.aspx?section=stateregion&tableId=105727&pubDate=9/1/2006)

  4. "...Another mystery emerged when a private investigator for the family discovered that Wrazen was buying hundreds of prescription painkillers over the Internet and having packages delivered to HEMBREE'S APARTMENT..."
    Very interesting. Not the first malicious death cover-up!,in mount pleasant.

  5. "Again I say to you,

    that if two of you agree on earth

    about anything that they may ask,

    it shall be done for them

    by My Father who is in heaven."

  6. This is in response to "Kev" you know the comment about the dope deal gone bad. First of all do you even have a clue about this case and second of all the only one on drugs appears to be you.....learn how to spell correctly doper and GET A LIFE !!! This is a very sad story and your comment was not necessary !!

  7. first my comment was not meant to be mean but i have seen this story since day one. I live in mount pleasant and have my opinions on the case. everyone seems to want to overlook the pills she orderd. even the owner of this site has to kind of admit it sounds fishy and who knows maybe she could have been dealing in drugs. its not un heard of. as far as i see and the states attorny general its a closed case. thank god and let her and her memory rest in peace.
    mount pleasant

    1. Kev, you are clueless! Murder cases are NEVER closed if not solved unless of course THEY KNOW WHO DID IT BUT BLEW THE INVESTIGATION TO THE POINT THAT THEY FEEL THAT THEY CAN'T PROVE IT. Its closed when there is no longer a "perp" to look for. That should tell you right away that the gulity party is known.

  8. Kev you like to lift one item out of context in a manner that seems that it is important to you personally that no one looks into this any further.

    I find that, um - interesting. You want people to drop it.
    Out of what?
    Or for

    PERsonal reasons?

    (Something's up.)

    As for second guessing me, you got it wrong. I don't think the pills are fishy. I think that her clean system implies something else.

    I think somewhere, there is a fish walking around very much alive on two legs.

    I have my biases - but stronger than that is my always right-on intuition.

    Molly was murdered so no matter what the court system does, this case is still open.

    Angels are working on it,

    don't sleep. :)

    Instead of pushing for closure, unless of course you do have some personal interest, why would you not instead be pushing for some real


    and answers?

    THEN it can rest.
    Only then.

  9. sorry i have no personal interest. My only comments come when i pick up the post and courrier and once again its in the pages. the last time was announcing that the states a.g. called it officially closed. if you want to think its open then thats cool too. i wasnt actually saying she took drugs either which i dont think she did. I helped with alot of other people close down a website implieing justin hembree was involved. another sit was up and still is but you cant shut them all down. your sit is informative and for good causes but simply put you waould ony have this case up there if you didnt have a certain biased idea about who you think "murdered" molly. so if angels reopen the case and get it solved all the better. I talked recently to david -her exboyfriend and he told me they are no closer to solving it. they had talked to him over 17 hours.

  10. If you can post that you have no personal interest, after saying you were involved in closing down a related website &

    "molly was a dope dealer... cheers"

    we have different definitions of the word personal.

  11. i guess we do

  12. This case is a ridiculously crooked. Look at the facts: Hembree's gun, Hembrees apartment is where the painkillers were sent, Hembree's apartment was place of murder, Hembree was "working" and his friends attested this, written accounts from Molly's friends saying how he was "stalking" her, other accounts saying she was thinking about leaving for Jacksonville, Hembree went to the bathroom as a fact and could have easily washed his hands before the gun powder tests, Hembree was not tested for drugs in his system, he passed two polygraph tests that are not even close to 100% accurate, the SLED initial investigator left his job because of doing such a weak investigation, this case is very open and the only reason moves are not being made to the real murderer in this case is only because one reason. The murderer might be someone that is protected by the crooked place called Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

  13. stop whinning about Mount pleasant being crooked. Hembree wasnt even a suspect. I still think it was a drug deal gone terribly wrong. Even so its unsolved. The fact was Molly ordered the pain killers to his apartment. Hembree could have gone to the bathroom to throw up after seeing his gf dead. not even close to accurate?? the polygraph? are you an expert? Im not but think they are accurate enough. If you think that the Mt pleasant police are covering this up then do something about it anon. protest in front of the town hall. write to mayor hallman. If this case is so very open then solve anon.

  14. AnonymousMay 14, 2007

    To Kev,

    You keep going back to the fac tthat drugs were ordered from Molly's copmuter. Did you ever think that HEMBREE ordered them!
    That man is guilty as anything and yes, the police in your town are just as guilty as he is. They botched it from the begiing.
    Drug deal gone bad my white butt!
    He's a stalking, a nut bag and a MURDERER!

  15. AnonymousMay 26, 2007

    There really is nothing new under the sun...

    Deputy's wife facing drug charges
    MyFox Tampa Bay, FL
    22 May 2007
    PORT RICHEY - As a pharmacist at the Port Richey Publix, Kimberly Cohen had access to all the drugs, including the highly addictive narcotic Hydrocodone... she said, to give relief to several family members - including her husband... Matthew Cohen was a deputy sheriff until the Sheriff fired him over this. He denied taking the pain drugs, but refused to take a drug test...

  16. Kevin – despite your noble efforts to point the readers down a legitimate trail, few seem eager to go in that direction. But I am curious. How does a drug deal “go bad” in a police officer’s apartment, resulting in the death of his lovely and loving fiancée, and it not provoke a massive statewide and/or nationwide manhunt for the killer? Wouldn’t Hembree have confessed to his drug use misdeeds in order to find the killer of his lovely fiancée? Or is he too much of coward?

  17. she had a key to his apartment. She could have used his apartment at any time to conduct a drug deal. Just because she was pretty and popular and successful doesnt make her any less of a person to use drugs or deal them. she could have pissed off the wrong person in a deal and was killed. the trail has since grown cold.

  18. after reading your comments kev i have come to several conclusions. you are either a lawywer (or law student,cop,the murderer, or know who is. you have implicit knowledge of this case that someone on the inside could only have. you are trying to blow smoke in every direction to support officer hembree and are not unbiased in the least. you (if you had some)should be neutered because you are what is wrong with america because you need to believe the untenable for gain or some sick pleasure. your comments are disgusting as i am sure you are in real life. if i am speaking to the murderer or an ally, please know you will be caught and i hope burned at the stake.

  19. sorry to make you mad with my comments. Just being a devils advocate on the case. 1 the case is closed 2 I don't believe or disbelieve Hembree. and 3 the only raunchy comment might have been me saying she was a dope dealer. sad as that might sound. drugs were involved. anyway the case is closed. No too I am not a cop or work on some inside angle or know the killer or the killer. It was suicide until a clown court ruled otherwise. People want to believe its Hembree because its logical. I dont care but read the daily paper on it and live in the same city. I saw how slanted the paper was on dint think it was correct. I also saw how slanted a website was and shut it down. I even called Mollys ex boyfriend and chewed him out over the website and he too said it was overboard and un called for and he has since moved on. The one that has moved on is the general public. Now itsthe white house and who the next prez will be. time for you Dr to do the same.

  20. I am not a cop, lawyer or the killer. She(molly) either killed herself or was killed by a dope deal. I am convinced of this. If its too harsh I'm sorry if the blog owner thinks its too harsh and censors it oh well. the blog owner made this site to vent on her own story of cop killing a spouse. there is no other reason for it. I wish the story had a better ending but I only read whats been in the post and courier and live in Mount pleasant. thats the only connection I have and feel since day one that it has been a clown court and public conviction of hembree. I've never met the guy and never will.

  21. Kevin, it's "over" when it's forgotten - but not until then.

    And I don't recall censoring you, ever. Did I? I'm not sure where that came from.

  22. you had not censored anything just figured you would. the last time I even mentioned anything in you blog was last november and suddenly I get an e-mail about this dr person spouting off.I was saying its over maybe because the paper doesnt report it , the states a.g says its closed and the families attorneys as well. I guess in certain peoples hearts its not over but whatever happened to you to make this website hopefully you get closure too. thats not a slam its an observation. If I made a website about tomatoes chances are I either like eating them or have a tomatoe farm.

  23. -- I've added the main Molly website to the original blog post.

    -- Do we have any more pics of Justin Hembree?

    -- Does Justin Hembree still use his name or did he change it, like slain Melanie McCracken's cop husband - New Mexico Lt. Mark McCracken - did?

    "My daughter, Melanie McCracken, 25, died on August 5, 1995. There has never been an official determination of what killed her, but the OMI Chief's personal opinion is "violent assault." Melanie had been married for eighteen months to Mark McCracken, a New Mexico State Police sergeant..."

  24. sorry to hear about your daughter. It does sound weird to change your name. I have no idea what Hembrees doing even if he is in police force anymore. If he had changed his name it would probably be because of media hounding and then public hounding. why did mcracken change his name????I like my first name but not my last name but wont change it due to expense of it.so the blue wall is a form of police inner protection you think?? I dont know of any pictures of Hembree He was undercover cop and then Dave her x put his pic up on his website so it blew his cover.

  25. [kevin said...
    "you had not censored anything just figured you would..."

    You need a hug!]

    Dateline is looking at the unsolved/ unresolved cases on the blog. I would hope for every family that has been left with unanswered questions that such an exposure and resurrection of the cases could happen. It may be they pick a couple or none. We'll have to wait and see. Actually I have been moving those cases over here:
    and that is where they are being examined.

  26. To family -
    Please contact me asap.

  27. I don't know if Justin is innocent or not but I do know that there is information that is being given that is untrue and being blown out of proportion. How many of you putting your comments on here were actually involved in Justin and Molly's lives? Whey did her friends and family not say anything sooner if they felt she was in danger? This case was ruled a suicide and closed. The more you push this the more you drag this out for Molly and Justin's families. There was no evidence that this was a homicide. Everything pointed to suicide. Maybe you should all get your facts straight and stop blaming Justin. There could have been a million other people out there that could have done this. Someone could have wanted to fram Justin, who knows. I just feel that it is very unfair to make all of us who were actually close to Justin and Molly keep reliving this. We all want to know what may or may not have happened to Molly but have you ever stopped to think maybe if he was as bad as everone says he is, she may have really wanted to kill herself? You have to look at the big picture, not just what you want to see!

    1. Molly did say something to many around her about his behavior; even a DHEC officer ( badge carrying law enforcement) who forwarded the information about his behavior to a MPPD officer. Many witnessed his stalking at her job, etc. If you consider her personality you would realize that she probably did not want to jeopardize his livelihood with reporting his behavior, just wanted him to leave her alone and move on. She probably also feared provoking him in that way.

    2. Yo Justin, I mean "KEV" you are strangely silent now that the officer's (who by the way has actually been "promoted" over the years) wife (a nurse how convenient) has been arrested for a very similar narcotic related offense. Any comment about that? What say you now?

    3. A dope dealer showed up at a cops home, found and used the cops gun to kill his loved one? Idiot.

  28. I knew Molly. She would never kill herself, nor would she deal drugs. This guy was another power hungry cop who had a few screws loose and he did the deed. The police take care of their own. And this lugnut is another example of how so many southerners think they live in a different country. Get a clue.

  29. I knew Molly...She would NEVER take her own life! That bastard should rot in hell. He knows what he did...I hope I never see him in person...

  30. I can't believe this case has not been solved. And some of the comments on here are baffling to say the least. Kevin, a few questions for you. If Hembree had nothing to do with this, why did he invoke his fifth amendment right to not testify in the coroners inquest? Do you think his attorney advised him against that? But why would that be? I would think it would be pertinent to the trial since it was HIS apartment and HIS gun.

  31. i have no idea if he invoked his 5th amendment right. If he did I have no idea why. if he did I think his attorney said to. Andy savage is a smart attorney. There was no trial. so there was nothing to be pertinent. I thought the inquest was a waste of time. yes it was his apartment and his gun. but she had a key to it and as far as the whole thing its kind of old news and most people have moved on. I mean the lady who does the site still hasnt moved on from her daughter but we all grieve differently

  32. My daughter is alive and none of my children have died. Try something else.

  33. oh sorry i thought cloud writers daughter was killed by a cop. My mistake.

  34. Man you are a jerk.
    I knew Molly and there is no way she would sell drugs. I have no respect for the MP PD.
    Are you Justin's brother, friend, capt. or other> Either way, you don't have a clue.
    Down with you, the MP PD and Justin

    rest Molly Rest

  35. There's no doubt in mind what happened. Molly was murdered and her murderer is amongst us.

  36. sincerely the truth will set you freeJanuary 23, 2010

    Kev or KWW or whatever you go by.... for someone that has no interest about the case you seem to be very persistent about posting on a website you have no relation with... seems like maybe you are defending Justin or maybe are him or his family..... there are a ton of cases on behind the blue wall that talk about almost identical situations so why don't you research those cases before you make such bold statements...... why such a negative interest or opinion about Molly.....? Do you have any "information" for or against her?

  37. Well Kev, I guess anyone with no heart would have the same lonely reaction..... it is never his fault.... so sad..... Why would you go on a website for police brutality victims to help find unsolved crimes and talk about innocent dead victims who cannot defend themselves? Maybe you need a new hobby I understand looking for the truth, but still looking for any evidence or help you had toward Molly's case i've sadly seen nothing but BS.... so what new evidence do you have positive or negative? Maybe you can try knitting or something else in your spare time hunny?!?!?!?!?

  38. was the scene ever processed properly , eg photographed - bruises, blood spats. Fingerprinted etc etc. If enough information is available the FBI's 'dead case' office might be interested in having a look at it for you. Which ever way you look at this case from presented evidence, some things are not right and there appears to be a need for an independant investigation to commence sooner rather than later.

  39. I suppose it would be really hard to find proper evidence, fingerprints, etc., in a police officers apartment who could have easily compromised the scene and waited to call 911 til he was ready and called as a dirty cop..."this is Hembree I'm a mppd" a cop, not a sad victim ..... it was his gun and apartment after all right? How bout the bruises on her ankles...Maybe he dragged her to a place that worked for his setup crime scene? What a cooperative and concerned "fiancee" Justin was?!? Wow hope he can sleep at night....

  40. And "Kev" or whoever you are for someone who has no interest in this case just a bored "concerned citizen" how did you know Justin's attorney was Andy Savage....how did you say it I will quote "Andy Savage....A SMART ATTORNEY"? ooh yah but you know nothing about either party or are taking sides but are sure promoting Justin and especially his lawyer... Is this free promo for Andy or Justin or are you maybe not who you say you really are? Hmmmmmmm wouldn't we all like to know? Who was the lawyer for Molly's family? Maybe to be fair you should give him a thumbs up too well unless you are taking sides after all this time?

  41. I have always taken interest in this unspeakable act by Justin Hembree. I have had the privilege to meet him and work alongside him. I walk the blue line and have arrested murderers, dopers, wife beaters..etc.. He is a mysterious man and the look in his eyes says he's hiding something. He is dark,deceitful and fully capable of doing this act.
    I am embarrassed to say I wear a shield alongside these retards who handled this case. Police 101 even people who watch CSI will tell you treat everyone as a suspect even an ex-boyfriend especially one who found her dead. My advice to the parents of Molly.. DON'T STOP. Hire a voice stress technician to review the 911 call from Hembree..
    "I just walked in my apartment," he said quickly. "She's got a bullet in her chest apparently, there's a hole in her chest, there's a gun beside her, and she's not breathing"... Who says that? A loved one that just found his girlfriend on the ground?? For those in Investigations will tell you that how the wrods he said are a red flag.
    As for the comment that she was a doper.. Can't beat bank account transactions and blood work. Funny if he was an elite narcotics officer but didn't know his girlfriend was selling thousands of pills? hard to believe that or unless he sucks at his job. BUt I know that he is pretty damn good with narcotics work.
    We can comment and give theories but only God will judge him.. May peace fall upon the Wrazen family.

    1. Hi Anonymous, although it has been years since you have posted this I would love to hear any insights you may have into this case. Molly deserves some kind of justice and maybe you can help after all of these years to get justice for Molly.

  42. Yeah. Who says that?

    And a narcotics officer not noticing his woman is a drug dealer. Yes, hard to believe.

  43. Molly will always be loved and missed. She was
    only a year younger than I am. It is hard to explain to someone how hard this is, if it never never happened to them. I now someday that the person who put the bullet in her will pay. Our world is such a crupt one. Rest in peace molly

  44. R.I.P. Molly you will always be loved and missed. For anyone that needs to speak negative about her bring some real evidence before you talk negatively about someone who is dead and cannot defend herself and are willing to defend a murderer...Molly will rest in peace and Justin well he has to live with what he did for the rest of his life here on earth...good luck with that Mr. Hembree... Lucky for you that you and your family do not have to spend every holiday missing their loved ones

  45. Rest in Peace Molly.... after reading all of the past comments all I can say is Justin is a trained police officer who knows what to do and look for in a crime scene, especially in his own home with his own gun with NO FINGERPRINTS.... Justin surely has moved on and is living his life and probably feels no remorse. If my "fiancee" was killed, especially in my HOME with MY GUN my first step would not to be to have Mt pleasant pd to hire a high profile attorney Andy Savage and plead the 5th, but I would be so angry i wouldn't stop until i found her killer... especially after it was called a homicide. So a narcotics detective is ok with his "fiancee" murdered in his own home and continues to plead the 5th and never even thought about trying to solve the case..... hmm something about all of this doesnt seem right?

  46. AnonymousJune 05, 2011

    Sorry, to see there's still no closure. My prayers go out to her family & friends. Its still talked about in the Charleston area. I imagine it will continue until solved. She was a well liked young lady.

    Andy Savage, is a well known lawyer in the area. You would be hard pressed to find a local who hasn't heard of him.
    (In reference to earlier comment about knowledge of him)

  47. Good post update finally

  48. AnonymousMay 30, 2013

    Will the investigation ever be re opended to find the killer. It should be. What is wrong with our justice system if we just let this case go by the wayside. I would be embarrassed if I were Andy savage. Shame on u Andy.

  49. Rest in peace, Molly. Prayers for justice.

  50. AnonymousMay 23, 2014

    I knew both of them and am shocked by some of the comments!!! There is no way that he didn't do it. I was married to Justin's roommate at the police academy. I have experienced the games that the MPPD will play to protect their employees. It's shocking!! I really hoped that someone would make this right. I guess I had too much faith in a system that is broken. RIP Molly. My prayers are with the family

  51. I found this interesting. He started dating this woman 3 months or so after Molly's death.


  52. Well well well. His new wife was just busted for swiping pain killer scripts from MUSC. You still he is no guilty?

  53. He is and always will be guilty. When the coroner's inquest was done, he was facing no charges so why would he invoke his fifth amendment right not to testify so as not to to incriminate himself. If you recall he and his family were opposed to the Coroner's Inquest. If he truly loved Molly why would he and his family not want to find out or assist in finding out how she died. There is only one answer. He murdered her. Hopefully Mount Pleasant will do the right thing and get rid of him now and open up a cold case file. What are the chances that one woman you are dating is linked to the very same pain killers and is murdered with his gun in his apartment and he finds her and makes that ridiculous call to 911. And then 11 years later his wife is caught illegally obtaining the same narcotics. The answer to the question is obvious that kind of stuff doesn't happen to same guy twice coincidentally. He is obviously the one illegally obtaining the pills. Just like OJ Simpson, people who get away with murder will reoffend. Lets hope this case is reopened before another body is found. I can't imagine the fear his wife must be living with now. If he is innocent, I would like to see he, his wife and all witnesses re-examined and given polygraphs.

  54. This comment goes out to those individuals who are posting on this site. I know the family very well and have for over 18 years. To those who called Molly a drug addict - please get the facts straight every test administered by the coroner and medical officials showed that Molly had ZERO narcotics in her system and ZERO signs of narcotics abuse. If Molly was using it is very doubtful that she randomly stopped because it occurred to her that her entire life was going to end and her privacy would be violated and shared among the world.

    For those who think it is a random coincidence that Officer Hembree's present wife is a drug abuser and the oxys were for her personal use - get a reality check. What is it the police say all the time - there is no such thing as coincidences.

    We can all sit here and fashion opinions and theories about the circumstances surrounding Molly Wrazens death but at the end of the day the truth still has yet to be revealed.

  55. Are you crazy or related to the officer in question? What "dope buyer" would show up at a COPS apartment to buy drugs or kill a supposed love one unless the cop was involved? (Or the killer himself?)

  56. I knew Molly and went to school with her brother. Molly was a kind, loving, super intelligent girl. This case haunts me. Not in one million years would Molly Wrazen ever, ever kill herself. How can we bring her justice?

  57. I knew Molly from a young age through High School and can simply say that there is absolutely no way that she would do anything illegal, especially sell drugs.

    My assessment of this is that Justin most likely stole her identity, liscence #, and credentials to buy pills online while brilliantly shipping them to himself.

    Moreover, I wouldn't be surprised if some of the comments made here come from people who personally know Justin, were involved in some way, or form part of the incompetent imbeciles who ran the initial investigation simply to sidetrack everyone from what happened.

    In short, I wouldn't loose a wink of sleep reading in the news someday that "Officer" Justin Hembree was shot and killed in the line of duty. If anything, he certainly deserves it.

  58. Is anyone here in 2021

  59. AnonymousMay 18, 2022

    Hello. Thank you for keeping this young lady's story alive. I'd just like to direct you to a subreddit I set up for someone from Mt. Pleasant who was somehow connected to the case. They supplied almost all of the content you will find there, then deleted their account.

    r/MollyWrazen on Reddit
    Stop by if you'd like to comment or read about the case.

    1. AnonymousJune 18, 2023

      I plan to be the voice for her. They just promoted again to Captain. We need Justice!

  60. My name is James King. I'm a journalist in New York City looking into this story. If anyone has any information they'd like to share with me, please email me at jamesaking41@gmail(dot)com. All communication will be off-the-record until you tell me otherwise. Thanks in advance.

    1. Please let me know if and when something is published or produced

  61. We will never forget Molly Wrazen and the injustice of the MPPD and your at large murderer Justin Hembree !

  62. How is it possible that Molly Wrazen murderer, Justin Humbree, and new chief of investigations still works for the Mount Pleasant, SC police department? It has been over twenty years since this scum bag killed Molly and the Mount Pleasant Police department is still covering for this guy. Talk about a corrupt town !


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