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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

[NH] Salem Officer Mulchahey fired again, wants it back (again)

Police Officer Kenneth Mulchahey is fired again and heading back for arbitration to get his job back if he can - again. An arbiter has overturned his firings twice before. In 2002 he "allegedly" ran license plates of his ex-wife's friends. Salem District Court Family Division Judge Gerald Taube also issued a restraining order to Mulchahey's wife who said she was in fear for herself and their kids - for reasons not put in the news. He ordered Mulchahey to surrender all his guns. In 2004 he was caught repeatedly hanging out at home when he was supposedly on-duty. The arbiter worked it to suspend & demote him from sergeant to officer. His wife opted to drop the restraining order - for reasons not in the news.

This year Mulchahey was arrested in Massachusetts on charges of assault and battery, assault and battery with a deadly weapon, disorderly conduct & resisting arrest. It was about an "altercation" where police say Mulchahey tried to grab a cell phone from a girl’s waist during an argument, refused to follow police orders when approached and then "bumped" a sergeant with his car door as he tried to drive away. His arrest on that assault of the girl and the officer came 2 weeks after he returned to work following a 30-day suspension for "insubordination" - an argument between Mulchahey and a sergeant who reprimanded him for altering his police uniform to show more of his biceps.
Town Manager Henry E. LaBranche made the decision last week to fire Mulchahey, ending the $994-a-week salary he collected while on paid suspension.


  1. This has been floating out there for sometime. It requires that it be set straight. First, Kenneth Mulchahey was NOT fired. He resigned after 20 years of service. Second, his ex-wife was terminated "WITH PREJUDICE" meaning she lied and cannot ever make those claims again. THIRD, the charges were placed on file then removed!! This person served 20 years on Police Department and 30 Years in Military (Reserves). The Salem NH Police Dept since Chief Donovan took over has attempted to fire or force out any individual who he thought was a threat to his regime building. The fact bear out that the turnover rate went from 1% to 70% since he took over. The sad fact that individuals such as Kenneth Mulchahey were cleared but NOT reported in the newspaper or on Blogs like this speaks to the sad fact that people only want to hear the bad.

  2. It is extremely unethical to not report when someone is cleared.

  3. He got away with it. All those charges didn't come from the ex or just out of thin air. People aren't stupid.

  4. Okay. Digging out some old news.

    Eagle Tribune
    NH News
    November 30, 2005
    [Excerpts] Co-workers advised police Officer Kenneth E. Mulchahey to quit, retire from the local force and try to boost his pension by landing a patrolman's job elsewhere in New Hampshire. But Mulchahey decided otherwise, opting to fight for his job with the belief he did nothing to warrant being fired after 19 years on the force. He now faces a fight to get his job back. Town Manager Henry E. LaBranche fired him last week, ending the $994-a-week salary he collected while on paid suspension... Faced with an impending firing, union officials said Mulchahey had two choices: retire or fight to keep his job while risking losing it... An arbiter has twice overturned Salem's decisions to fire Mulchahey. The first came in 2002 after he allegedly ran license plates of vehicles parked in his ex-wife's driveway. Last year, he was one of three officers caught spending too much time at home during the midnight shift. The arbiter opted to suspend Mulchahey and demote him from sergeant to officer. His arrest came two weeks after he returned to work following a 30-day suspension for "insubordination"... Methuen police said Mulchahey got into a disagreement with a 14-year-old girl following a movie that she allegedly disrupted. Police said he grabbed at the girl — leading to one assault charge. When officers investigated the matter, they said Mulchahey would only identify himself as a "Salem cop" and would not answer their questions — contrary to what he has said. Told he was not under arrest, Mulchahey said he walked to his Ford Focus. He said he turned the car on and put it into reverse when Sgt. James P. Jajuga Jr. opened his driver's side door, wanting questions answered. The car door hit Jajuga when, according to Mulchahey, he put the car into park. That contact led to Mulchahey being charged with assault and battery on a police officer. He was also charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Methuen police say Mulchahey, back at the station, begged officers to let him go, claiming the arrest would cost him his job...

    Fourth suspension leads to cop's dismissal
    By Matt Elder
    Updated: 12/1/05
    [Excerpts] A Salem police officer who was suspended four times in three years has been fired... Kenneth Mulchahey, 43, of 49 Bluff St., Salem, was fired effective Nov. 25, Town Manager Henry LaBranche said... LaBranche had no comment on the reason he fired Mulchahey. Police Chief Paul Donovan, who has recommended that Mulchahey be fired two times before this incident, also had no comment... The incident occurred two weeks after Mulchahey had finished his 30-day suspension for insubordination after he altered his uniform to show more of his biceps. Mulchahey has received two other suspensions in the past three years...

    By Jason B. Grosky
    Eagle Tribune
    Eagle Tribune, MA - 6 hours ago
    December 23, 2005
    [Excerpts] ...Kenneth E. Mulchahey will have his record wiped clean if he stays out of trouble for a year. Yesterday in Lawrence District Court, Mulchahey acknowledged prosecutors had a strong enough case to find him guilty and, under an agreement with prosecutors, the case against him was continued until December 2006 without a finding of guilt or innocence. If Mulchahey stays out of trouble until then, the charges against him will be dismissed. Should be be arrested again, a judge could automatically sentence him to up to 10 years in prison without a trial... The court ordered Mulchahey to write a letter of apology to [Methuen Sgt. James P.] Jajuga and stay away from him for a year. [Defense lawyer Mark] Stevens would not say yesterday whether Mulchahey has written and sent the apology...

    The Eagle Tribune
    By Jason B. Grosky
    February 18, 2006
    [Excerpts] An arrest warrant was issued for fired Salem police Officer Kenneth P. Mulchahey after he did not write a letter of apology to a Methuen sergeant he assaulted outside a local movie theater by Jan. 31... But when the apology arrived yesterday — 17 days late — court officials withdrew the warrant, Methuen police Chief Joseph E. Solomon said last night. "It's not too bright considering all he had to do was write a letter" and file it on time, Solomon said... It was unclear last night how the court will proceed — whether it will allow the case to continue as if nothing happened, or consider reopening the charges against Mulchahey [for violation of probation]. If the court chooses the latter, a judge could find Mulchahey violated his probation, and, without finding Mulchahey guilty or conducting a trial, could then sentence him to the maximum 10-year prison sentence for assaulting Jajuga. Should that happen, Mulchahey would automatically lose his certificate to work as a police officer, said Keith H. Lohmann, director of the New Hampshire Police Standards and Training Council. Meanwhile, Mulchahey is trying to get his job back in Salem... The whole situation — the absent apology letter and skipped court appearance leading to the warrant for Mulchahey's arrest — left Salem officials shaking their heads. "I guess I'm not surprised about any of this having gone through what I've had to go through the last two years with him," Salem police Chief Paul T. Donovan said. "When somebody gives you a break, the smart thing to do is what you're required to do."

  8. AnonymousMay 14, 2011

    It would appear on the surface by the articles written above that is the whole story however, as intelligent individuals we can conclude several things;
    1) The media tends to only report what sells newspapers- a cop that appears bad, sells. If you look between the lines you can see some cracks.
    2)They attempted to fire him several times but failed. Why because it wasn't warranted, even the arbiter was able to see that. The article above says his wife pulled back the restraining order but doesn't say why.
    3)If you ever worked with or researched arbitration you would know that Arbiters have to be chosen by BOTH sides and if they are not chosen they DON'T get paid. So they perform acts of Solomon and "Split the Baby". Meaning even if he was cleared they have to appease the town or risk not being chosen. Now, you could say the same in the opposite, however when you (as a Chief) decide to railroad someone you use this to your advantage.
    4)Which brings us to the other discipline that was levied against Mr. Mulchahey. He was disciplined because his sleeves were too short....really?!
    5)The fact that he was a 20 year veteran, which means he went through three other Chiefs and all those years without a single discipline on his file until this Chief came to office. Add to this Mr. Mulchahey had over 20 years in the military (National Guard) and was highly decorated and attained a high rank apparently with no disciplinary issues.
    6) This Chief, has rail-several other officers that he thought was in his way to get others into positions of rank; Lt. Fred Rheault, forced to resign, Sgt, Eric Lamb- forced to resign, Detective, Mark Sambataro- forced to resign, Deputy Chief William Ganley - forced to resign.

    As for being home when on duty; During arbitration he was able to prove that he was working on a computer program for the department one that would have benefited those of us working as Field Training Officers.

  9. AnonymousMay 14, 2011

    Additionally, if you look at that facts of that case there are even more issues.
    1) The other two officers that were also caught at home were only suspended for a couple of weeks nothing more. Mr. Mulchahey was demoted and suspended for two months.
    2) The facts of the case were never released by the department; The "investigators" that were to have caught them were NEVER interviewed, the Chief went soley upon written statements and never even determined if those who wrote the statements were even actual people.
    3)Even accepting those people were who they said they were, they were untrained non professional investigators who even in their report stated they did drive by's every couple of hours, they did not stay and keep watch.

    I just happen to know what was going on in that department at that time and it was confirmed that Chief Donovan not only refused to offer any assistance to Mr. Mulchahey when he and the union approached him for help when Mr. Mulchahey was not only going through a divorce but was also activated for Operation Iraqi Freedom duty, but Chief Donovan had met privately with Mr. Mulchahey's estranged wife.

    Ok, so the incident in Methuen, I wasn't there, but I do know that Sgt is one that most people there (including the media) hold in contempt as being spoon fed since his father was a state senator. I did talk with one of the officers involved who told me it did not go down like the Sgt reported it but I have no proof to offer other than that. As far as the late apology, my understanding was Mr. Mulchaey was once again activated shortly thereafter but still got it done through his lawyer. Again, the thing is he was not convicted. IF there was enough to do so they WOULD have done it.

    Now, I'm not saying that Mr. Mulchahey is by any means a saint but, he got rail-roaded along with the others and I've sat on this for several years. Now that I'm retired from that police department I'm embarrassed to even tell people that I was a member because of the damage this Chief has done.

    Believe what you want to believe but I was there and watched this happen to him and the others. Again the media is only concerned with printing what sells and doesn't really care about true journalism as it appears this blog is only about republishing the one-sided media reports.

  10. AnonymousMay 19, 2011

    if you had been one of his children you wouldnt feel the same way. those kids are hurt for life

  11. AnonymousMay 23, 2011

    As for the "private meetings" between mulchahey's ex and the chief, they were to ask about the toys for tots program so mulchahey's ex could have a decent Christmas for her children after the loss of their father, because he had left them with nothing but hotel bills in the mailbox and a note on the table saying call me if you want to talk.

  12. AnonymousMay 25, 2011

    So yeah maybe you were "there" but you were a guest at a show, you weren't behind the scenes. To this day Mulchahey doesn't know the damage he has done, not only to his first, second, third and soon to do to his now fourth wife....

  13. Kenneth Mulchahey is a dangerous sexual predator!!!

  14. Everything written in Kenneth Mulchahey's defense was written by him. I know this to be true.

  15. Ken Mulchahey's third ex wife just had surgery to her neck as a result of a physical injury she suffered back in 2010 where Mulchahey was arrested for physical domestic violence. But he got the charges reduced to trespassing because he brought naked pictures of his wife to court to embarrasses and control her. That was not the first time Mulchahey has done this. He is a dangerous sexual predator!! He has ben arrest several times for domestic violence. But always got the charges droped.He's been accused of beating, raping and controlling women in his life. He's been to cort for all of that. Yet he brings naked pictures of the wives/ accusers to court to shut them up. Mulchahey is now a college professor. That is a dangerous thing. As he is a sexual predator and loves to be in control. His first and second wives were lucky. However his third wife suffers PTSD from being abused physically, emotionally, and sexually. The third wife just had major surgery to her neck as a result of Mulchahey's attack. The first wife underwent reconstructive surgery to her face. Because of him. Now he' on wife # 4 and a college professor?? When Mulchahey was stationed at Shaw Airforce Base. There was a sexual predator on the loose. Ordering women to freeze while he masterbated. That is Mulchahey's favorite thing to do. No matter who he's with. The picture of the sexual predator looked exactly him? But nobody that knew him wanted to say anything. Mulchahey was accused of molestation of his own daughter.Got away with it. Accused of breaking his first wife's face. THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED HOWEVER HE GOT AWAY WITH IT! MULCHAHEY physically attacked his third wife in 2010 and was arrested for criminal domestic violence. However he got off with trespassing charges. She got 5
    A life full of pain. FEAR PTSD and 11 years later major surgery to her neck? She had no choice. Have surgery or become paralyzed. As a result of a senseless attack. Mulchahey hunted her down and attacked her. Now he's a college professor on wife # 4. He should be locked up!! He's a sexual predator, narcissistic , psychopath!!!-


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