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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

[WA] Firefighter Kirk's wife naked beaten raped bloody

Richard Allen Kirk

...Several Bothell firefighters and members of the woman's family were in court...

Snohomish man pleads guilty to nearly killing wife
November 15, 2005
By Jim Haley
The Herald
A Snohomish man who abducted, beat and raped his wife July 8 pleaded guilty Monday to first-degree attempted murder and first-degree rape. Richard Allen Kirk, 36, could spend between 22 and 30 years in prison when he is sentenced Feb. 14 by Snohomish County Superior Court Judge Ronald Castleberry... He signed plea paperwork saying he "took a substantial step toward causing the death of my wife. I did this when I intentionally abducted, assaulted and threatened to kill her." He also wrote that he was in a rage when he assaulted her, but "I decided to end my attack, leave the area and commit suicide."... She suffered numerous broken bones and other injuries...


Jul 12, 2005
[WA] Firefighter Kirk's wife naked beaten raped covered with blood
...Shawna Sherow discovered the woman outside her rural Snohomish County home. She says the firefighter's wife was naked, beaten, bloody and scared for her life. "Her whole face was covered in blood, it was horrific," said Sherow. "It was the scariest thing I've ever witnessed in my life."...

Jul 12, 2005
[WA] Frightening details emerging on Firefighter Kirk's attack
According to the documents, the suspect immediately drove to Storm Lake where he asked why he shouldn't kill her, knocking her to the floor and striking her to the head twice. He then raped her. After the assault the victim asked what he would do to her. He said, "I'm going to kill you." The victim once again tried to escape. That's when the suspect straddled her, beating her about the face and head with his fist and forearms, later grabbing her by the throat so forcefully that she thought he was going to break her neck. He then let her go. She ran into the woods and ended up on someone's doorstep...

Jul 15, 2005
[WA] Kirk's Brutal dv attack = Fire Dept. supports wife, kids
..."There's no understanding of this; no comprehension. We've been working very hard to support the wife and family. This department is a whole is a close-knit family," Zsigmondovics said. Several Bothell firefighters and members of the woman's family were in court Wednesday. Although they declined comment, sheriff's detectives investigating the case also were there, and said they came to support the injured woman and the Kirks' six children...

Jul 30, 2005
[WA] Brutal firefighter Kirk's plea, and fund for his family
The assault occurred after Kirk's wife had filed for a legal separation... BeSIDES her BRUTAL rape, she (physically) suffered a fractured skull, broken nose, bite marks and numerous bruises...


  1. As you used to say Rich, may God be with you. Amen

  2. It's sad all the way around isn't it?
    I'm glad you posted.

  3. i miss you daddy.....

  4. I'm trying to find you. Your face, since we were seven, that's the face I've held in my heart. I promise.

  5. I 'm trying to find you. I'm coming, it just make take a bit.

  6. I remember the good old days at Goodhew,we would talk about Rush,"subdivisions" hope your out soon, look me up, take care buddy.

  7. its sad to look on the internet and see your father talked about due to such a terrible crime. He was a good man who suffered so much, which led to the suffering of his own family. His kids including myself didnt deserve it, and neither did his exwife. I pray that God heal all that were involved and hope that this can all just go away.

  8. Where is he being held?

  9. Man gets 30 years for raping, beating wife who sought divorce
    Seattle Times
    Wednesday, February 15, 2006 - Page updated at 08:33 AM

    EVERETT — A man has been sentenced to 30 years and three months in prison for raping and trying to kill his wife after she filed for divorce.

    The sentence given Tuesday to Richard Allen Kirk, 36, a former Bothell firefighter and emergency medical technician, was five years longer than Snohomish County prosecutors recommended under an agreement in which he pleaded guilty to first-degree rape and attempted murder.

    Kirk apologized in a packed courtroom to his family, the fire department and the community, and his lawyer suggested a 23-year prison term.

    Instead, Superior Court Judge Ronald C. Castleberry said Bridgette Kirk, now divorced, and her six children deserved the maximum period of security he could provide under state sentencing guidelines from the chance that her ex-husband would try to retaliate after being released.

    "She and the children deserve to feel as safe as they can for as long as they can," Castleberry said.

    According to documents filed in court, Kirk became enraged when she served him with divorce papers and forced her into the family van in front of the children July 8, then drove to Storm Lake, assaulted and beat her until she ran naked to a nearby house.

    "This was a life-altering, brutal attack," Castleberry said. "His wife was beaten so badly she couldn't be recognized."


  10. My heart goes out to Kirks wife andhis children. There is no excuse for what he did. He knows what he did was unforgivable. I was his cellmate for a few months before I was released. Everyday Richard wrote to his kids even though he was told that they will never see them. We was determined to let his kids know what he did was wrong and he didn't expect to be forgiven. As far as I know, the letters went to his parents house so that one day his kids could see his letters. Please excuse me if this offends any of the family members, it is not my intention.

  11. He wanted to let his kids know what he did was wrong?

  12. God has forgiven him!

    1. Anonymous alsoAugust 03, 2012

      That reminds me when the gas man grabbed me by my hair, pushed me down on him and told me "God forgives rapists."

      Whatever makes you feel better. If he's so forgiven where is his testimony?

    2. I am very sorry if you were offended by my post. I was not speaking of any other offender but Mr. Kirk. Testimony from the heart of a man who has been transformed by our Lord Jesus Christ can't be faked. Even his testimony does not excuse his offenses and his former wife and children are in my prayers for the horrific events that fractured the Kirk family

  13. I am glad that you asked! Not of This World Ministries

  14. Wow, true tragedy.
    We worked in the I.E. with him years ago.
    You never know.

  15. I went to high school with Rich. He dated someone close to me. We hung out many times. NEVER did I see this dark side to him. Crazy how people snap & change.

  16. This is insane. I dated this guy in high school and never in a million years would of thought this. Prayers to his family and he is where he should be.

  17. AnonymousJune 02, 2023

    I went to high school with Rich, then paramedics together at Goodhew. Always had a horrific temper.

  18. i was in high school spanish class with him, this incident is out of character. Nice guy , after he became a paramedic i ran into him he was so happy and positive.

    1. That's proof you can never tell what’s going on in a person's personal life. You think you know someone, but do you?


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