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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

[WA] WSP Chief John Batiste allegation not investigated

I will write this carefully.

The Washington State Patrol's 2nd part of their investigation into Tacoma Police Chief David Brame's murder-suicide of his wife Crystal has been released after much legal wrestling between Tacoma's News Tribune and Tacoma Police Union Local #26.

In the Washington State Patrol administrative investigation report a statement is given that notes in former Chief Brame's handwriting - that John Batiste, while Assistant Chief of Tacoma Police, (I will add "allegedly") had an incident that involved his (Batiste's) wife in Tacoma's Fircrest Police Station. According to that statement, Brame is said to have done his own investigation of Batiste's incident and a deal was made: Batiste resigns - with a severence package - and info regarding the incident would not be released. (According to the news at the time, Batiste resigned from Tacoma Police for "personal reasons.")

In another document from the Washington State Patrol's recently released investigation, Tacoma City Manager James Walton opted to not have the allegation investigated by the WSP.


The 2 investigating law enforcement entities releasing reports on the Brame murder-suicide (of who knew what when of Chief Brame's dometic violence, etc.) were the Washington State Patrol and the Washington Association of Sheriff's and Police Chiefs (WASPC). Batiste is chief of the one, appointed by Governor Christine Gregoire, and executive board member of the other.
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1 comment:

  1. OF COURSE I'm not saying he DID it. Just saying it's in the WSP report. That's all. My concern is more that it was decided to not investigate it and THUS clear the air if it ain't so. Is that unreasonable?
    (I get nervous. This is a little close to home. Okay. Real close - I LIVE HERE!!! I'd pass out if I opened the door and he was standing there. Kerplop. I press on - or am being pressed. The ground cries out. Lord Lord.)


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