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Sunday, November 13, 2005

[OR] New Portland Asst Police Chief Dorothy Elmore cop-on-cop dv history

Cop dodged ’97 charge
Assistant chief Dorothy Elmore could have been fired after threatening to kill her husband
Issue date: Fri, Nov 11, 2005
Portland Tribune, OR
Dorothy Elmore, promoted last month to a position as an assistant Portland police chief, could have been fired from the force eight years ago after threatening to kill her then-husband, also a cop, prompting him to get a restraining order that barred her from their home and a police precinct... In an interview, Vince Elmore, now a sergeant assigned to Southeast Precinct, declined to say specifically why he declined to pursue his own allegations. "I still have to work here, man, and she’s a big boss now," he said. “You’re putting me in a precarious position right now."...

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...Elmore was written up in 1997 for domestic violence after she slashed her husband's tires and left threatening messages on his answering machine. Suspecting her husband, also a police officer, of having an affair, she told him she'd shoot him if he came home that night. "I'm sure I said that," Elmore tells Murmurs. "And I'm sure I was extremely upset when I said it. That's what happened." She says the incident stemmed from a painful personal experience and doesn't reflect the patience and skill she brings to her new management position. Elmore has 24 years on the force and was captain of the school police for two years...

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