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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

[VA] Newport News Officer Footes, drunk, about to shoot the family dog?

November 21, 2005
A 911 hangup call led to police arriving to find drunk Newport News Police Officer Clinton Foote in the front yard. The allegation is he was armed and threatening to shoot the family dog. They didn't find any weapons on him but two handguns were laying in the grass. Some might say this doesn't sound like domestic violence. Let's just say I hope he has a pivotal life-changing epiphany with this arrest. His family is in my prayers.



  2. IF he WAS found not guilty, it would be on what grounds? Lack of evidence? Which would mean that they didn't believe his wife about the gun or dog, and they didn't believe that officers know what intoxication looks like.

    Everyone's a liar but Foote?
    Are they going to prosecute the others for perjury then, if that's true? Or conspiracy to ruin a career, with malice?

    I just ran a check through the library database and Daily Press hasn't given any disposition on the case.

    Maybe they "dropped" the charges?

    Because if I had a husband that pulled out a gun when he was drunk and mad I probably wouldn't help the prosecution either. Or maybe her not cooperating was the LACK of evidence.

    I don't believe the guy sitting drunk with the family dog in the front yard with two guns in the grass was set up.

    It doesn't meet the "any reasonable person" test.

    NN officer charged in misuse of gun
    Daily Press, VA -
    November 22, 2005
    Clinton Michael Foote, a three-year veteran of the Newport News police force, was charged with one count of reckless handling of a firearm and one count of public intoxication... the Hampton Police Division received a 911 hang-up call from a home on Cherokee Road. When the Telecommunications specialist called back, Foote's wife told her he was threatening to shoot the family dog...


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