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Tuesday, January 3, 2006

[CA] The McGowans

Excerpts from:A year of joy, sorrow and giving
Darrell Smith
The Desert Sun
December 31, 2005
...David McGowan, the popular former Cathedral City police officer-turned-Riverside County district attorney's investigator was found to have killed them as they slept before turning the gun on himself, a revelation that provoked sadness, anger, shock and disbelief... Riverside County sheriff's deputies found five people shot dead in their beds in their sprawling Garner Valley home. A sixth body, that of Riverside County district attorney's investigator David McGowan, was found dead in the home's entryway. They were all gone: 14-year-old son Chase; 10-year-old daughter Paige; and 8-year-old daughter Rayne, who loved the outdoors and their mountain home above Palm Desert;

Karen McGowan, a pioneering Cathedral City firefighter from a longtime valley firefighting family, a loving mother who was also, friends described, tough as nails; her mother-in-law, Angela, 75, who recently moved onto the family's Garner Valley property...

Five hearses. The two youngest shared a coffin.
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  1. AnonymousMay 11, 2008

    Part 28: Judge Finds DA Investigator Innocent
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    Part 29: Grand Jury Investigation Targets DA's Office

    By Nathan Baca
    News Channel 3

    A judge has found major problems in the way the Riverside County District Attorney's office investigated a high-profile case.

    The same judge gave a rare "finding of innocence" to a former DA Investigator once accused of beating his wife.

    This finding could impact cases in Desert Hot Springs and ongoing FBI investigations.

    Former DA investigator Luis Bolanos has reason to be relieved now that a Superior Court judge finds there was "no credible evidence" against him and that he is "factually innocent" after a 2005 arrest for allegedly beating his wife and lying under oath.

    The Riverside County District Attorney's office is singled out for having "no reasonable cause" to believe the charges against Bolanos were ever true.

    And, the State Attorney General's office is targeted by the judge for "rubber stamping" an "incomplete investigation."

    "I'd like to get my 3 years back, my family's 3 years back. I'd like to give my children the quality of life that we had, prior to this nightmare starting," said Bolanos. "I'd like to be able to get all that back. I would like the individuals that caused this to have to be held accountable for what they did. I just think it's time. It's just amazing how they've been able to hide amongst themselves and protect each other at whatever cost."

    Before apparently wiping out his entire family in a 2005 massacre, DA Investigator David McGowan was Bolanos' former partner.

    Bolanos filed an affadvit stating that their bosses illegally pressured McGowan to change reports in the case involving former Desert Hot Springs Police Officer David Gallardo.

    Gallardo says he lost his job in an attempt to cover up major problems of corruption and sexual crimes inside the DHS Police force.

    The DA's office went after Bolanos in 2005, arresting and firing him.

    But key witnesses told News Channel 3 and the FBI that Bolanos' ex-wife Jolie was used by the DA's office in a slanted investigation against Bolanos.

    Olga Bates who was a witness in the Bolanos case said, "She purjured herself and she hasn't even got a slap on the wrist and this man for two years has been crucified. Where is the justice? where is the justice?"

    The Deputy Attorney General who prosecuted Bolanos had a history with him:

    During the 2002 investigation of DA Investigator Dan Riter for shooting a man in Coachella, Michael Murphy with the State Attorney General's office refused to listen to evidence from then - sheriff's investigator Luis Bolanos that would have cleared Dan Riter of murder charges according to Bolanos.

    Riter was sentenced to several years in prison.

    But with his new finding of innocence, Bolanos and his attorney says they're still waiting for an apology letter.

    "I don't think an apology letter is in the mail unless and until the thing makes its way perhaps through the federal court or we find out about any appeal on the finding of factual innocence," said Bolanos' attorney Ulrich McNulty.

    The District Attorney's office says that DA Rod Pacheco is out of the office until January 2nd and not available for comment.

    With Bolanos' finding of innocence, his mugshot and arrest record will soon be destroyed.

  2. AnonymousJuly 23, 2008

    Danny Casolaro
    Christopher Benoit and family
    David Mcgowan and family

    ALL SUSPICIOUS MURDER SUICIDES WHICH are being covered up.They were executions perpetrated by a network of organized crime and government to silence knowledge of the ultimate conspiracy.There is no more organized crime as it is just a part of our government and doing business.

  3. "Perhaps Mr. [Rod] Pacheco (pictured) and Mr. [Michael] Jeandron should re-read the Mission Statement and remember they are public officials and the public they serve has the right to know," News Channel 3 News Director Robert Smith said.


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