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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

[PA] Ex Officer Brockenborough killed by Cop ex-girlfriend's son

Ex-Officer Kenneth Brokenborough
January 2006
Retired Philadelphia Police Officer Kenneth Brokenborough was shot and killed in his front yard by, Galvinus E. Thompson, the son of a Philadelphia police officer that Brokenborough dated in "recent years." The motive isn't released yet but police say there is "something" in the past that is being thought to be the motive. Police also say that the mother of the shooter doesn't appear to be involved.
Predominant in the news report descriptions of slain Brokenborough is his relationship to neighborhood children:
"...Throughout his life, Brokenborough looked out for neighborhood kids and encouraged them to focus on healthy activities, like sports..."
"...Neighbors described Brokenborough as protective of local children, taking them swimming or buying them ice cream and candy..."
"...He wanted to do something religious for kids so they could get out of the city..."


  1. This was my father and I knew the kind of person that he was, still is and always will be to me. I love him still to this day and I knew that he would have never put himself in that kind of situation to compromise his morales and values. I knew the person that killed him and I knew his mother very well, but justice has been served on my fathers' behalf. He will always be my "Papa" as long as I'm here on this earth. I love you and I will see you soon.

  2. In an alleged confession to police, Galvinus Thompson, 23, said he shot Brokenborough because he believed the older man had raped his now-teenage sister when she was 7 years old. At the time, Brokenborough had been dating Thompson's mother, a police officer assigned to the mayor's security detail.

    Homicide Detective Dominic Mangoni said that since the slaying, Thompson's sister has been interviewed about the alleged sexual assault. Details of that interview were not read into testimony.

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    Galvinus Thompson #HB-2680
    SCI Somerset, F/B-13
    1600 Walters Mill Rd
    Somerset, PA 15510 USA



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