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Sunday, January 8, 2006

[TN] Resigned Trooper Cameron gets probation for armed, bloody, 6th DV attack

January 2006
Back in July of 2004 she said she was bleeding severely and asked him for some ice for the wounds and to wash the blood from her eyes. He said, "My God, I've hurt you badly, don't die," and started apologizing. The photo of the "severely beaten victim," showing her swollen head and face lacerations introduced into evidence this past Tuesday along with the lab blood evidence didn't have as much influence on the sentencing court. What mattered to the court was that the two had married since that beating.
Tennessee State Trooper Michael ("Mike") Earl Cameron resigned after being charged with felony aggravated assault for his 6th attack of Karen Cameron (who already had the same last name.) He didn't deny what he had done -- beat her with fists, beat her with a stick, as she fell slammed a bathroom scale into her face knocking her into the bathtub, held a gun to her head, put the service revolver into her mouth, then violated the restraining order by marrying her a month after his last court appearance. Now comes Cameron before the court with a plea bargain. He pled guilty this past week to a diminished charge of misdemeanor simple assault. Cocke County Circuit Judge Ben W. Hooper II judge sentenced him to 11 months, 29 days of probation, which If successfully completed, allows Cameron - son of a former Grainger County sheriff - to petition to have the charge expunged from his record. Poof. Gone. Never happened.

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