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Thursday, January 26, 2006

[FL] Arrested 4 times, repeat batterer Officer Currie is on trial

January 2006


THIS MAN, Florida International University Police Officer Frederick "Fred" Eugene Currie

-- is on trial for (on-duty)sexual battery and battery of girl parked with her boyfriend in the park
-- is still on the FUI payroll
-- has been reprimanded once
-- has been repeatedly suspended and/or relieved of duty/ put on leave
-- has been arrested three times on domestic violence charges prior to this latest set of charges
-- was also accused of domestic violence while he was with the Marine Corps
-- has been fired by FIU Police Department TWICE
-- has been reinstated TWICE with arbitration from the union
-- Yes, FUI is a real police department.

I think the game is up this time.

NOTE: I updated this - at the end of January Currie was sentenced to ten years.


  1. I actually worked for FIU public safety under this man. He would harass and accost the female public safety aids. When two of them came to me to report it, we came forward to inform our (and his) superior. We were told we had obviously rehearsed what we said and nothing was done about it. Sad.

  2. Why would you say this. He is a good man

  3. AnonymousJune 17, 2014

    he is a good man snd is out of jail with his family leave him alone


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