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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

CBS 48 Hours Producer Paul LaRosa's book on police chief's murder-suicide

CBS 48 Hours Producer, Paul Larosa, has written a book, Tacoma Confidential; A True Story of Murder, Suicide, And A Police Chief's Secret Life. At the core of the story is LaRosa's belief that the Tacoma Police Chief David Brame only ACCIDENTLY shot his wife Crystal in the head after she followed him and got in his face.

According to LaRosa, although the chief's domestic violence was front page news in the daily paper that day, he was just trying to have a nice "normal" day buying candy and shampoo for his kids - that is until that stomping, hysterical, and gobbling-when-she-eats, barely 5'1" Crystal stalked him down and strongarmed her 6'3" husband's hand to keep him from committing suicide - and pop - in effect I guess shoots herself via his hand (?). No matter the movements, according to LaRosa, Crystal in effect caused her OWN death.

That isn't what happened y'all. It's a made-for-men-sites conclusion that disregards and dismisses the indepth investigations of a number of law enforcement entities, journalists, the children's statements of what happened, and anything else that defies how he'd like to think this horrific event happened.
He states that no one doubts that David Brame loved his children. I do. You don't shoot the mom of kids you love
and yourself,
feet away from those same children
leaving them to scream
and cry
and beg strangers to
help their mommy
as she lays in
a pool

But LaRosa's not seein' that.

Facts? He starts on page one that Tacoma is north of Gig Harbor. We're southeast. It goes from there. Although he sacrifices truth for his uncited, unsubstantiated guesses - and calls them facts (see discussion link below) - this book can no doubt - I believe - save lives, just in the sheer horror of a peek at domestic violence behind the blue wall of power and silence. I am adamantly at odds with this book because I am SO familiar with the details and investigation, and angry that even dead, Crystal is STILL not believed - yet I hope a zillion folks read it. (Suggestion: Until Mr. LaRosa commits to share any of his profits towards domestic violence, SHARE the book with many, or take it out from the library.)

To see the CourtTV discussion forum on the book go here.

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