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Sunday, January 29, 2006

[WA] Ex-Deputy's wife, Deputy Coroner Jane Jeremy

Deputy involved in domestic violence incident
Port Orchard Independent
Oct 31 2000
By Amy Crumley
"No formal charges have yet been filed against Kitsap County Sheriff Deputy Frank Jermy, 41, who allegedly assaulted his wife, a former chief deputy coroner for the county, last Sunday... According to the Kitsap County Sheriff's Office, Jermy allegedly grabbed his wife Jane by the throat and pushed her onto a bed in their South Kitsap home last Sunday morning.Deputies who responded to a 911 call from Jermy's 43-year-old wife arrested Jermy upon arrival, said Kitsap County Undersheriff Dennis Bonneville. Bonneville said deputies noticed bruising around Jane Jermy's neck, although she didn't require hospitalization. Bonneville said the couple's two minor children were present during the alleged domestic violence incident... Bonneville said officials reportedly first transported Jermy to Harrison Memorial Hospital on Sunday, for an undisclosed medical reason...

Sheriff's deputy charged with third-degree assault
The Sun Link
By Travis Baker, (360)792-9217 or tbaker@thesunlink.com.
...The court file alleges the incident came at the end of several days of heavy drinking by Jermy. A struggle for the covers in their bed generated into an attack, according to the file, when Jermy grabbed his wife by the throat. After choking her with one hand and then the other to the extent where she couldn't speak, he put his thumb "hard into her wind pipe," she said. She feared he was trying to kill her. The attack ended when she closed her eyes and quit struggling, she told officers. He released her and she was able to scream, bringing their two elementary school-age children to the room...

Deputy accused of assault loses his job
Frank Jermy's termination is the outcome of an internal investigation
By Julie McCormick
(360) 415-2683 or jmccormick@thesunlink.com.
Published in The Sun: 01/05/2001
Kitsap County Sheriff's Deputy Frank Jermy was fired on Thursday, about two months after an alleged assault against his wife Jane, a former Chief Deputy Coroner. Jermy was on unpaid leave and the target of an internal investigation for undisclosed off-duty violations when deputies were called to the incident at his South Kitsap home Oct. 22... He allegedly strangled her and put her in fear for her life, and at one time had a gun in his hand before deputies arrived...

Ex-deputy coronor died of shot to head, autopsy shows
By Derek Sheppard, Sun Staff
September 25, 2004
...The past few days have been emotionally difficult for the Jermy family, and believe previous coverage about her death reflected poorly on her husband, former Kitsap County Deputy Sheriff Frank Jermy. Frank and Jane Jermy's 15-year-old daughter, Kayla, said her father is a "good person." "He loved her. He cared about her," Kayla said of the 17-year marriage between her parents, "He would have done anything for her." Jermy's daughter Allison said her mother will be remembered for "her humor and her intelligence."...

Former deputy coroner died of gunshot
Thurston County announces autopsy results on Jane Jermy; manner of death still pending details

Posted on Sep 29 2004
By Justine Frederiksen
Although officials have determined former Kitsap County Deputy Coroner Jane Jermy died of a gunshot wound to the head, much of the mystery surrounding her death has yet to be unraveled... determining the manner of death may take weeks. Jermy, 47, was found dead in her home by Kitsap County Sheriff’s deputies responding to a 911 call... The only other occupant of the home at the time was the deceased’s husband, former Kitsap County Deputy Frank Jermy, 45, who was later transported to the hospital. His medical condition was not released... Frank Jermy was hired as a deputy sheriff in 1983, but was placed on administrative leave after his arrest in a domestic violence incident between he and his wife involving a firearm in October of 2000, according to Wilson. In January of 2001, Frank Jermy was fired from the Sheriff's office for "violation of rules and policies." Three months later, he pleaded guilty to third-degree domestic violence assault in Kitsap County Superior Court...

Coroner: Jermy killed herself
By Derek Sheppard
December 10, 2004
Officials said Thursday that the former Kitsap County chief deputy coroner who was found dead inside her Port Orchard home in September took her own life. The Thurston County Coroner's Office, which conducted the autopsy, said Jane Jermy, 47, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Coroner Judy Arnold said contributing factors were chronic depression and prescription drug dependence. The disclosure comes more than two months after the coroner and Washington State Patrol began investigations into the death. Jermy was an enigmatic local figure who was remembered by some as a benevolent, caring person who helped people through the loss of friends and relatives, and by others as a woman who wasn't to be crossed. Her daughter, Allison Butler, told The Sun in September that her mother would be remembered for "her humor and her intelligence." "She was amazing. She could walk into a room and make it light up," she said. "She was just fun to all."...

Jane Anne Evans Jermy
10 Feb 1957 - 22 Sep 2004
Jane Jermy worked as chief deputy coroner of Kitsap County for several years. She was a reserve police officer with the Poulsbo Police Department and a volunteer emergency medical technician with the District 10 Fire Department.
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