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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

[IA] Officer Piercy on his girlfriend's face (What a man!)

Today's news out of Iowa:
A five-year veteran of the Osceola Police Department was arrested this week on domestic assault charges. Judd Piercy, 34, of Osceola, is accused of assaulting his 35-year-old girlfriend during an argument, causing injuries to her eyes and nose... Piercy is charged with domestic abuse assault. The event was reported on the morning of July 12, almost a month after it occurred at Piercy’s home...


  1. Sorry, I can't post your comment - but to all - if you are out there messing around know that you can catch something.

  2. he has many and multiple partners>>>

    1. I shouldn't post that either. I will, but with the disclaimer that when people say things anonymously it could be a big reveal or not true at all. So I'm not sure how much value it has, but if it's true and helps someone to pay attention before they get too involved - that would be a good thing.

    2. I'm sorry to say I feel history almost repeated itself, got out before it did thankfully. Don't ignore your gut or red flags.


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